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NWB33- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 Session 33

1993-01-03-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 Session 33
Sarasota #33




1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teachers: Michael, Nebadonia

9 Session 33

Session 33
Celestial Discovery Group 4, Monday, January 3, 1993
We begin by sitting with our palms slightly apart but facing the person sitting next to us and then offer our prayers of thanksgiving, willingness to participate, invitation to the teachers and go into the stillness with our worship until the teachers begin to speak.

Patije: This is Patije. I greet the teachers and invite them while offering my services in any way.

Julie: This is Julie. I offer my services. I am willing in anything I can do.

Allene: This is Allene. I am open. I am willing, and welcome all of our visitors and thank all of the teachers and Michael for all of the assistance I have had this week.

Roy: This is Roy. I truly hope the teachers will be present tonight and will be able to guide each and everyone here.

Lise: This is Lise. I am open. I am willing and will try to be still, and I want to actively participate with the teachers and with the group. I thank you for this opportunity.

Patije: And so it is…

Lise: Ok.

AFLANA: (Patije) The Light of God surrounds you, the Power of God protects you and the Love of God enfolds, uplifts and upholds you. Wherever you are, God is and all is well.

Allene: Good evening, Aflana. (laughter)

Lise: Wow!

Patije: She liked that.

Lise: Hello, Aflana.

AFLANA: It is such a delight to be here with you. I look forward to this each Monday – and when you call in the days between. As you have heard, I have been visiting many groups. I went to Hawaii and talked to our friends there. I think they had a little trouble believing that I was so far from Sarasota…(laughter)

Allene: Aflana, this is Allene. I want to tell you how very thankful I am that while you are so busy visiting the other groups that you have continued to stay as one of our teachers.

AFLANA: This is where my heart is. This is where I began…

Allene: Well, we do love you.

Julie: This is Julie, Aflana. Thank you so much for coming to me this week and adjusting me and finding those circuits for me.

Lise: And, this is Lise:. I was very surprised to hear from Aflana, from you, because I thought you were far away and very busy. Thank you, very much.

AFLANA: I am not so far away that you cannot call me in need. It is my assignment to help you begin to perfect, to practice your communications with all of us teachers. I must say that I enjoy it too…

Allene: Aflana, I must say you certainly did help me on Fridays. I am most appreciative.

AFLANA: You must know that all I did was adjust your…

Allene: Thinking.

AFLANA:…vision.. of your thinking. It always helps when you detach yourself from the circumstance and move beyond your immediate environment and look at everything from the viewpoint that we have – not emotionally attached…

Allene: Well I do thank you for your viewpoint.

AFLANA:…all of you in this group have experienced a healing this week and will continue to do so this coming week.

Julie: I know.

Allene: I know. I send you greetings from our sister Mary to be included in our session this evening in absentia.

AFLANA: She is. She is connected. She will hear all of this. All she will have to do is be told of this and she will know that she knows it.

Lise: Oh, wow!

Allene: Aflana, this is Allene. What can we do in our group here on Monday nights to be more of assistance to you all on the Teaching Mission?

AFLANA: You know that you know.

Patije: That’s all I heard! (laughter)

JUEL: (Lise)”On Monday nights, be together.”

AFLANA: It is light hearted enthusiastic response to one another and to the teachers that enables us to guide you to your potential and make you valuable in the corps when you are ready. You are to practice love because love is the most important of all lessons you can learn while upon this planet. The second to that is the detachment of your emotions. Control your emotions. Move into Love energy as often as you can and be aware! Be alert! and Practice. (pause) Would you like to practice now?

Group: Yes. yes, yes.

AFLANA: Then, let us be quiet and I will impress upon each one of your minds, something that when you feel you respond. (short silence)

Julie: (laughter) “You responded”…

Allene: I hear: “Love brings peace, with peace bring balance, with balance all things can move forward.”

Patije: I saw a scale upon the nose of a boat.

Julie: I see like a whirl-wind, like a spinning white, like (static, unclear) Starry Night…?

Lise: The Ocean came to my mind – the peaceful sound of it, the peaceful sound of the surf, of the waves washing up on the shore.

AFLANA: Let us try another one…

Allene: Well, tell us how we did, Aflana.

AFLANA: Very well.

Allene: We need to know.

AFLANA: Did you not see the pieces go together to make the whole? Do you not know that you know and need no confirmation? This can be an exercise in faith as well as transmission, you know.

Allene: Y es

Lise: Let’s figure it out, ok? The scales….love…peace, balance,…go forward…

Allene: Well, Love brings peace which bring balance which is the scale(static drowns out some of words) so all things can move forward which is the ship and the light moving across the water….. (laughter)

Julie: To move forward in peace and tranquility and be in balance…

Allene: umhmmmm

AFLANA: pick up the symbol…

Lise: I don’t understand this, but I’ll…love is transcended. I’ve forgotten what the word transcended means.

Julie: I saw a heart going up – the love energy heart…

Patije: Transcending – you can transcend from the mortal life to the morontia life, you can transcend from the depths of depression and doubt…(several speaking at once, couldn’t pick it up)

Allene: Transcend has the connotation in the newer terminology you think of transcending beyond the emotional physical, you know…materialistic, transcending to a higher spiritual level…

Patije: I just saw a Christmas Tree – what does that mean?

Allene: That is all the gifts that we are being given.

Julie: I just got the cold chill, a cold wind came around me.

Patije: What does that mean?

Lise: The Christmas tree to me, means beauty and light.

Julie: Magic.

Patije: branches pointing upwards like arms lifted in praise

Lise: Yeah, is that Patije or Aflana?

Patije: It was Patije! (laughter) I don’t…

Allene: I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree..lift his . ..branches…(laughter)

Julie: Tree of light (or life)

Patije: I heard “tree of health”….what is a tree of health?

Allene: I just see all of the gifts that we have been given to us.

Patije: Health, life, love, light…

Allene: Tranquility, stability, balance, peace, love, joy, brotherhood,

Lise: Clearness, clearing out of the past (long silence)

Julie: They keep dropping circuits in my mind again…

Allene: Michael is here this evening too.

Patije: Yes, he is.

Lise: How did you know?

Allene: Well, he told me last night that he would be speaking to me tonight. I just knew from the time we started that he was here.

Lise: Can you feel him?

Julie:  can see his face.

Lise: Really?

Julie: Like a negative picture frame… (static drowns out some words)

MICHAEL: (Allene): This group holds special joy for me.

Patije: Is that Michael?

Allene: Yes, umhmmm

Patije: May I ask a question? (nose) We were told that you and/or the Melchizedek (s) is going to appear in Naperville because it was women who started the group. Is this true also for the Sarasota group? (pause) I’m not sure what my question is…

Allene: Well, what I’m hearing is: “The energies of women are different and we find these easier to work with and less resistant at present.”

Lise: I can understand that.

Patije: Is there a reason, a..I don’t want to use the word mandate, but would it be suggested that we begin a women’s corps, like you had during the time you lived as Jesus upon the planet? (pause) Is that what we are?

MICHAEL: This is not necessary. Is there not already enough dissension between the sexes on your planet now?

Lise: That is interesting.

Patije: I received a telephone call that a message had bee received that this needs to be done.

Lise: ohhh…

MICHAEL: Each one should move forward as they are directed. There will be many groups, there will be many things to be done.

Patije: What can we do for you, Michael? (short silence) Will I ever get all of my work done in the computer room?

Allene: I see this (laughter) first time I’ve seen this sense of humor from Michael: Michael:”Do you really think you’ll ever get all that done?”

Patije: H-e-e-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-! (laughter)

Julie: You know what I see? I see Michael . .. blue light with red rays coming out like from his mouth…

Lise: Wow

Julie:It is all in blue, with red rays coming out…love energy…

MICHAEL: (Allene): In answer to your question earlier, It would be good that each one of you continue to develop yourselves, learn more as you can about love and to share. It is good that you come together. You will gather more lambs unto me. As I have told you, I will be here for each that you bring to me. You now can rest assured. Allene, now you know, I will be here for each of them. (I’m not hearing the exact words, but I am picking up that each one of us will know when the time comes, what we can do. There is nothing to force ourselves or push ourselves into something we will know.

Move forward gently, move in love, let your heart open up. You are doing well, my children. You are very precious to me. Each one of you is blossoming like a flower if you could only see how your petals are unfolding. Each has his own beauty. Each has his own uniqueness. You are each doing much to help me. And, in the days ahead, as the strength of your commitment grows, love from your heart pours forward, you will know the ways in which you can be of service.

Lise:: May I ask a question? Is this Michael?

Allene: umhmm

Lise: Michael, this is Lise:, and sometimes when I think I am speaking with someone from…a feeling of love, that it could possible be misinterpreted as being naive or weak? Unless I am confusing it with something else. Does that make sense to you, is that what you see me do sometimes? (short silence)

MICHAEL: (Patije) My Child, love can never be weak.

MICHAEL: (Allene) My Child, there are many times when what you wish to say will be misunderstood. do not be concerned… you will learn discernment. As you reach out to share your love with others.

Lise:: Thank you. I’ll have to ask the group later about this…

MICHAEL: (Patije) Go forth each day, mindful that I am at your shoulder. Do everything with that in mind. That you are doing it to please me. That you are doing it for your higher good, that you are doing it for the Father’s business, that you are doing it to sow the seeds upon this planet of what light and life is. Do not concern yourself with other’s criticism or other’s viewpoints. They may be coming from out-of-balance emotions, from a place of distrust, from a background of dysfunctional reactions. Know that if you hold within your heart your true values, and you are moving in love energy and you are conscious of my being with you, then you will know that you need not be concerned, and while I tell you this, I tell you, also, that I am not here to judge you. I am here to give you confidence. I am here to give you comfort, as you go about your daily experience. Will that help you to understand?

Lise:: Yes, thank you. Thank you.

Patije: What about me, Michael. (laughter) Help me send my love and my gratitude to the group in Hawaii who have been so helpful! Their enthusiasm and their questions and their computer help and all the things that they are generously sending to me, I am just so open and receptive for. I just really thank you for all of that! And, I ask you too for healing. (long silence)

MICHAEL: (Allene) We are so pleased to witness your joy. You know, Patije, you can always bring your burdens to me.

Patije: I have done so, I just wanted affirmation. Silly, little faithless me!

Julie: Silly little faithless Julie here, too.Lise:I don’t know why I’ve always thought they were so busy. Aren’t they very busy?

Patije: I do believe and I do accept healing and I know that I was reaffirmed this morning that it would come. And, I thank you for it. I thank you for it in behalf of Ann and Wanda and Julie and Lise and Drue and even Allene and myself. We all need your health, your energy, and your enthusiasm. And, we will be faithful. We do have the faith. We do believe. We do accept.

MICHAEL: (Allene) This my child, is what brought me with so much affection, to this group. (static)

Patije: I know I don’t have to say names. I feel the need to be inclusive tonight. I don’t know if it is appropriate or not to bring this up to you, Michael, but should we open this group to others from the Monday night study group? (pause) I have felt that some may feel left out. (static bad here again) (long silence) Better yet, can we take the teaching group to them? (long silence)

Lise: Combine it with Urantia? Aren’t the teachers all present while we are reading Urantia?

Patije: They are present, but we…

Lise: I mean saying it, acknowledging it as a group…

MICHAEL: (Allene) This will come about. Go gently, My children. BE patient. As your love encircuits you and draws you closer you will become stronger with the strength of love. As this increases you will be able to do much. Do not be impatient. do not force this. These things will gently come about. You will know. You are headed in the right direction. Events will lead you to know the timing of the next step.

Patije: I yearn for you to be teaching all of our classes. I am certainly willing to be your tool, your expression…

MICHAEL: (Allene) I am very pleased with what I see. I assure you that I will stay with this group.

Julie: This is Michael?

Allene: Yes.

Patije: Do you have a lesson or a message for us, Michael, to enable us to be better servants? (long silence)

MICHAEL: What would, perhaps, be most helpful to all of you at this present time, is to remember that I am with you, I am with each one of you. You may feel free to bring your burdens to me. You all have teachers, that also may assist you. It would be best to concentrate on staying in balance right now. You have many of us to help you. The energies of the Creative Mother Spirit, as you call her. Her energies are also present. It would be best for all of you now to learn to use the help of all of us, the tools that have been provided for you, to stay in balance. It is truly difficult to be loving. the level of loving that you wish to achieve when you are out-of- balance. As you go about your daily activities, keep this in mind. See how you do. Do not judge yourselves when you catch yourself off balance. Use the tools. Call on us. Get yourself back in balance.

This must be achieved before your love energies will be able to operate freely. This I think will keep you all rather busy. Remember that we are with you always. Not just, when you meet in a group, not just at the end of the day. We are ever present. None of you are ever alone. (pause) It is through your free will that you are able to choose to move out of any imbalances, you are able to choose to seek us, you are able to use what you have. This is your free will. This is your choice. The choice is always yours. These choices present themselves almost constantly to you, throughout your day.

Allene: This you’ll like, Lise. (laughter) As you move up the spiral, your Thought Adjuster will play a more active role.

Lise:  you saw this in your meeting this week. More and more as you step aside with your attention…

Lise::  I don’t know….oh! I think I understand what you are . ..I have a question for Michael. I realize that I am learning, but I try, I feel like . my mind, no problem; I feel working towards love energy not really for work…..(static unclear) but as far as transmitting, I don’t hear. In order to participate, will that come later, or am I not still enough? I don’t hear.

MICHAEL: Did you not participate tonight with Aflana?

Lise:: yes

MICHAEL: Does that not answer your question?

Lise:: And, I do hear a little bit. I guess it will come, more and more.

Patije: You must explore your responses and know that hearing is not always as you think of hearing. This is an intuitive knowing.

Lise: Right

Patije: Some describe it as hearing, some describe it as seeing…but it just is.

Lise: Ok.

MICHAEL: (Allene) When your teacher, Aflana, says “You know that you know.” in the stillness, you will come to understand more of what Aflana is saying to you. You all find this somewhat amusing when you hear Aflana say “YOU know that you know” There is much more depth to this statement that you all have realized.

Lise:: Well, I think we do realize there is depth, Look at me contradicting her! But, it is a way of recognizing Aflana when we hear that statement.

Allene: Well, this is Allene. Other teachers have said that too.

Lise: Oh, they have! I thought that was only Aflana.

Allene: We tend to associate it with Aflana.

Patije: You will feel a lightness, a happiness, almost a flirty lilting voice. Aflana seldom talks like we do. She always ends her sentences sort of up in the air – like leading your thoughts to continue beyond her words.

Allene: I picked up something else from Michael, too: “How important it is to learn to stay in balance, for not only will we (you?) be better able to be of service but we (you?) will learn much more about the stillness. It is difficult to reach the level of stillness when one is out-of-balance.” This really must be the lesson for tonight. (long, long, silence)

Patije: I would like to thank Michael for something rather personal, but not personal either. My daughter who is involved in the Pentecostal church somewhere in the suburbs of Reading, PA, has begun her journaling and writing her letters from God and I am delighted that she shared this with me. It makes my Mother’s heart feel very warm. But even more than that is the excitement that this is branching out – outside of the Urantia communities into fundamental communities. She of course, is being directed by the Bible, where we are directed to go to the Urantia Book for our text. But it is so delightful to know that this is working in harmony with other methods. And, I thank you very much, Michael!

Lise: I commented to Allene about a similar situation about knowing people who are doing wonderful, wonderful things, who are probably never be involved in Urantia. It is on all different levels. It is love…I am hearing it all the time. More and more people doing things for their fellow man. It is just incredible some of the things I’ve heard! Particularly in my employment.

Allene: From Michael, Patije, I hear “You will see much much more of this in the days to come. This is only the beginning of the ripple affect. We thank you for all your devoted efforts. You are doing much. We are very appreciative.”

Patije: I wish I could do more.

Julie: I do too.

Allene: I hear: “You will”

Patije: But I do wish you would send me some office help. (laughter) Thank you!

Lise: (laughter) You’re going to get it too! (laughter)

Julie: I see…

Allene: I first thought this is in the domain of the Creative Mother Spirit (laughter)

Julie: I have the light

Patije: If Michael mandates it, I’ll get my help so I am going to the top here!

Lise: Wow!

Allene: Michael, I would really like to thank you for our lovely lovely Doctor Sommers . He is so delightful with his letters to God and the letter I got from him today, surely he is doing much. I hope that you will do much to see that his light does not go out here on Urantia for some time. He is contributing so much.

MICHAEL: (Patije) He is a very special child and I love him dearly. We too, his light remains on Urantia. It is his choice.

Julie: I keep getting a picture for a long time and it is getting stronger and stronger, of a 4 leaf clover.

Patije: What do you think it means?

Julie: Well, it means good luck- probably in everything we do. Or our good luck is upon us.

Patije: Luck wouldn’t have anything to do with it…

Allene: no.

Julie: 4 of us?

Allene: that’s what I thought of. Michael,this is Allene. I would like to ask you if this newsletter or network will be of service to all that is happening right now and if this is something you would like to see go forward, I would like to ask for all the guidance to see that this is done, according to your wishes.

MICHAEL: (Patije) It is a need. You have been impressed with the need. We are very delighted that you are willing to go forward with that. But know, My Child, the commitment you are making, the work you are bringing upon yourself. We can help and all of the teachers will be helping, but you will still ultimately have the material work to do. If you are willing, we are pleased.

Allene: this is Allene. I am willing. I was asking for guidance as to not to do the work, but guidance along the way in reading and what to include and how it would…how this would best be of service in the…as the process begins I am willing to do the work.

MICHAEL: As you receive these and read the transcripts which will be sent to you, or will come into your hands, you will intuitively know and be directed by myself or one of your teachers. There is no question that you will be guided. Do not take criticism from the mortals to the point that you give up and quit. We are guiding you and the words that are selected for the News Network will be carefully monitored when read by others and we will be able to help many by your service. Does that help?

Allene: Thank you, Michael. That helps immensely. I just wanted to be clear in my mind that this would be something that would be of service and that the information . ..I would have some guidance to be of service.

MICHAEL: There will be many attempts to network and do not give up because this is very important. When the physical appearances are manifested upon the planet there will be great chaos and it is important that many networking letters – newsletters- many medias be in place and prepared…

Lise: When…

Allene: I thank you, Michael.

Lise: I’m sorry.

Allene: This was my…this was maybe part of the reason it was impressed upon me. That as these manifestations take place I felt there needed to be a network in place. Thank you.

MICHAEL: After the manifestations take place and the excitement and out-of-balance emotions die down and the reactions of enthusiasm and then depression set in by those who do not have expectations at all, when the Melchizedeks begin to work, we will need newsletters, newspapers, and various media in place at that time also. This is a continuing thing. It is not to be done and then dropped.

Allene: Thank you. I will carry forward.

MICHAEL: I wish to remind you that there will be forthcoming more lambs to your tutorage and you will find in those numbers which come to you, there will be enthusiastic helpers. You will not always toil alone in the endeavors that you and Patije have undertaken. Know this and be comforted. Though the work will be hard, it will not be difficult if you two work as a team.

Allene: This is Allene. Michael, if this work helps you in your service to the Father, I am willing. It is with a happy heart that I perceive it. Thank you, very much.

Patije: And, I, Patije am always willing to do all I can too. You know that there is no doubt. Thank you for the opportunity.

Allene: Yes, thank you. Thank you also for the peace that you have brought to me this evening. I am very aware of it. (pause) I think LorEL wants to say something.

Patije: I’ve been picking up for…

Allene: I think I heard Michael say “I think LorEL wants to speak with you this evening.”

Patije: We welcome you, LorEL.

Allene: I started hearing…I have the feeling that LorEL is waiting for Michael to finish and we hear Michael stepping aside for LorEL…

Lise: Really!

Allene: That is what I am picking up.Lise: Oh, my goodness! You can hear them still talking?

Julie: I see a great big white light like somebody really wants to come in.

Lise: Ahha……

NEBADONIA: (Allene) My Dear Children, this is your Creative Mother Spirit, I wanted you to know of my presence this evening. I, too, am here with Michael. I offer the assistance of my ministry to help in all that you are doing. You will find me in many places. Much that you observe in the days ahead will have my fingerprints on it.

Allene: This is putting it down in real human terms, isn’t it! (laughter)

NEBADONIA: You will know that I am behind the scenes in much of what will take place. (short silence)

Patije: Can you tell us some of what will take place? (long silence)

NEBADONIA: Perhaps what will be the most obvious to you in the beginning will be the change in perceptions.

Lise: Our change?

NEBADONIA: Your perceptions of time, of space of vision, of senses, . ..

Allene: Now I am just going to translate for you, but what she is trying to say is what we will notice most obviously is the change of perception. What she means is visual changes, time changes, physical reactions to the adjustments… This is a movement, an upstepping that is going on for those that are involved and aware and able to partake of this. This is how you will see my actions. You will each become aware of them in your own way. As you share, you will help each other to become aware of what is taking place around you. This happens on a lower pace, on a slow pace, and sometimes the changes are so imperceptible that you do not realize, but they are taking place.

Lise: Mother spirit, do you mean take your place within the world? or within ourselves? or amongst . ..(tape unclear)

Allene: At the moment she is speaking within ourselves.

Lise: I have a question for her: A spiritual person that I would consider a person involved spiritually in her religion, a very good person, has told me that Mary, the mother of Jesus has been speaking to large crowds in certain places int he United States and giving specific messages. I wanted to ask the Mother Spirit can she comment on this? Is this true?

NEBADONIA: This is true. This is me acting through one who calls herself Mary.

Lise: The person said the messages are to her, almost like shape up or ship out. At least these are her interpretations. They sound these warnings which doesn’t seem to follow suit with what I am learning in Urantia.

NEBADONIA: You must realize that every message that comes through a material mind is colored somewhat by the perceptions of that human. If I say: “there are changes coming” if one is filled with fear they will be frightened. And, if I say that they are to be alert and be aware to what will be coming, if they have been steeped in darkness, superstition and fear, they will immediately sound the alarm. They will panic. This is one of the things we work with from this side – is people’s perceptions and we find that when we inspire them, what we think is inspiration sometimes turns them into fanatics and we must be careful and not go too strongly with our messages because they are misinterpreted.

Lise::Yes. This woman becomes . ..not to be judgmental…but very fanatic from what I could see.

NEBADONIA:  (Patije) It is her fear which speaks to you. If she can retain balance of her emotions, and know that God is love, God is good and the Father would bring no harm to anyone. All things work together for good. If there is a warning about something which is going to occur, His thought is not changed. Change thought and you change the circumstances…

Allene: This is really good! (laughter)

Lise: Thank you very much! That helps tremendously. Because I will probably see this person again. Thank you.

NEBADONIA: Do not try to change any.. Only minister to them where they are in their language in their religion. Help them step up into the higher realms of their mode of thinking. Help them learn to think for themselves and go within to the still quiet voice within their minds. They cannot be led astray this way. Only if they follow through out-of-balance emotions others with out-of-balance emotions. Love casts out all fear. Fear is in . ..thought..therefore fear cannot reign in the hearts of men forever.

Lise:: Isn’t that great? Thank you so much?

Patije: Did you pick up any of that, Allene?

Allene: No, but when I said Oh that’s her, I know that’s how she operates. When I talk to her before, she said “you know” I know how she operates. I say she because I think of her as she.

Julie: The Creative Mother Spirit?

Allene: umhmmm.

Julie: When you were speaking I had this light-sort of a face in it.

Patije: pulsated. I saw that too.

Allene: Do you know what I saw when you started speaking? I thought maybe I had been watching something. Space ship – this huge circular you know you think of a space ship coming down…

Julie: this was it. this was it.

Allene: And I am sitting here after Michael and realizing that this is coming and like visualizing this great ship coming right down from the ceiling over all of us and I said;;”Oh my” that’s when I said Creative Mother Spirit.

Julie: This was it. I felt that she was here earlier and I saw her…did you see her face? It was..

Allene: No, I didn’t see any face. It was like an enveloping..

Patije: I kept seeing a face over Lise’s shoulder. At first I thought it was one of those teddy bears over there in the corner and then I realized it wasn’t. About the size of a tennis ball sitting on your shoulder.

Lise:: Oh, sitting on my shoulder! Sitting on my shoulder!?!?!? I wanted to ask the group, they said they don’t mind group discussion..during all of this, and ah, I want to know sometimes I’ve felt my paternal grandmother has been close to me recently in the past three years or so. I’ve studied Urantia and known people go to a different world, and I wondered “how can that be so” you know, what’s the deal? And the other question was if we have children growing up on the other side, I was told by a elderly gentleman that a young boy is close to me. He is about 16 years of age. Can anybody comment on those things – I mean does it sound like Hullabaloo to you.

Patije: This is Patije talking. I am aware that there are many circuits now that are open and it is possible that although they are not with you personally it is possible that you are tuning into a circuit which they may be part of, perhaps the Son-circuit, or the Personality-circuit, or the Spirit circuit, coming to you to give you comfort or something. I’m sure this is unclear because I’m not clear on it. The Urantia book tells us there is no communication – or at least was not prior to the final adjudication of Caligastia – of those who have passed out of time and space from their mortal life with those who remain in their mortal life experience. Perhaps the adjudication changed this. I don’t know.

Allene: I don’t have this clearly in my mind because I am so – discussing this with my teachers about my brother who died about 1 and 1/2 years ago, when you were saying that, and how things have changed and the circuits are opened, I had the same idea. I “saw” my brother Ken, I saw so clearly him in the car when I was working with these circuits. He said:”Allene, you’re going to get it. You’re going to get it. Keep going.” I’m like “Why don’t you tell me, Ken” and he said “I can’t” Well, when you said that just a flash – I can’t explain it, I don’t know, just a flash, it went through my mind that there are circuits opened for those on certain circuitry – I don’t now how to explain it – but not all those who are deceased are available. Only certain ones are available in certain circuits for certain service on some level. I don’t get it, but the circuits are opened for some. It just flashed through my mind, just as you were talking. I still can’t explain it. And, I still don’t totally understand it. I’m just sharing with you a glimmer went through my mind.

Lise: When did this happen with your brother? two years ago?

Allene: March 1991

Lise: Ok.

Allene: Interesting, I was talking to Mary today and she said just in passing “I think you got some of his energy.” I said: “I know I did.” I’m not the same. I understand from the Urantia book how that part works, but the other part I think is difficult. I hate to discuss this so much because so much of what is going on Urantia is people who want to contact their deceased friends or family and I don’t want to…

Lise: I don’t want to do that.

Patije: A flash just came to me, but I don’t know how it would do it from that side, but there is that genetic link too. And, he may have some ability to move in the genetic circuits…

Allene: I was thinking along these same lines….. those are somehow, there is some kind of…

Julie: You have to have the key to find the right circuit.

Lise: I was just contacted by a friend who lost a brother this past September. I don’t know if I am at the age to be hearing this…but mostly it is about people’s children.

Julie: What is your age?

Lise: 40. Maybe its the age you start hearing about

Patije: That’s the age the “Thought Adjuster” is scheduled to become the “Thought Controller.”

Allene: Right.

Julie: That’s why I asked that.

Lise: I don’t know what that means.

Patije: It means you are turning your life over to God – you know My will is to live God’s will – and instead of adjusting your mind, he is actually controlling the thoughts in your mind.

Allene: Exactly, like when you started to speak in your group the other night – when…

Lise: Oh, that was wonderful..

Allene: Well, that’s what happens when the Thought Adjuster takes control. And things you had intention of doing somehow flow and you don’t have the right words – they just kind of come out. And, you don’t always remember what you said. And sometimes when you are helping another person you have no recall of anything you said.

Lise: You don’t have to consciously ask?

Allene: No.

Julie: Patije, excuse me, but when you were asking Michael for help, Michael put the word in my ear that “Your mission (Julie) is to help Patije.” (laughter)

Patije: Good!

Allene: Oh, are you one of the secretaries coming to help?

Julie: Michael put it in my ear. I haven’t any time. And he said “But for this you will find time. Your mission is now to help Patije.

Patije: Thank you!

Lise: I’d like to help too, but I don’t know how to transcribe.

Patije: Filing and running to post office is important too. I need counting…

Lise: You mean manual labor?

Allene: Yes.

Patije: It would help to have someone take the papers down and have them photocopied. Lise:Can I work for you on a weekend.

Patije: Sure.

Lise: Oh, ok. I’ll put in some time on a weekend.

Allene: There for awhile when I was unemployed it was nice because Patije taught me how to do this.

Patije: Our transcriber or tape player with a foot pedal is old and I need a new one. However temperamental it is, I get some production from it. (pause) However, I need some typing down… and it needs to be typed into the computer so I can move it over to the other computer and incorporate it in what we are doing. Sometimes, I need someone to go through the stuff in the computer and check the spelling, change the margins, go through and do stuff – doesn’t take any intelligence once you know how to do it, it is tedious and time-consuming and almost boring..

Allene: It is really quite easy when you know how to do it.

Julie: umhmmm but it is time.

Patije: And, it is time I don’t have.

Allene: And Patije’s time is much better spent with the teachers, working with LorEL and Aflana, than sitting there being a secretary.

Patije: I could use help addressing envelopes and check what is in the mailbox for each one so duplicates are sent…. that is time consuming stuff but has to be done!

Allene: You could keep a little list in there and everything that goes out to that person could be added to the list.

Patije: That’s what I do, but it takes time to write the lists too.

Allene: No, but I was thinking it could be organized.

Patije: I have a bunch of Urantia newsletters in there which need to be sorted and put into their right file or notebook for easy access.

Lise: I hear what you are saying and I do want to help but my time is my crunch right now and it’s got to change for me. I don’t know why it is such a crunch.

Patije: Lise, your priority right now, when you have time, is to go into the stillness and then record your thoughts and begin communication with your teacher. This really is your priority. However, if you could type, you could come over and I could show you how to type it right into the computer and it is there and we can clean it up, print it and share it – I don’t have to type it later.

Lise:: I could type on a computer?!?

Patije: Yes, if it is compatible with mine, it would save many hours of time in the long run.

Allene: I knew that Michael had said last night that he would be here tonight, but I had no idea that he was going to spend so much time. Usually he comes in and gives a little message and then he leaves. He practically took over from Aflana. We were ready to play the next game and he just took over.

Lise: May I ask you a question: There are many Michael Sons – correct?

Patije: There is only one in our Local universe of Nebadon.

Lise: Ok, that is what I wanted to know. When you indicate that Michael is Jesus, I am shocked.

Julie: Michael was also known as Michael the Archangel. Mary and I were discussing this and suddenly it came to me when she told me about the picture of Michael slaying the dragon, that it could have been Caligastia that when Michael came the dragon (Caligastia)…

Allene: Yes.

Patije: You know in the Bible, Michael and his archangels are mentioned and there is a church on Siesta Key which is named Michael the Archangel.

Julie: Mary’s son gave her that picture for Christmas and when she was telling me about it, it suddenly came to me that he was slaying the dragon and since Jesus got rid of Caligastia while he was here I think that picture represents that.

Allene: It just really hit me, it just really came to me – I’ve got tears in my eyes – from realizing – here we sit in this group of 4 with Michael and the Creative Mother Spirit almost taking over our class and they said they would stay with us. I’m slow and sometimes it takes me awhile to…

Lise: Oh, wow! That was something, wasn’t it!

Patije: It just came to me that last spring, Avis told me: “I was sitting in the tub soaking after gardening, and it came to me that Michael was going to be the teacher for Sarasota.” And, of course with everything that happened, I kind of let that go. I’ve never thought much about it with the group splitting up the way it did. But Michael has spent more and more and more time in both the Thursday night group and the Monday night groups. He taught in the Thursday night group one night for over an hour!

Allene: I hadn’t thought about it until-

Lise: You’re telling me that Jesus is teaching us?

Allene: I’m practically crying over the reality.

Patije: The other day I got a call from Sonny in Hawaii and he said “I have had the strangest thing happen. I don’t think it really happened but I want to check it you. I was feeling lighthearted and happy and I heard this I’m Aflana. You know that you know I am here and…”

Lise: Wow!

Patije: He continued: I heard “… the Light of God surrounds you, the Love of God upholds and enfold you” and he went on and on and on. He asked “could that have been Aflana clear over here?”

Allene: It is so amazing! This group – these two groups – I don’t know what the other ones are doing so I can’t speak for them, but these two groups on Thursday and Monday, it is interesting: One we have had Michael continually, we’ve had the Creative Mother Spirit, we’ve had more entities than any other group. Most of them have had one or two teachers and maybe visitors drop by from time to time. The other interesting thing is Aflana came originally, you know, as an emergency teacher. Aflana is the one that is the technical director and shows up in all these other groups and still maintains her teachership here – because it really is Aflana and LorEL. I put in that newsletter that VanEssa is a Midwayer because she is not really a teacher. So we have had, Aflana stay with us, we have had VanEL with his technical stuff and working with us I know. From the beginning, while I’m not comparing things, when you look at the blessings this group has had, for such a small group, it is really astounding! So when you said to me the other day, when are they going to get on with more information, I’m like astounded to be a part of this.

Lise: Wow!

Julie: Quality and not quantity.

Lise:: Yeh, you’re loaded with it.

Patije: So, we’re the yeast and when we do these things…(everybody talking at once)

Lise: Did you say we are a teaching group? What does that mean?

Patije: We were told that Sarasota was a teaching headquarters…later Allene and I were told separately in our writings on the same night, that we were to begin to teach new transmitters in any way we could. I was told many would be brought to us to learn. Later, I was told that each of us have something to teach others whether they are new readers, new transmitters, new teachers of the UB, need to learn how to accept healing, or whatever…

Allene: Indiana may be the healing headquarters. There was another group that was told that they were going to be the teaching center. there is going to be teaching centers in many levels.

Patije: We are going to be many teaching centers. We may just be a teaching center. But we are definitely a teaching center. I think there was some sort of iffy business when the group split. I think they thought we had defaulted but I think we are still carrying the ball ok, so they are not going to desert what they…

Allene: If they are going to have a teaching center, why would Michael be coming here?

Patije: I was told by Indianapolis and Hawaii, (I think) that Malaventa, one of the Melchizedeks are going to appear right here in Sarasota – work right here.

Allene: I’m not surprised. Remember, Melchizedek was that he told you or told me that one of the reasons that we don’t often hear from him is because we are dong fine with our teachers. He checks in all the time, he knows what is happening. One of our questions, was: If this is going to be a teaching center, why don’t we hear from Melchizedek? I did get something too interesting last night, from LorEl – about as sharp as she has every been said: “We hear you thinking about Patije’s lovely messages. You, too, are different. You have different experiences. would it be any good if you two were both alike? And, by having totally different experiences you two will get a variety of things to look at if you get different things. We know you are capable of doing this, but for what does this serve.” (laughter) I felt like I had my wrists slapped last night! (laughter) And, I wasn’t even thinking about it.

Patije: I’ve been thinking about how I am almost jealous of the Indianapolis group and I, too, was kind of chastened about that. “We’ve got things for you to do.” I guess each group is totally different and will have a different purpose for the Corps, but all of us together are being groomed for our particular purpose.

Lise: Because of healing?

Patije: No, because Welmek has got this great big group and they all read the Urantia book and are asking questions, and participating – and our group split up over that. They have children participating. And they seem to have several different meetings each week… (everybody talking at once)

Lise: Do I understand that I will be a teacher?

Allene: It doesn’t mean necessarily that you will have a teaching group. Maybe you won’t have a teaching group. Maybe you will go out and spread it in different ways.

Lise: I thought that was what we were doing, but then…

Allene: We are being prepped to be teachers. That’s the connection, but it doesn’t mean necessarily that you will have a teaching group. Maybe you won’t have a teaching group. Maybe you will go out and share in a different way.

Patije: Whatever our contribution to the community or team will be is what we teach to the others that join us, or come to us for help.

Allene: We will all share in different ways, but we will all be teaching. We are all being groomed to teach.

AFLANA: (Allene)This is correct.

Patije: It is 11:30 pm.

AFLANA: You feel it is time to end this session? Then, I will say Farewell.

Group: Farewell, Aflana

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