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NWB40- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 Session 40

1993-01-06-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 Session 40
Sarasota #40


1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teachers: Aflana, Rayson, JaEl, RondEl, VanEl – 2.2 TR: Unknown

21 Session 40

Session 40
Allene: We begin by going into the stillness together, holding our hands, palms facing the one next to us (but not touching). We express our willingness to be of service, our thanksgiving and invitation to the teachers.

Patije: This is Patije and I welcome the teachers tonight. I offer my services to the teachers to use me in any way that is needed. I remind those in our group tonight that we have a pact to share anything we feel, hear, think, smell, see, whatever. NO matter how ridiculous. I thank you teachers, very much for all the help you have given me these last few days.

Allene: This is Allene and I would like to welcome the teachers and Michael. I would certainly like to thank them for all the help they have given me during the week. I would like to thank them very much for giving me the opportunity to know the people in our group and be a part of this. I’m open. I am willing. And, in sharing what I am feeling, I’ve been sitting here laughing as I feel like someone has been using me for their laughter and their mirth. That is ok too.

Drue: This is Drue and I want to thank all of our unseen helpers for their companionship their friendship and their service and their love. Thanks for all this fabulous energy here tonight. I too, am willing and ready to serve.

Mary: This is Mary and I welcome all the teachers and all our unseen friends who are present and I want to thank everybody who has worked with us this week. I want you to know how much joy and gratitude we feel in our hearts. I am open and willing to learn, accept and serve.

Roy: This is Roy. I, too, welcome the teachers and I am open, willing to do whatever I can. (long silence)
Allene: I don’t recognize the friend, but I keep hearing “My, my aren’t we a jolly bunch this evening!” (laughter) Meaning joyous at heart not meaning as a… (short silence)

Patije: The name RondEl came into my mind when you said that.

Allene: You know, maybe RondEl has the same laughter that Aflana has? But I kept feeling this voice. I hear this voice say “My how did you know that?” It makes me laugh when he said it because it is so funny! (laughter)

Patije: Aflana is here and greets you. I’ve been hearing “The light of God surrounds you…” but I haven’t repeated it.

Drue: Welcome, Aflana.

Allene: Good evening, Aflana.

Mary: Hello, Aflana.

Allene: I hear this RondEl say: “Ask Aflana she’ll tell you I am here.”

Patije: I opened my eyes up just then and there is so much purplish pink around Allene — the whole chair is covered in this pink cloud.

Allene: I have to laugh. Ever since we were meditating I have been trying to be quiet. I was sitting here thinking to myself but I’m picturing what he said: “You ask her, she’ll tell you I am here!” or what I said, the comment before, has these movements in my mind, not that I see a being, but one associates with an extreme gay… “That’s right. You tell them!” (laughter)

Patije: RondEl, you are here. How are you doing with Byron? (pause) Has he managed to get into communication with you?

RONDEL: (Allene): Well Byron hasn’t had the time for me! I’m here for him but he is busy.

RONDEL: (Mary): Byron is in a time warp. (laughter)

Voice: Wait until Byron hears this! (laughter)

Mary: I don’t even know who Byron is.

Patije: Byron visited our group in October or November.

Allene: I did not pick up these energies when RondEl came that night, but this one is so flip and so…laughter…maybe it is somebody else.

Mary: I have to be honest, I heard “This is JaEL, greetings.” But I was doubting it but now I’m getting a pain in the back of my head. (laughter)

Allene: Good evening, JaEL. We welcome you.

Patije: Good work, JaEL. Hit her on the head again. Make her speak up! What can we do to make her talk. Where is her button?

Roy: JaEL or JuEl?

Allene and Mary together: JaEL!

Allene: There is JaEL, JoEL and JuEL, but she is JaEL.

Mary: I chose JaEL because it sounded like Jail. (laughter)

Allene: I think she chose you, he chose you.

Drue: You know with RondEl, I keep hearing the words to a song from the ’50’s: “Help me, Ronda, Help me Ronda,” so maybe it’s not a RondEl but maybe it is Ronda! (laughter)

Roy: Is JaEL…?(Roy continues and Mary answers but I can’t pick it up due to another voice also speaking)

Allene: To tell you the absolute truth, this energy seems almost like we picked up some energy from something other than the teachers. It is so flip and it seems so….I mean I can almost – can’t see, but I can feel – these movements. But, of course they did tell us in the universe that there is an awful lot of beings we haven’t yet experienced. It is pleasurable but it just . ..fades out in laughter.

Patije: Maybe it is a reversion director checking us out!

Allene: Yeah we could use that tonight.

Roy: Is JaEL still here?

Patije: umhmm.

Mary: Rayson is here too.

Roy: Where is JaEL from? (long silence)

JAEL: (Mary)I am a teacher.

Mary: Did anybody else get anything?

Patije: I got the “school of Edentia”

Allene: Where is Edentia in relationship to us? I just heard “from the far side of the universe”

Mary :  heard “farside” too.

Patije: She could have originated in one and gone to school in the other.

Mary: OK.

Roy: Can you ask her?

Patije: Are you wearing your mike, Roy? I can’t hardly hear you.

Roy: no.

Patije: Put it on. I’ll be playing that tape 20 times to figure out what you said.

Roy: OK (continues talking but can’t hear him because of another voice speaking)

Allene: I would like to also welcome Rayson. Rayson, we really welcome you. We are so pleased.

RAYSON: (Mary)I am pleased to work with energy.

Drue: As soon as you mentioned that he was here, maybe a minute and a half or so ago, since he is healing energy, I asked for healing and all of a sudden I see this white light coming in through my eyes. And, I just feel — really as if it is bathing me.

RAYSON: (Mary)I repeat: I am pleased to work with these energies.

Drue: Thank you, very much.

Allene: Well, Rayson. I’ll volunteer for some of (laughter)

RAYSON: All you have to do is ask.

Allene: Yeah, I heard: “You can have as much as you want.”

Mary: umhmm

Allene: Maybe it’s Rayson’s energy, too, that has ah taken away my tiredness. I noticed when we started to meditate, here I was so tired I didn’t even want to come and suddenly in that quiet…fades out in laughter…

Patije: My eyes are open, I don’t need toothpicks anymore!

Allene: Suddenly in that quiet . ..

Mary: Ok, before we started meditating, I asked for energy for everybody because everybody was tired. That’s why I had to use my hands…

Allene: Well, thank you, Rayson. And, we got your gift!

[[ Roy, and Drue talking at same time with Allene but couldn’t hear their words]]

Allene: Rayson, do you have anything that you would like to share with us this evening? (short silence)

RAYSON: (Mary)I am sharing your energy and your love at this time. And, I am working with these energies and aligning them. It is a very joyous time for me to be here. And, you can giggle some more. (laughter)

Patije: You have to define what is Rayson and what is Mary. The typist doesn’t know.

Mary: No, that wasn’t me.

Patije: ok.

Allene: I knew that was Rayson.

RAYSON: I have to make the quiet one giggle!

Roy: Are you talking about Mary?

Mary: umhmmm He is after me all the time. It is his way of trying to lighten me up, I guess. (pause) That’s Mary!

Allene: He certainly came through to me. Maybe RondEL isn’t like that at all. Maybe that’s Rayson! (laughter) NO, I mean the feeling, the lightness I was getting.

Patije: I feel that even LorEL is lighter tonight.

RAYSON: Patije is in comfort zone.

Patije: I am? What does that mean? (pause) I have to admit I am comfortable.

Allene: I must admit I like your energies, Rayson, a lot. Now if I can learn more about how to stay in these energies, this would be most helpful. (long silence)

RAYSON: We are all working towards that end.

Patije: I heard that! I heard: “This is what we want you to do.” and . …

Allene: And you know what I was connecting this with all the information in the Welmek papers about staying in balance and Michael last time gave us the lesson about staying in balance. Know when we get into our love energies and that higher sense is the same kind of feeling I am experiencing now. I can’t seem to maintain that however.

Drue: Isn’t that true of everything in life? When we are in balance, everything is so much easier. It is only when you are out of balance that things…

Allene: umhmmm

Drue: It is like a turn table, when things are not correct on the turntable and they spin in the wrong direction or they go shooting out. When it is in balance, everything is so smooth.

Patije: Water seeks its own level and doesn’t spill or..

Allene: Right, it seems to me that sometimes when we are out of balance it is emotional and sometimes when its out of balance it may be part of our chemical reaction. Maybe not from stressing ourselves or not getting enough sleep or not eating properly, there is a combination of a couple of things that take us out of balance. We want to get in balance too.

Drue to Mary: I want to go like this and reflect the energy right back to you, Mary.

Mary: Thank you! That’s so wonderful!

Patije: Maybe we are practicing reflectivity here!

Mary: Boy, I feel that too. That’s great. (long silence)

Allene: Rayson, I would like to ask that these energies could be shared by the members of our group who are not able to be present here tonight – Ann and Wanda and even though he is no longer coming to the meetings, our brother, David.

RAYSON: You have requested and it is done.

Drue: That’s what I heard: “It is done.”

Allene: Thank you. Thank you.

Mary: Rayson, I love you. This is beautiful, thank you.

Drue: Yes, thank you, Rayson. Please come visit me at home.

RAYSON:  It is done. (laughter)

Mary: That was Rayson.

Drue: Thank you very much.

Allene: It is interesting, Rayson, to me how you share with us and teach us when you are quiet. I was sitting here feeling all the energy. By just being and letting us experience the energy is a wonderful form of teaching.

RAYSON: (Drue):Isn’t that what learning is all about? Experiencing?

Mary: I just heard that. That is what he said.

Drue: So often we try to protect our children from experiencing hardship. We want to protect them. And, yet this is really the only way we can learn – is to experience it and live through it and say: “Gee I survived that”.

Mary: Uncross your ankles, Patije. Thank you.

Allene: I can feel the energy in my left hand.

Mary: He is working through all of you.

Drue: I can feel it working throughout my whole body.

Mary: He is…

Allene: I thank you so much. I have the feeling that if we put our hands up one to one like to each (like this) my first reaction was to do this to Roy…

Drue: Let’s do it this way . ..

Allene: I wanted to do it…all right…

Drue: Do you want to do it over this way to Patije…

Allene: I didn’t mean hand to hand I meant . ..

Drue: to each other, ok

Roy:??? can’t hear other voices drown it out

Allene: I can feel it, I can feel it like a magnetic – didn’t you feel that? (others are talking, but can’t pick up the words)

Mary: Yes, I can feel it from Roy… laughter (cat had been curled up under one of the chairs and all of a sudden took off running out of the room.)

RAYSON: You must request all of your healing requests at this time.

Patije: I request, I accept and I demonstrate. So be it. Thank you, Rayson.

Drue: Thank you, Rayson. I give thanks for healing. I give thanks for a body that functions correctly. I give thanks for good health.

Mary: Uncross your ankles, Roy.

Allene: Well, Rayson, as you have told us, we can make our request, I would like to request as much healing as you feel is good for me at this moment. I thank you and I would like to request a healing for my mother and the little girls who is down in the Netherlands.

Patije: I want to ask that they find out what is wrong with Wanda and fix it!

Mary: For Allene, he said: “It is done>”

Allene: Thank you also, Rayson for allowing me to feel this energy. It is stronger than I’ve ever felt it in any of the other things I’ve participated in.

Drue: Rayson, I would also like to ask that you assist my father in feeling more comfortable – my earthly father.

Allene: I was going to say, I think your other Father feels quite comfortable (laughter)

Drue: I’m sure he does. No offense. Just wanted to clarify.

RAYSON:  It is done for you too.

RAYSON: Roy, do you have a request? (long silence)

Roy: Heal Patije, please.

RAYSON: How very selfless and loving. You will be healed, Roy, and you will have all the energy you need. And, Patije is healed.

Roy: Thank you.

Patije: Thank you! (short silence)

Drue: Mary, what about you?

Mary: This is Mary. I am just enjoying this because thanks to Rayson, I am feeling this wonderful energy through my body and I feel like a true sharing that I have never experienced in my various experiences on this planet, I’ve never really shared myself with anybody like I am sharing right now. The sensation and the feeling…and it is so wonderful to be with all of you… (chokes and tearful)

Drue: We are glad you joined us, Mary!

Allene: Yes.

Patije: This group needed your energy, Mary. So, we are glad you decided to join us.

Drue: We certainly did. We hope you will come back each week.

RAYSON:  This is Rayson. Try and stop me now.

Allene: We wouldn’t dream of it.

RAYSON: Mary is willing and I am able. (pause)

Roy: I’d also like to ask, Rayson, if you can give Allene’s mother more peace in her life. Allene: Thank you, Roy.

Roy: And energy for (laughter and noises of something falling – couldn’t pick up rest)

RAYSON:  That is somewhat of a tall order, Roy. But, Allene, so it will be done. (laughter) (things are falling all over the place and the mike is picking it all up)

RAYSON:  I don’t….the order… (more noise)

Mary: That was Rayson.

Roy: You haven’t met LaF___…

RAYSON: Let’s all breathe together. (This is Rayson telling you this.) (deep breathing is easily heard on tape for a few minutes)

RAYSON:  The Love of God continues to surround you. I leave now and I leave this role to somebody else.

Drue: Thank you, Rayson.

Roy, Allene and Patije together: Thank you.

Patije: Come back, often!

Drue: Come back every night to our homes.

Patije: I heard ” I am often with you.”

Mary: I heard: “always”

Patije: I have been very aware of Rayson being with me when I was at Dr. Aberman’s sometimes. He even gave me a message for Phil once.

Mary: I think Rayson uses my body more than most.

Allene: More than most?

Mary: I’ve never felt . ..

Allene: What I…I’m not sure…

Mary: I am a shrinking violet over here…

Allene: I don’t know what you meant, uses your body more than…

Mary: I had a physical sensation. I have never had anything go through…

Allene: You mean more than…

Mary: I’ve always just had it in my hands when I . ..felt love and service…but this is actually a physical using more energy. Know what I am saying? It is using my energy as opposed to passing through my energy.

Drue: You know what just came to mind is that you might…I think there are probably certain ones of us that really magnify energy and you might be somebody that energy comes to you and you magnify it and put it out. It is sort of like a relay station and that might be (gestures) shoooooooooosh!

Mary: As you said that I had a person do you suppose who is trying to do a card reading and they couldn’t do a reading and there was like a channel there and the information came through and they told me that I was a beacon or a light that was needed in that part of the world, meaning on my job out there on the island. And, the person who was doing the channeling said: ‘But that’s not to say that it is only you or that it is special…but overt the years, when you said that, that came to mind again and it was like they were trying to tell me that way back then, but then that person did a time out and I lost it again. Now you said it, I will allow it. My mind has gotten in the way.

Allene: Yeah, because when you know allowing your presence, you know, to work with Rayson, sitting here I just had the feeling to put my hand towards Roy because it just felt like so much energy coming out and when he . .. hold your hand like this you can tell the difference. I mean it is still there. You can pick up the energy patterns.

Patije :I feel it goes all the way around this house.

Allene: Yeah, but I mean, everybody has a different energy pattern. If I put it here I feel one thing. If I put it here I feel something else. You know? You put it . ..

Mary: You can feel your she is doing right there. You can feel your own…
Allene: Yeah, that I’ve done. But it was sort of interesting because it was never so powerfully – I’ve felt it sometimes when you were concentrating on a particular area where there was heat in somebody’s body and you were focusing. But, not this sort of broad…

Mary:…unison with everybody…

Allene:…unison and the sense of its coming…you know… through but at the same time it is almost as if it comes out from here but at the same time it is connected. At the same time it feels like it is connected and flows right out from here and it is connected.

Drue: You know what else is interesting too, is I can feel how my own energy has expanded so much. I can still feel it way out here.

Allene: umhmmm

Mary: I actually have a sensation like my heart is wide open and feel like I am in the whole room. Apparently this is what he does and I am just feeling the energy now.

Allene: Well, we thank you.

Drue: Thanks a lot!

Allene: Yeah. boy we were all falling asleep and too tired to come and now look how awake and alert we are!

Drue: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you! (pause) Who else is here?

Allene: What a nice experience.

Patije: Aflana was going to tell us something about energy but it seemed to me that she was saying: “You are doing it yourself.”

Drue: She said: “You don’t need to hear it, you are feeling it.”

Mary: Oh, you mean we brought something here?

Drue: That’s terrific. We are all going to leave here feeling much better than when we arrived, (pause) which is the way it should be!

Mary: The way it should be. That’s right.

Allene: I don’t know about this RondEl or whoever he is but he says: “Now let’s get back to Brian. Are one of you going to tell him that he better pay attention and start working?”

Roy: That’s Ronda isn’t it?

Allene: No this is a male. It is just that it seems like… (laughter and discussion) Aflana is this the same RondEl, is this RondEl? Who is this I am picking up right now?

Patije: I heard: “Of Course, it is!”

Mary: does anybody have any messages.

UNSEEN HELPER: (Drue):Yes! Love one another.

Mary: Ah….who told us that?

Drue: I don’t know. I never ask. Jesus told us that originally!

Patije: I was looking for VanEssa. We haven’t heard from her tonight.

Allene: I hear: “Well, honey, you just tell them about me.” I think I am crazy (laughter)

Patije: Who is this?

Allene: I don’t know. That’s why I was asking Aflana. The personality and inflection of words are so clearly…I hear exactly what the voice is saying!

Patije: I am speechless. More has happened to me in the last 3 days than I’ll ever recall.

Mary: I feel the same way.

Allene: Well, this is certainly new to me. (laughter)

Mary: I think my little quiet life has just gone out the door. (laughter)

UNSEEN HELPER: (Drue)You are destined for great things.

Mary: Oh, Lordy, who says that!

Drue: I never ask.

Allene: There are more people here.

Mary: That’s why I asked for messages, because I was aware of feeling like the room is full.

Patije: I heard: “You would be surprised at how many are here.”

Drue: Well, we welcome all of you – whether you are here to teach us or to observe or to laugh with us or share with us. We appreciate you all and we know that during the week, you participate and help us too. Yesterday I drove up to St. Pete and I tell you that car was so full of entities – so full of beings – it was fabulous. Just fabulous. We didn’t sing too much, but everybody was there. We had a great session of gratitude, a feeling of incredible gratitude.

You know, when we think how much we are loved, that these entities – some are assigned to us, some volunteer, but it is out of love that they are coming to assist us! Us! Here we are so stubborn and they have to drag us kicking and screaming all the way to love. Only occasionally do we even acknowledge that they are there, do we even remember that they are there. So thank you all so much for putting up with us, for assisting us, and for loving us!

Mary: Yes, yes. (long, long silence)

Allene: There are other energies working on us right now.

Patije: I heard the words but couldn’t verify the source:

UNSEEN HELPER: (Patije) Laugh now, it is the time to laugh. There is a time of hard work coming. There is much to be done for the preparation time, but laugh now. This is your time to laugh.

Drue: I liked the part about Laugh now, but I don’t know if I am so thrilled about the part about hard work coming.

Mary: Me either.

Allene: No, our recreation director and Rayson will see that we stay…

Drue: Maybe this RondEL person is our recreation director.

Allene: I don’t know, but I have been wanting to laugh from the time we first started to get quiet.

Mary: I know I keep getting chided for not laughing and lightening up.

Drue: Well, you know, we take ourselves too seriously. I think this whole process is – the moving on- is to lighten up. Get rid of the old baggage. Don’t take it with you. Get rid of it. Get it off.

Mary: Lighten up.

Patije: Roy told me to throw about 6 or 12 of these tapes in the waste basket and don’t worry about trying to transcribe them! (laughter) He sees me sitting in the computer room when he leaves in the morning and again when he gets home, and most days, even after he goes to bed. He’s concerned about my well being…

Roy: Sometimes she works until 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning as well as all day. She needs help in the computer room.

Roy: She puts in…

Allene: I want to know seriously how you are going to transcribe what I was telling you.

Roy:…too many hours trying to do this. Just put them away somewhere and start over again and don’t feel all the time like you are 6 weeks behind.

Patije: So many beautiful things have happened in the past few weeks. They can’t be lost.

Drue: You don’t have to do it right now. You know all of these wonderful teachings that we have – this isn’t the only time we are going to have them. You know how it is for us, we have to have the lessons over and over and over and over and over… (laughter) we don’t get it the first time! We don’t get it the second time!

Patije: But the messages about the hard work was that you are going to have to pay attention and learn these lessons because we need you.

Drue: And I think..

Allene: But we are learning and we are paying attention and we are making progress.

Drue:…in the… don’t worry about it, Patije. Don’t worry about it. Don’t throw them away, but don’t worry about it.

Allene: That’s a good idea.

Drue: I’ll bet as soon as you stop worrying about it, all of a sudden you’ll have so much time…

Allene: See you’ll be so in balance that all of a sudden you will get it all done.

Patije: Julie was over and helped me all day yesterday and all day today. She will be able to get the sorting and mailing and organizing out of the way. But, I need help transcribing – or at least a tape player with a foot pedal that I can rely on. She can do a lot to help me get caught up with everything except the transcribing and computer work.

Patije: I would like to call on Welmek if he is here. If he is not here, will somebody ask him . ..

Drue: Somebody go get him!

Patije: I was told to put together a list of all the groups, all the contact people, and all the teachers and list whatever celestials we know, even though they are not teachers, or whatever, and I wondered…since he told me to do this, is he nudging people on the shoulder to answer my letters and send me this information? Anybody!

Allene: I don’t know where this is coming from but I hear very clearly: “All is working in good order.”

Patije: Good! I wish to thank everybody for Julie’s help these 2 days. I have found that I need some more equipment to do the job that I need to do for Welmek’s request as well as what I need for transcribing. I guess I don’t need it but it would certainly save a lot of time on my part and I wondered if this could be coming to me…

Drue: What came to mind when you said that is there are many out there who cannot do the work but who have money to help support the work and they are being nudged to help out.

Patije: Thank you. It would help if I hand something that can hold the information so the printer can be printing, but my computer is tied up in Word Perfect until it is done.

Allene: Well, it is not really for what Welmek asked you to do that you need the computer. That is just the matter of gathering a list. What you need the computer for is in order to keep the transcripts, make the transcripts – for some reason, I don’t know why I feel it is very clear to be very clear to the Creative Mother spirit who does these things. That it is not necessary to do what Welmek asks. It is necessary because of the ripple effect that you can see happening when people receive these, just as we receive Welmek’s lessons.

Patije: Julie was absolutely amazed at what I do…It was suggested that everybody in the group should come help me 2 hours per week – to fully understand the amount of work there is. (laughter)

Drue: We already know how much work you do.

Allene: We know.

Patije: I think you think you know. I am so far behind – 68 – 90 minute tapes behind.

Drue: I wouldn’t let the backup in transcribing tapes concern you. Put them aside and you will find that it will be taken care of in . ..

Allene: Patije, yeah, we got Welmek’s like two months after…what difference does it matter? We got them, you know…
Patije: And some of these are for last April 1992, September 1992 and Oct 1992 through tonight…that’s a lot more than 2 months! I’m taking the phone calls of people who want it…yesterday!

Drue :Don’t worry about it, did they send you money to buy equipment to enable you to do this?

Patije: ah…

Allene: Don’t worry about it. You can only do it when it is done.

Patije: I’ve got the newsletter for the FSUBs coming up in the next few weeks too.

Allene: Drue is giving you extremely good advice, unless it is coming through all of the teachers. How stubborn are you going to be?

Drue: Patije, it is time for you to find someone else to do the newsletter for the FSUB…

Allene: She’s heard that before!

Drue: That is not your job any longer.

Patije: Who told me that? The teachers told me long ago to keep that job because I can be of good use. I wanted to get rid of it in April 1992, but…

Mary: What I got while you were talking is “This work should be delegated.”

Patije: To whom?!?!?!?! You guys all have jobs! Who else can I get help from?

Allene: Patije, I just tell you something about this newsletter, if you don’t do it, someone will.

Roy: Why don’t you just send the tapes and let them transcribe them.

Several voices on tape together: yeah, sure, why not?

Patije: You each told me you don’t want the tapes to go out. In the beginning the teachers said not to send them out. Do you really want these to go to strangers who can’t recognize the names and their are pieces of it with personal stuff in it. Once we let it out, there is no controlling it…

Allene: No!

Patije: I don’t know. It will all work out someway.

Drue: The main thing is you should not be concer-

Allene: If you… if you don’t send it out, maybe some of these people will see that you need some equipment to facilitate this. So let things just go. Take care of Patije first. If you don’t take care of Patije, there won’t be any tapes.

Mary: You’ve got to do that, right now, Patije. You don’t have an option. You’ve got to get well.

Allene: Are you hearing this, Roy? You better remind her every time you see her at the computer.

Drue: Put a lock on that door. Lock it and don’t…

Allene: Put a lock on it, right! So she can only get in there so many hours a day…

Roy: That’s what I would like to do, but she would worry more and get worse..

Mary: She works until 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning.

Roy: I know!

Patije: If I am going to lie in bed and think about it and not sleep, I might just as well be at the computer working on it so I can sleep next week or next month.

Mary: Roy, do make sure she rests even if she can’t sleep.

Drue: And make sure she stays in bed and doesn’t get back up and go back to work. Look the bedroom door, too!

Roy: Right. Don’t let her out, right?

Mary to Patije: We gotta make sure you look after yourself.

Allene: Patije, you know, things don’t work in linear time. We tend to think of things in time. You know these events unfold by events. All things work for good. All things work for perfect order. Now you know the payoff if you don’t get these things done – suddenly no one will get anything from Patije! What’s the matter? Oh, she needs some equipment. She can’t do more…she needs a computer with a bigger memory.

Patije: My computer is fine, I just need more memory for the printer or another computer to operate the printer while I use my computer. My computer was tied up 10 hours yesterday and today just to print…and I went through 10 reams of paper. It is ridiculous.

Mary: Are you hearing tonight? You haven’t complained about your hearing.

Patije: My hearing is fine, why do you ask? If you didn’t do anything else with this healing energy, you got my hearing back!

Mary to Roy: If you don’t shut down you won’t be so tired. When you do something with your air. you close off.

Patije: What?

Mary: Roy does something with his breathing and he switches off..

Roy: Me?

Mary: See, you started to feel tired and I just got the whole vision of what you were doing inside…he just turned himself off, is what he does, and I just got the word: “Breathe, and you won’t be so tired.”

Allene: I hear from VanEL asking if we would all be quiet for just a few minutes, they would like to do some work with us. They, I think, meaning VanEl and Aflana.

Drue: We welcome the work. (several minutes of silence)

AFLANA: (Allene) This is Aflana. I would like to ask if each of you would go around and share any feeling, sensations, ideas, any thoughts you might have on what we have been doing. And, VanEl is still working on.

Drue: This is Drue and I always thought VanEL was communications but as soon as Allene said that you were going to be working on, Gee, what I felt was I seem to have digestive problems and I felt “Oh, gee the rotor-rooter man is here!” (laughter) That is exactly what I felt.

Allene: What part of your body is this Drue? This is Allene asking.

Drue: I felt it in the stomach.

Mary: This is Mary and I felt a little electric shock going up and down my legs, up to the base of my spine.

Patije: That is what I was feeling…like it was untwisting something. And then I heard or saw the word “Untwist.” (pause) But I also saw something deeper like we are being attached or reflected to, or connected like we were doing with our hands to some apparatus in this vicinity. And, that we are now connected to something.

VANEL: (Allene) You are correct.

Allene: I’ll tell you what I, Allene, was feeling. You know this center I keep referring to in my chest? It was like VanEl was working on that – right in this center. And, what was being impressed upon me was that as they make these adjustments, it is almost like somebody had a mechanical implant and we could hear each other, that we are connected to each other somehow…I’m not implying that there is an implant, but it is as if somebody…we all had our own little inside walkie-talkies to each other that is what is in the process of being attempted.

Drue: This is Drue. What I wanted to ask VanEL or Aflana, I know that awhile back it was mentioned that some kind of communication networking was set up in each of our homes and my husband wants to move – he wants to leave our present home and move somewhere else. I wonder is this going to affect the communications system or will it move with us.

VANEL: (Allene)This is VanEL. This makes no difference. This resides within you.

Drue: OK. Remember about 6 or 8 months ago they said that this communication system was set up in our homes. Am I to understand now that it is set up within us and we are in our homes?

Patije: It was said that it was set up in our homes, because somebody asked if it was set up around their house. And we were told: “No, it is within the house.”

Drue: Oh, and now it is within us?

Patije: Yes.

Drue: Oh, ok, now I got it.

Patije: It probably was within us to begin with…

Allene: It was probably one of those things that transmitters…there are always going to be errors…

Drue: Oh, the transmitter misunderstood?

Patije: I had picked up back then and I was going to correct it and then I thought No, it wasn’t worthwhile at the time because I wasn’t sure, but it seems very reasonable now.

Allene: Yes it does.

VANEL: This is VanEl. Drue you may rest assured that what we are working on with each of you, the connections we are attempting to make, will go with you. It makes no difference where you are. Distance makes no difference.

Drue: ok, thank you, VanEL

Patije: I have a silly personal question, but I keep intentionally uncrossing my ankles and something just crosses them again. Why? Is this habit or are the teachers doing it? (long silence. Laughter) Blank wall!

Mary: I got that it was a habit.

Allene: The thing I got was: “This does not make as much difference as you mortals seem to think it does.”

Patije: Back when I was taught to meditate, I was taught that if you dislike the lotus position, the bottoms of your feet should be together -just like your hands – so that the energy goes around and around and increases, not leave the body. Then if you can’t do that, then cross them gently at the ankle. This enables the energy to circulate. And all of the western teachers teach that the feet should be flat on the floor. And this lets the energy leave the body. Many times you don’t want the energy to go out, you want it to circulate and go in and out with your breathing…
Allene: But actually, when you get to a different form of energy it doesn’t matter what state you are in. I mean it really doesn’t. You can sit her cross legged or whatever.

Mary: We had this just now…

Allene: Exactly. I think there are several different energies, but if I really want to meditate and get close, to me it is most important to be in a position in which I am comfortable.

Patije: I can always tell when my hips are out of line because I can’t put my ankle (bones) together which I can’t do right now…

Allene: I’m picking up right now that VanEl is going to be continuing with this you know, with us during the week and if we would just occasionally give some thought to the idea of being connected. I know they started doing that with the meditation but it…fades out…

Patije: VanEl, it comes up every week and someone asks or comments. Can you tell us who you are and what order of sonship you represent? (long silence) I heard: “It doesn’t matter.”

Drue: That is what I heard, too.

Mary: Me too. (laughter)

Patije: It’s a mystery and my mind wants to know.

Drue: I heard: “So what!” (laughter)

[[ end of tape. While it was being changed the transmissions ended. ]]

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