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NWB47- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – Session 47

1993-01-11-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – Session 47
Sarasota #47




1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teachers: JoEl, Welmek, Malventia, JaEl, LorEl, Michael, Rayson, VanEl, VanEssa, RondEl, Manotia, Afonta, Angelica, KharEl, Gabriel, – 2.2 TR: Unknown

33 Session 47

Session 47
§ MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 1993
[[ NOTE: something is very wrong with the sound system. It is full of static and humming so that it was almost impossible to hear the words spoken. The same static was on the backup recording also!) ]]

[[ The group shared a letter from Marilyn Green regarding the appearance of Machiventa in April and discussed the “appearances” of beings near us that we are becoming aware of. The group held hands and went into the silence with prayers to the Father, invitations to the teachers and expressing willingness to serve. ]]

Allene:  Michael says that he is here this evening.

Patije:   Well, I am willing. I am here, ready to be used and invite the teachers to come into our group and teach or be with us.I am ready to sit quietly if you (the teachers) wish to work with someone else.(static on tape overwhelms voices)I invite you. I have lots and lots of questions and yet, nothing I can put into words. a feeling. my expectations. an urgency? I don’t know what it is. Perhaps you can tell us.

Julie:  Let’s start with a prayer.

Patije:   Would you like to start?

Allene:  This is always a good idea. (long silence)

Julie: .love, light, life and may we always know Truth, Beauty and Goodness.. We give our love to all the unseen helpers and Michael. May he be with us and we with him. Amen.
??? (Allene):I am love, I come from Love, and will be love. (fades out on tape)

Allene:  This is Allene and as my prayer I wish to give thanks to our Father, to Michael and to all of our Celestial Friends for all the love and all the patience and all the efforts they are expending with each and every one of us in all the many groups and the hearts that are opened.

Patije:   I agree with that prayer. I thank so much for coordinating all of the group and helping us coordinate communication. For there to be a feeling that we are all players on the same team. I thank you so much for letting time slow down today so that I could accomplish so much. Help me to remain focused, clear, and able to understand..(static interference)

Julie:  This is Julie. Thank you very much for opening up the doors to me so that I may see partly light. Just send me where I am needed.

Allene:  I am open, I am willing, I ask that I may be aware to know how I can best be of service. I ask for your help to stay in balance.

Patije:   I am willing, I am ready, and I know you will enable me to do whatever you ask of me.

Julie:  I say the same to everything.
Allene:  I think we are in harmony and consensus. (short silence)

LOREL:  (Patije: ):The Light of the Father, surrounds, protects, lifts up and guides you. Fear not that you can go astray for all is in His plan. I am LorEl.

Group: Greetings, LorEL.

LOREL: I greet you this evening. It is such a pleasure for me to observe the coordination going on among the three of you, the way you help and minister to one another in a time of need.
It is a pleasure for me to see how all of your efforts are being coordinated with the efforts of others and even though you do not know them and are not in constant or even occasional communication with them, all is going well. You are definitely putting Sarasota’s boxcar back on the track.

Group: Thank you, LorEl.

Allene:  LorEL, I have a question for you. After reading this evening the letter from Marilyn Green, would it be good that we concentrate on doing this, this evening and should we concentrate on seeing you and our teacher, Aflana?

LOREL:  Do not misunderstand. This is not the primary function and you need not concentrate on it. However, always be aware, as you have been of celestials around you. Begin to be aware and notice them, and speak to them when you see them. You will develop this. I don’t want to use the word automatically, but it is part of the process of what you are doing. Already, you have seen. Already, you have been aware. In the group effort this can be enhanced so that you can see more details. When one sees while in the group -point it out to the others.

Allene:  What would you like to teach us this evening?

LOREL:   Let me reverse that question. What questions would you like to have answered? What subject are you thinking about? Where are you “living” in your thoughts? (Pause) It seems that all of you have been very much preoccupied with getting “things” done. Those things are necessary for what we are about. Remember, as you are working on these things that enable this process to continue and go forth, you are not losing out or being left out of the overall plan. It is part of it.

Even as Jesus had his apostles – each one assigned to a task or responsibility for the group, sometimes they were not present when the Master spoke so eloquently but they did not lose out because of their absence caused by the responsibility which they accepted. They considered themselves taken care of. You will not lose out either. There is a need for the communication, which you, the three of you, are working on. We are so happy and pleased that Julie is a part of this. We thank you, Julie, for your.

Allene:  We thank you too, Julie.

Patije:   Yes by all means! I do too!

Julie:  I thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

LOREL:   Remember, it is individuals working together in a group effort that accomplishes things. Even when you talk , even when you are on the phone with each other, or socializing, these things are playing in your unconscious, and your subconscious, and your superconscious mind. And, when you attempt to work in coordinated effort then it seems things are remarkably completed. It is not necessary for you all to plan to be part of the same effort. It is necessary that you have consensus and that you are all working towards the same goal. Each of you have been given different talents, each of you have abilities that are being developed through your personal evolution.

Each of you have experiences which enhance and enrich your ability to utilize your personality’s abilities and talents. These are important to be blended. They are important to be added together and the strength of all will so much out shine any weaknesses of any individual that the group will shine as a light held above the table and not under the bushel basket. (short silence) There are times when you will aid one another in whatever unique task or ability they seem overwhelmed with doing so it is important to be alert to one another’s needs as well as those outside of your community.(pause)

Patije:   This is Patije:  and it was cut off all of a sudden.

Allene:  I’m not sure you are picking up on the speaker . ..(discussion of tape recording)

Julie:  That was a wonderful lesson.

Allene:  It was such a good lesson I didn’t want to lose it because the recording wasn’t working.

Patije:   One of the things came to my mind this week when I was thinking of Aflana as a Technical Advisor, is that she advises technically as to the legality or according to the Universal Law – which would be the law of love, the law of spirit, the law of personality, the law of the they put all of these circuits together. It is incredible what that opened up in my mind as I was thinking about that. I previously thought it had to do with the Free Will law of the universe and how much they could impress upon us. Where VanEl seems to be more interested in the details of the mechanics of the electronics, if you will, and other apparatus they are using. I don’t know if this means anything or not, but I am still trying to figure out who VanEL is – where he comes from.

Allene:  I’m not sure that is so accurate only because of the experiences I have had with him – when VanEl and Aflana are working with me. I don’t consider myself a mechanical object. It is very, different.

Patije:   Aflana advises where VanEl probably does the actual adjustments. I am trying to figure out who VanEl is. Maybe he is one of the technical advisors also, but he is attached to them as a sort of “enabler.” I don’t know what the term would be called in the Urantia Book. (pause) I’ll ask. If Aflana, VanEL or anybody else who is here who would like to answer my question, I am open, receptive and willing to accept the answer!

Julie:  Something just dropped into my mind.

Patije:   Share it.

Julie:  You know what you know. (laughter)

Patije:   I believe it. That’s Aflana. (laughter)

Allene:  Michael, I am aware of your presence this evening. You gave us such a wonderful lesson last week on staying in balance, I would ask if there is anything you would share with us this week. (long silence)

CHRIST MICHAEL: (Allene)I am here with you. I have been watching all of you. You have been so industrious.. I am most pleased with what I see. Do you not think you have enough now with what you are doing, the lessons you have received. You must relax, Little Ones. (laughter) You are like busy little bees but they too, take time out. (Pause)

Allene:  Michael, this is Allene. It seems to me that we all feel that there is so much to do. There is an urgency to do as much as we can during this time. (static on tape)

Julie:  I pick up that the bees, in their busyness, produces very sweet honey. This honey as we are busy bees, we are producing sweetness of the honey . .. (fades out)

Patije:   I affirm that. I heard that “as we are playing our keys of harmony a great composition is being written.” Right along that same line. It sounds like we have an artisan and a musician with us. I was hearing the name AFONTA or something like that.

Allene:  I was picking up:

AFONTA: I am Afonta, and I wanted to come see this group for myself.

Allene:  Well, we certainly do welcome you, Afonta.

Patije:   Afonta, were you present when the musicians – Ranasthea and Racilee (or something like that) appeared in this group in the Spring? (Pause) Are they still on the planet? (pause) Did we pick up their names wrong? (short silence)

Allene:  No, I pick up that Afonta was not here personally. She was aware of them.

Julie:  Is it true that I am picking up sounds. different sounds.

Allene:  You know what I am hearing? You know those sounds in those little musical balls – it is as if it is a little bit louder than that, but not very much.

Julie:  Yes.

AFONTA: These tones are very pleasing and relaxing.

Julie:  Also sending out colors.

Allene:  They are all related.

Julie:  All tones have different colors. Each tone has a different color. It creates harmony.

Patije:   It just came to me that VanEl is a Celestial worker. What does that mean?

Julie:  He might put things in tune.

Allene:  Like a celestial bee?

Julie:  To find the right circuit.

Patije:   He connects things.

Julie and Allene together: Umhmm!

Patije:   He is not an artisan and is not a musician.

Allene:  Right!

Julie:  He is a connector.

Patije:   Maybe he is one of those beings we’ve never heard of and the UB doesn’t tell us about?

Julie:  Maybe he is an angel working for his wings! (laughter) Sorry about that. a little humor added.

Allene:  Yeah, they’re nicer than stripes, you know. (laughter)

Patije:   A little humor in all things. What are angel wings?

Julie:  Shields.

Patije:   That for the transports. (short pause) Is Ham here?

ANGELICA: I am Angelica. I have a message from Ham.

Group: Welcome, Angelica.

ANGELICA: He does want you all to begin to visualize. With the help that you have with the artist among you, you will be able to see us. You begin this with your eyes closed and as you have the vision in your mind which we impress upon you. This can be projected and then when you open your eyes you will possibly get a glimpse of us.(static bad)

Allene:  Angelica, whom should we be trying to visualize?

Julie:  I have a vision of a ????

Allene:  Michael.

ANGELICA: Michael is the most light energy. Your Midwayer helper, VanEssa, and those like her are the closest to you and you will probably be seeing her first. But all of us will be visible as your senses turn from the material to spiritual levels because it is on the morontial levels that we exist. You are being fine-tuned to that level.

Allene:  They are actually working on us right now.

Julie:  I felt that too. Is that why I keep seeing colors very strangely and in geometric forms and then the forms turn and pulsate?

ANGELICA: Why do you call these strange? This is the way all should see!

Julie:  Strange to mortal eyes- but very beautiful!

ANGELICA: You will be a teacher to enable others to see these. Do you not already feel your calling?

Julie:  Yes, I do. It comes from the heart first, in love and not fear.

Allene:  It is interesting that LorEL tells us that this is not the focus – it just comes and then Angelica tells us to focus.

Julie:  It just comes, but then all of a sudden it pulsates and it comes into being.

Patije:   Don’t you imagine that it is a little bit like being a receiver/transmitter? That, it just happens and they do all of the work and all we have to do is be willing. If we focus on our willingness and focus on the awareness – be alert to what is going on that it will just naturally happen? That is the way I picked it up. I don’t see a conflict there.

Julie:  If you see it in your mind.(hesitation)

Patije:  LorEl was telling us don’t let this be our whole sole purpose for our getting together.

Julie: No!

Allene: That was really not mine . .I was just trying to do something I was asked to do – it is not a focus of mine unless I am asked.

Patije:  Well, I have felt like when I opened my eyes they were playing tricks on me – or there is a being standing here. It is like the light is making a silhouette and yet it is transparent so it is not there. I don’t know how to explain it. It was like that night I was seeing right through Lise – I could see all of the books on the shelves just as if she weren’t there at all! And yet, I could see her so I imagine that was getting me ready to see what I was supposed to see – kind of like a transparency or a trick on the eyes.

Julie: Of course, you are at a different level now. That is your work.

Patije: And, that is the beginning, yes.

Allene: That’s like all of the things I’ve been seeing where everything . .its a different reality, in the same room it seems like it is not the same room.

Julie: Do I get different lights!

Patije: I feel like I am upside down sometimes. That my whole chair and everything is upside down, just distorts.

Julie: I get like blowing bubbles, rainbow colors and they go different, different ways and all of a sudden I feel like I suddenly went into another space. And, I can’t. I’m like. I’m neither here nor there. I can’t explain it. It is like some things are big and then little. It’s different. It is just like suddenly I am somewhere else yet I am still here.

Allene: I feel lots of times a sense of movement when I am sitting at my computer. I know that the chair isn’t moving, but I am going this way and then I am going this way (Allene demonstrates a beacon light moving back and forth) I know I am not moving!

Patije:  That’s what I meant. When things gets distorted it is like looking into one of those fun mirrors in the fun house where you seem to be moving in funny not symmetrical and not whole its crazy! (pause) I just had a thought: I saw our community begin to shape.

Allene: Oh, tell us!

Patije:  I saw a visualizer, and a healer, and a teacher, and a like a choir director, and I was thinking: what is this going on? Then I thought: Drue – choir director, Mary- healer, Julie – visualizer, . .. I was just beginning to see this community develop. It is almost as if we are all being trained that we can pinch-hit or help one another as the pressure increases.

Allene: umhmmm that’s what Rayson was saying the other night. We won’t all be healers but he was telling us. Rayson said that he would be with our group but while we would not all be healers, that was not the focus of each one of us, but as we knew about this, it was good for us to all know exactly what you were saying. It meshes enough that I am not going to be a healer, but I will know.

Julie: You are to know about it and how to do it.

Allene: As much as Mary and Rayson share, we learn about that aspect. I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime any one of us could be called to do any one of those things, although that is not our focus.

Julie: umhmm Exactly. That’s what Patije:  said the other day.

Patije: I did?

Julie: Yes, you said that we are sort of teachers but then we also know about healing and other aspects of service although that is not our main focus. Like Mary’s main focus is healing.

Patije:  I see our main focus as our whole community as a teacher – teaching beginning teachers, teaching beginner readers, teaching beginner visualizers, teaching beginner healers, teaching beginner whatever.

Allene: Know what I keep seeing? I keep seeing Michael who has been with this Monday night group from the beginning who said several times – and he has certainly been true – “as you bring your lambs to me. Like, all we have to do is bring them to him.

Patije: umhmm

Julie: And love one another.

Allene: And the teachers and all the rest of them will..all we have to do is see this. That’s what I see.

Patije: I heard him say: Christ Michael: That is so true.

Allene: I just know so well that when Michael said several weeks ago – maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago when we first started this additional beginning group – just to bring his lambs to him and he would take care of them. I just know that..

Julie: You know what just came into my mind? You catch more flies with honey.

Patije: We don’t want flies!

Julie: Honey. Yes, but honey is what we want to use.

(a group discussion about healing, Reiki, etc.)

Julie: I know Reiki.

Patije:  You have a very strong mind. I don’t think you have to use Reiki. Just know and state firmly that something is so and it will be! (laughter) Just say “Begone!” and whatever is in disharmony is going to skedaddle – quick! (laughter)

Julie: Take these issues from us now.

Patije: “Anything unlike God, Begone!”

Allene: LorEL, or Aflana, or any of the teachers that are here tonight, are there any personal messages that you wish to convey to us individually, or anything you wish to convey to us as a group. Anything that might help us in our desire to serve?

KHAREL: It is with great joy that I greet you with the word: Rejoice! Rejoice. You are doing everything that has been asked of you. You do it unselfishly. You do it without thought of how you will fit it into your busy schedules. You do it with total commitment, no reservations. You do it regardless of the consequences and you do it through your faith! This is how we wish all to join our efforts.

Julie: Thank you for your reassurance.

Patije:  I am trying to pick up the name of who gave that message. It is different than what we normally have. Is it Carol? Karahryl? Charyll?

Allene: Yes! That’s what came to me. KharEl!

Patije: That Kharyel or whatever? (KharEl or Kahryl is a Wisconsin teacher)

Allene: Yes.

Patije:  Do we have any other visitors from other groups or from other locations that would like to greet us? We welcome you all.

Julie: I haven’t heard from JoEl all week. I’ve been thinking about her. (short silence) She’s given me up.

JOEL: (Patije: )I have not given you up! (very indignant causes laughter in group) You are my special student. I have other duties and other tasks. One of which causes me to become proficient in long-distance communications and I must move away from you at times so that you can learn to communicate without my presence at your side. I am still with you. All you have to do is call upon me.

Julie: Thank you for telling me that.

JOEL: (Julie) We are all keyed, everything is keyed, musical keys and each of us when we are working at a certain pace it kind of sings, or when we are balanced we make harmony; when there is one of us out of balance it throws it off as discord. We each have these different sounds, think about the keys and the circuits and the seeds and the planting the harmonies are in the plants as well – everything can get off and create disharmony as well, when you plant the seeds that you do it in the key – think. Continue to think about it and you’ll get it. When you get keyed into the circuits – electricity – the keys of the kingdom, to find the right key to open the doors. From our love energy produces a key and light energy is keyed and life energy.

Allene: Keyboard keys, computer keys, door keys,

Patije:  How many doors are now be unlocked by the voice. how many computers can now be operated by voice.

Allene: When we pick up the phone we know immediately who it is on the other end if we’ve talked to them before.

Julie: and a book is keyed. (long silence)

Allene: This is Allene. I’ve been sitting here thinking about all of the other groups and either picking up a feeling like we are connecting with them or a wish to connect with them.

Patije: I was doing the same thing!

Allene: Or the impression that -something about all of the groups that we know of and the ones we don’t – or see them sort of no longer as separate groups but see it all as one whole.

Julie: I got: That’s where the circuits come in.

Patije: It is like the tinker-toy visualization we got. they are building the basis

Julie: umhmm, I just got a visual picture of all the circuits from hither and yon and everywhere and it’s going into the master.

Allene: ..I sort of see it in blurred colors all blended but no longer individual pinpoints of groups.

Julie and Patije: ( together): Spider webs.

Patije: Tinker toy connections become more like a spider web.

Julie: Exactly!

Allene: I see it beyond that even – all meshed as one, not even any lines between them, just blurs into the next.

Julie: Well it goes into that.

Patije: It would be like membranes…connective tissues. but there are many pieces that are still missing which causes the blurring.

Allene: The pieces that are missing that I saw that each one that comes. what I sense is that now there are enough foundation that each one comes in comes into the whole, right? There aren’t any separate pieces here anymore. IN fact there is a nucleus of one. and it just keeps growing. Each one that comes into this.

Julie and Patije: ( together): Mushroom cloud!

Allene: Exactly, comes into it.

Patije: umhmm, It is the energy.

Julie: That is exactly what it is.

Patije: Group energy.

Allene: I wanted to know that when I send out the Network news, I want to know what night these other groups meet on.

Julie: Not to be facetious but since I was in . .. Why not all groups meeting the same night on three nights during the week? That’s the way they did it in Asidic (sp?) Yoga – then Thursday nights were considered “Guru night”

Patije:  I think the idea here is not to isolate it to one night a week but to have every night covered with a meeting somewhere. Like in the beginning. I don’t know where this is coming from, whether it is coming from me or from an impression. but in the beginning when we talked about all of us communicating with our Celestials at the same time every day, we were allowed a 3-hour overlap there so that everybody could be involved. As we develop this and do it proficiently, then it stretches and pretty soon there will be a time every hour of every day that anybody – probably already is – that anybody can go into the stillness to worship the Father and find instant communication with not only the teachers but with other individuals that are practicing this – 100 % committed.

Julie: I see a woven network.

Patije: Like a piece of cloth.

Julie: Weaving, correct. All woven into this cloth to make whatever.

Patije: Maybe it is the love energy that is the woof or weft, and the willingness, discipline and diligent practice that is the warp .

Julie: That’s what I got. ..a tapestry… with all the colors and as it is woven.

Patije: The process is the cloth.the colors are the harmonious keys.

Allene: VanEssa, are you here this evening?

Patije: I don’t feel her presence. I don’t feel Aflana either.

Allene: I don’t feel Aflana or VanEssa.

Julie: I feel something very heavy – very powerful – something.

Allene: Welmek!

Patije:  That’s what I immediately thought of too, and then I thought maybe Welmek is not that heavy – but he full of energy.

Julie: Heavy in power.

Allene: I told them in Indianapolis that when Welmek came through was the strongest we’d ever heard your voice. (laughter)

Julie: In fact, there are three!

Patije: Melchizedeks

Allene: Machiventa, Malventia.

Julie: I see three forms.

Patije: I hear Ruby saying:

Ruby: You’re getting it! You’re getting it! You’re getting it!

Allene: Is it really Machiventa and Malventia and Manotia?

Patije: Not Manotia – Mantutia, Malventia and Machiventa. Manotia is a seraphim attached to the order of Melchizedek. (pause) My whole body is tingling.

Julie: So is mine..

Allene: I picture the three men like the three wise men.

Patije: Yeah!

MELCHIZEDEK: We have come from afar to see this.

Julie: Exactly. One is red, one is green, one is blue.

Patije: Are they giving us a message?

Allene: They are if I can just get it.

Patije:  We have come from afar, I heard that with you.

MELCHIZEDEK: We have come to tell you that your efforts will truly be rewarded.

Patije: That our efforts will truly be rewarded?

Allene: umhmm

Patije: Speak up a little bit

Julie: What a bright light!

Allene: I have the feeling that they came to see, I mean to pay us a visit,

MELCHIZEDEK: (Allene).observation and recognition (or some such thing)

MELCHIZEDEK: (Patije:).recognition. We have come to observe. We have come to highly affirm you in your faith. We have come to assure you that what you hear about us is true. You will figure prominently in our plans after the materialization.

MELCHIZEDEK: (Allene) Your faith is so strong.

MELCHIZEDEK: (Julie)Your faith is so strong your presence in person is not that necessary.

Allene: And, we know that.

MELCHIZEDEK: (Patije: ) It is a delight for us to observe such willing faith, such willing unselfishness, such willing hard work. We have heard of you. We have been aware of you. Your work has been noted and acclaimed all the way to the headquarters world. Rejoice, My children. Rejoice to know this exquisite exhilarating extremely important epoch on your planet. Many events are transpiring.

Many events are unfolding. Each one leads to the next. Soon. Very soon, in days as you number them, you will begin to see the manifestation of our forms. You will see them first in a morontia level. You will be aware of them as you are aware of our presence among you. You have done your practice well. You have grown beyond the level of the amount of time or events you have put into this process. It is as you stand on your faith, and rely on your spiritual senses that you progress rapidly, quickly. There are no short cuts. It is lengthened only by your disbelief. Only by your fears. (short silence)

Allene: This is Allene. I wish to thank you so much for coming to us, making your presence known. It is a wonderful reassurance that you have given to us this evening. It is so precious (static drowns out)

MALVENTIA: I am Malventia, little ones. I will be working with your group. (static If the plans go as they are unfolding at this time I will spend much time in your vicinity. My little ones will be sent to you to be helped on their way. When they have stumbling blocks they will be guided to your expert abilities to dissolve those stumbling blocks. This is not something you do with an education in mind manipulation. This is not something you do with great power or great fame. This is something you do with faith and a willingness to practice, living. being. asking, . the very presence of the love energy which surrounds you at all times.

But you, My Little Ones, have learned to accept each of us, to clothe yourself with this love, to walk upon its pathways, to embrace it in all that you do, to permeate it throughout all of your experiences, This is why you are useful in our cause, this is why we can send our faltering ones, our frightened ones, our little lambs that need a little nudge, our lambs that are slightly fearful. You have such a loving way to enable them to reach the upper levels of their consciousness to touch the lower levels of the teacher’s ability to talk to them that have been assigned to talk to them.

You will be our instruments in many ways. Guard your time, organize well, have faith, help one another, be alert, be what you are made to be and live up to your potential. Do not try to take on anyone else’s talents. Do not try to vie for any kind of position. Each of you are unique. Each of you will find your place in the community of believers. We are pleased with your progress. We ever guide you. Your teachers are well prepared to lead you. Listen to them. They cannot lead you astray. They are. certified.(long silence)

Patije: I gulped on the “certified” and the energy just left me!

Allene: I wondered about the certification myself I jokingly said to myself: “Well, we certainly are pleased that you are certified!”

Julie: I said the same thing.

Allene: It was a joke.

Patije: It was funny.

Allene: Even though they aren’t speaking. I am so pleased to hear from you. We are so pleased to know that you are going to be working in our vicinity, that you will be working with us and I certainly am willing to do what I can to serve.

Julie: I am in such awe..I am overwhelmed.

Patije: I heard: Malventia: Overcome your awe.

Allene: Yes.

MALVENTIA: That is a detriment in working for us.

Patije:   I don’t know where it came from – who said it.

Allene: Yes, but I know it is right.

Julie: It’s (static drowns out)

Patije:  But I do. When I sit back and I think about what is going on, I can get so overwhelmed by the very prospect of what is being suggested in my mind. I think: “Oh, come on!” and then, right away it is like there is no doubt. Total acceptance.

CHRIST MICHAEL: (Allene) This is why you are so valuable to us. Along with all your other attributes and hard work, this is very important. It is very necessary and you will find this ahead, for without these anchors, chaos will reign. You will see much of this. It is not a time to fall upon your knees and worship. It is a time to . ..(pick up something).and go forward. Take action. Be of service.

CHRIST MICHAEL: (diff TR) Idleness is not . ..something.

Allene: Is this Michael talking?

Patije: Yes. I kind of thought maybe he was mixed up in the last transmission, but it was identified and Malventia..

Julie: That was Malventia before. Michael now.

Allene:  I get this picture and hear these words:

CHRIST MICHAEL: “Do you not hear me often say “Take my hand” ?

Allene: I think my mind filled in those other words about “No fall on your knees” take my hand, That is all I is there I hear:

CHRIST MICHAEL: We are here as brothers. I am one with you. I am among you, not above you.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  (another TR) Put out your hands and stretch them towards me.

Julie: OK. (she does so) I feel the energy.

Patije: I could feel a shape or form of energy but I couldn’t see anything.

Julie: The shape of it! Exactly. I feel the hands.

Patije: You can feel the aura!

Julie: Yes, my word.

Patije: Maybe we are supposed to see with our hands instead of our eyes!

Allene: You can almost visualize the form.

Julie: I see in my mind.

Patije: Oh! A chill went down my back like I’ve never had before.

Ruby :You’re getting it! You’re getting it! You’re getting it!

Julie: I’ve got it! I’ve got it. I’ve got it! (laughter)

Patije:  Look.

Julie: Look, look, look. Push. It’s there. Oh, my word!

Allene: Very large.

Julie: Oh my word.

Allene: The hands do pulsate with the energy don’t they.

Patije: Yes.

Julie: ahhh.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  My Children, this is just the beginning.

Julie: Oh my word.look, I’m getting goose flesh.

Patije:  Another chill went down, not up my spine. Like somebody put an ice cube down my shirt collar (laughter)

Julie: Yes, from my head to my toes! ahhhhh!

Allene: What was it?

Julie: It startled.whooo, oooooh. does anyone wear a monks.

CHRIST MICHAEL: (Allene):I must come to you gently.

Allene: This is Allene. It is almost. you must have this experience.(can’t hear)

Julie: You have to crawl before you can step at a time.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  (Patije: )Believe Children, believe. this is real.

Allene: I know.(hushed)

Julie: I see the light . .. of Truth.

Patije: It is like somebody turned a really bright spotlight on us.

Julie: Exactly!

Allene: You know what I feel.

Julie: Suddenly the Mother Spirit is here.

Allene: Too soft to hear.

Julie: Bright light.heavy. the anchor.

Allene: Are we rising?

Patije: Yes! We are in that elevator again.

Allene: My goodness, we are in that elevator – ooooh!

Julie: umhmmm

UNIVERSAL MOTHER SPIRIT:  I warmly embrace you, My children. I am speaking as the Mother spirit to you. It is so rewarding to see that you can actually understand what is happening to you and not run in alarm. It is incredible that your mortal minds can embrace this process. Far greater than we even thought could happen at this time. There is one among you who has not been bonded and is now being bonded to you. She is a part of your cosmic life, your cosmic family. You will do great work together. She has great talents to be used for the whole of the community. I warmly welcome you.

Allene:  We welcome you.

UNIVERSAL MOTHER SPIRIT: I warmly reach out in loving nurturing, healing, energy to each of you. As I touch you, touch the aura and essence of you. You will feel this tingling as a healing energy. You will be enriched in your ability to speak for me, to express the Father, to do the tasks assigned to you.

Each seed on this planet will bring myriads of consequences and results. The fruits will be known far away. Be alert at the seeds you plant. Be aware of the seeds of what you speak. Think about the concept behind the words and the thoughts which you express. I am here, My Children. I am here to nurture you. Trust yourself to this energy. Trust yourself to the inner feeling. Trust yourselves to this law of love, this law will compel you to be about the Father’s business, but it is your will to step into that law of love and trust it. It is your free choice to embrace and encompass all of the wonders that this entails.

Much will be asked of you but much will be given to you. As you accept each task, as you accept this love energy, as your right, as your benefit, as your release, you will move, you will move through so much of the chaos of your mortal world. It will drop away. It will be seen that it is unimportant. Even while you are living in this time and place and dealing with the challenges which are presented to you, it will be as if you are renewed and you are going as if in a dream state. Trust this. It is a process also. It is the process of becoming totally detached from that which holds you bound. It is with some of your planet called race, your choice to live this way, brings this grace on you.

I must leave you now. I never really leave you. My Holy Spirit is always enfolding you and uplifting you.

Allene: We thank you, very much.

Julie: Thank you. That was a wonderful message. (short silence)

Patije:  I have tears on my face. I can almost see that lady in blue that the children of Fatima described. It is not a person, but it is an essence of the mother love.

Julie: Exactly!

Allene: I (can’t pick up on tape???)

Julie: .apricot color.

Allene: It is interesting (too soft to pick up on tape)

Julie: This was sort of apricot with sort of blue undertones.

Patije:  Like a transparent color that you can see the essence of the color but.

Julie: Umhmmm. Also I got full of bright lights in a square in multi-dimension. We have to go through all of these different dimensions to get to the enormous almost like a diamond.(can’t pick up on tape.????).

Patije:  Is that JoEl speaking? (short silence)

Patije:  Right now I am seeing those rings of color I used to see coming over and wrapping me before I transmitted? Now they are coming off of my shoulders and up to the center and growing huge and coming down around all of us.

Allene: Yes, there is..

Julie: Someone else just came in.

Allene: I wondered about the Mother Spirit.

Julie: She left.

Allene: Boy, the energy from those three men (Melchizedeks) I still know they are here – right over here (she points to her left front)

Julie: umhmmm Someone else just came – stepped out

Allene: They are all here.

Julie: But then they take turns taking center stage.

Allene: This one is very tall.

Julie: can’t pick up

Patije:  Gabriel?

Julie: Very bright light.

Patije:  Ann used to see Gabriel among us quite often.

Allene: Very bright light.

Julie: Golden light, very gold, very tall, very beautiful

Patije:  Very tall, very golden light.

Allene: I sense the strength that always . ..???

Julie: Someone wants to bring a message.

Allene: We are ready.

Patije: Do you want to transmit it for us?

Julie: I’m not getting words, just the feeling…not for me to say.

Patije:  I hear that it is for you to say, for your first experience at for a different energy .

Julie: I do get the name Gabriel now.

Allene: Start with: “I am Gabriel”

GABRIEL: (Julie) I am Gabriel. Daughters, I am among you.(pause)

Julie: I get a picture of an hour glass.

Allene: Try to hear the message.

Patije:  An hour glass?

Julie: umhmm (pause)

Patije:  Gabriel is outside of time. What would the hour glass have to do with it?

Julie: I know that!

Patije:  Connect it…connecting process…go with it…don’t get defensive, don’t get fearful. Just connect the pieces and let it flow.(short silence) The light is standing over you Julie

Julie: I feel it. What am I to say?

Patije:  Don’t try so hard. Relax and go with it…speak the word in your heart or mind…as you speak one, another will follow.(short silence) I feel like we are rising again.

Julie: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Allene: umhmmm we are.

Julie: I feel tingly all over.

GABRIEL: (Julie): I’m not going to be hard. Relax. I love you. I have a message.

Julie: It has something to do with.

GABRIEL:  (Julie).sound. Love has a sound. Light has a sound. We all have a sound. We have many sounds. ahmmm. The power is near. We are rejoicing.

Allene: I can confirm that.

Patije:  I am hearing that…keep going.

GABRIEL: (Julie): We are rejoicing with our group, with each one. We are projecting a lot of love from Michael and that is being seen all over. and we are also messengers. (static drowns out quiet voice)

GABRIEL: (Allene):I am Gabriel. I come to tell you that the time is truly drawing near. There will be many changes upon your planet, Urantia. It is with great joy that we see these coming. It is with great joy that we see ones such as yourselves. For truly you are very instrumental in bringing these changes to your planet. We come tonight to honor you, to thank you, to encourage you, and to bless you. The time draws nigh. It is very near..(static drowns out part).

We need your faith and the steadfastness of those such as yourselves. You will be the anchor.and anchors will be very necessary I assure you. As you stay steadfast, you will have much help and support from many. You may call on them at any time. They are especially pleased to give service to you as you are to give service to the Father – for this is all the same. As Urantia moves into this beautiful planet that we know and envision, this brings joy to us all – all the way to the Father. We are truly united in this effort. (pause) And, we truly welcome you to the Corps. (pause)

Your service and your efforts are well appreciated by all those who are in service to the Father about the Plan for Urantia. There are more involved in this than you could even imagine. And the ripples of this not only will go throughout your planet, they will go much further. Other worlds will benefit from what is taking place here. This is truly a momentous time. It is with great joy that we share this time with you.

There will be much work in the days ahead but none will be working alone. All those working in true service will be (something), surrounded and supported. Know that this is so. Remember always, that this is so. None of you are working alone.
(static interferes with this voice throughout this message)..

Patije:  Thank you, Gabriel. Thank you for your confidence in us.

GABRIEL: You are most welcome. We thank you.

Patije:  It is our will to have the Father’s will. It is our will to be of service. We are unified in that desire.

GABRIEL:  And so it is.

Julie: I put my hand out to you, Gabriel. (short silence)

GABRIEL:  I must leave you now, but you will know more of me in the days ahead.
Patije:  Thank you, Gabriel. (long silence) Welmek is here and wants to talk but he says he doesn’t want to “boom out”.

Allene: Welmek, we’ll take you any way you want to come! (laughter)

WELMEK: (Patije: ) I am Welmek. I am well pleased in my Father’s daughters here in Sarasota.

Allene: We are well pleased with you!

WELMEK: You have heard my assignment. You have taken my tasks and you have run with it even before I had fully prepared you for it. This is good. This satisfies me deeply. I rejoice with you in a job getting done. It will take a concerted effort to keep this up as all of you are very much needed. There are those who can compose and create and originate and put together, but there are those who need to run the errands, to file and sort and run to the post office, so all of you, all of you are very much and highly appreciated.

Allene: Welmek, this is Allene. I thank you for coming to me personally and encouraging me to proceed further. I especially want to thank you for the beautiful lessons and guidance that we have been receiving through your group in Indiana.

WELMEK: It is your faith and your asking which brings you the message. Some read the words, but you read the meanings. This group reads the meanings. This group understands what’s going on. The words are unimportant, they are only ways of communicating. The real communication takes place in the faith of your belief. That is what makes you highly prized in this effort to get the spiritual train rolling again on this planet.

To get all of the boxcars on track and begin to pick up all of the passengers waiting – some of them are waiting fearfully, some of them are waiting excitedly, some of them are ready to jump on and know not what they want to join. Some of them are hesitant and bashful and afraid, but all are waiting.

Allene: Well, Welmek, we are willing and we welcome at any time any of your guidance, any suggestions that you might have as we continue in this project. We are open, willing and very receptive for anything you want, or the others teachers have to share with us.

WELMEK: This is known all the way to Salvington. There is no doubt among any of the teaching staff here on Urantia or in the headquarters worlds about your loyalty, your commitment, and your faith. It is well received. You are blessed. You are unique. You are special. You will lead many. (short silence)

Patije:  He started to add something about not getting out of balance in sharing the work or something. and then didn’t finish.. I don’t know.

Allene: We thank you Welmek. We only wish to be of service. Sometimes we don’t know the best way to be of service. We only try to follow our guidance and now the wonderful guidance of yourself and the other teachers.

Julie: My words, exactly. I am open and willing to do your work.

Allene: And yet you know, it seems as if this is only part . ..? While we are w=open and willing it all is also seems that we are not hand fed, we still have to look for the opportunity, see the opportunity. They are not going to say “Allene, if you would just do this, and if you will do this, and if this..

Patije: Right.

Allene: It is seeing a need, looking at it, assessing it and then accepting.

Patije: and accepting your help.

Allene: It might be something you don’t know how to do, but.. I mean I am not qualified to go out and becoming a healer. I can, but I’m not.????

Julie: And, to do it joyfully.

Patije: The thought came to me as you said that, You may not be a healer but you are a healer. All is experience. Does it matter what side of the paper you are on? You are on the same piece of paper.

Allene: No, NO, I just mean that they don’t suddenly say “Now, why don’t you do this. Why don’t you do that. we have free will.. They never tell us, only lead us when we start.????

Patije: It is like you start, and they take over and help. It just happens!

Julie: Like in . .I kept seeing the planet, but I, you know, was the words didn’t come. I got pictures.

Allene: Isn’t it amazing that Gabriel.

Julie: Going to the son, the planet going to the son.

Allene: And Gabriel and Welmek comes through so much stronger than Michael, our Creator Son. He must be so gentle.

Julie: Yes! He is the shepherd.

Allene: I mean Gabriel, the administrator comes and . .ahyuhyaa and Welmek comes on like “I’m not going to waste any time”.

Julie: Did you notice how Gabriel left? (with awe) With a great big burst of light.

Allene: I know.

Julie: There is somebody else here.

Patije: Rayson is here.

Julie: He wants to talk.

Allene: Oh, Rayson, Thank you, thank you, thank you. (laughter)

Julie: Gee, I’m getting goose flesh all over!

Allene: Thank you, Rayson for all that you have shared with our sister, Mary, and with all of us. Your energy the other evening truly was an experience! I knew what you mean to see and feel energy in such magnitude I hear

RAYSON: (Allene)”My child, I’ve only begun to work with you all. (laughter)(Pause)
It is with such joy and pleasure that I come to your group and see such open hearts and willingness and yes, your Mary is included this evening.

Julie: I feel Mary too.

RAYSON:You will speak of this with her later. You will see.

Allene: Interesting enough, Patije: , he started to tell me something about Algae when I fell asleep. I did fall asleep. I was so tired I had to quit the other night.

Julie: I want to touch your hand. He wants to touch our hands. its like the . .. feel it?

Patije: Umhmmm

Allene: Uncross your legs everybody, Rayson is here. (laughter) [Rayson told us to uncross our legs one time when he was here so he could send healing energy completely around the group’s circle] I hear Rayson say:

RAYSON: Well, you’re catching on.(laughter)

Julie: It’s coming in through the feet too. (short pause)

Patije: Is RondEl here?

RONDEL: Yes, noisy one, I am here.

Patije: I heard that! Sorry! I scolded him the other night.

Allene: Isn’t he the one who came through the other night that has this very different mannerisms?

Patije: The funny one.

Allene: He was so funny, so flippant the other night.

Patije: And, last night he was telling me to delegate some of my work – I was in the right mood to just about take his head off about it. I asked him: What do you want me to delegate? My husband, my laundry, the transcribing? I can only do that because I feel free with him because of the humor which came through before.

Allene: Oh, my goodness. I still think he is ???? (laughter)

Julie: They are all sort of androgenous.

Allene: Maybe he just does that to make all human beings feel comfortable no matter who they are…

Patije: Maybe he is Mother-fused instead of Father fused? That would be spirit-fused? Is there a mother-fusion? Father fused, son fused, spirit fused. Perhaps the Eternal-Mother Son???

RONDEL: (Allene)I am different from you. I haven’t had your experience.

Allene: That is the same thing that came out of what I just read the other night in the UB . .. I was wondering as that ran through my mind . ..and I hear him say: “I am different than you are. I haven’t had your experience.”

Julie: Someone just came in.

Patije: I think Rayson is still here and wants to speak. I heard that before.

Julie: You know that you know.

Allene: I had spoken to Mary about having a private session with Rayson sometime to ask a lot of questions I’ve been introduced to about nutrition and.and I hear him say:

RAYSON: “Yes little one, we will have our session.” ????

Allene: Rayson, what would you share with us this evening? Do you have anything to share with us this evening? (Pause) This to me is enough to.. something is very gener. (fades off the tape)

RAYSON: It is a relief that I have found an expression, an outlet, a circuit, for the healing energy which I came here with. I have found one among you – your dear Mary – is selected, if she chooses to work with me. She must be encouraged to no longer keep her light under a bushel. She must be encouraged to share openly. She knows from whence comes the energy to heal. She need no longer be embarrassed or afraid to take the “thank you’s” which will come. We know in her heart, that she knows that she is only the expression. It is up to each of you to encourage Mary.

To allow her the room and the space, and the freedom, to be what she is – a very special healer. She has been selected and groomed since she was a child. The Chanti have worked with her. She has done so much in her own natural openness, natural ability, always learning, always striving to understand, and she is now going to make a breakthrough of understanding – more than she ever dreamed of will come into her experience. Many will come to her. Many will come to her because she can teach, she can show, she can demonstrate, how the healing process can happen from within.

She has many abilities she has not shared with any of you here. She has many abilities that she will not even admit to herself. Somewhere in her past experience, she has brought something, thinking she was abnormal, thinking that she must draw any attention to herself. Now she must learn to let go of that negative pattern and say: Here I am, use me. You are here family. you are her nurturing circle. Each of you are called upon to envelope her, to support her, and to encourage her with all the love you feel, all the love you know, to do what comes natural to her to do.

I am so pleased, I am getting carried away. Mary doesn’t always hear me, but I am there with her and she will hear me. You will begin to see this in her. Encourage her to be strong. Encourage her to put away her doubts, encourage her to go forth openly shining her star very bright. We are with her. The Chanti never leave her. I am but a call away.

Allene: We will do this, Rayson.

Julie: That’s why I was compelled to bring her here.

RAYSON: Yes, Julie, this is true. There was no other way to get Mary to this circle. And, you and Mary are each very important for this community! Do not ever forget this when your doubts begin to rise. Put them down and know that you are strong. This is the way. It is not a mistake. It is not imagination. It is real. You have made the choice. Stand fast. Stand in spite of the chaos for we have much for you to do. Your willingness is so appreciated. Your ability to live upon your faith is well known and rejoiced. That is my message.

Allene: Thank you, Rayson. ?????

Julie: Thank you, Rayson. (hoarse, tear-filled voice) I will really talk and encourage Mary. You have taught me much.

Allene: Very hushed voice, static drowns out.

Julie: umhmmm

Allene: I was sitting here like this and suddenly.

Julie: Is he a healer? I take it that he is.

Patije: Rayson is.

Allene: Rayson is, yes.

Patije: He is a spirit-fused being here, I think. He is a teacher for the Malibu, California group. He is now looking. He is sometimes up in Northern California and sometimes with other groups. So, I don’t know if he is looking for another place to do his work or he is just interested..

Allene: I think he just wants to work with those like Mary…???

Julie: umhmmm. Yeah

Allene: ???? With our willingness this could just go on and on and on.

Patije: Yes! I know. I hear every now and then . .. I kind of got a little whisper that it is time now to.

Julie: Throw in the towel.

Patije: But they won’t cut us off. Ours is the only group that I know of that doesn’t get a “well, it is time to leave now, farewell.” or “One more question before I leave” Very seldom! Depends on what the energy is.

Allene: It is like we just quit.

Julie: I feel a lot of love. and energy around. but we have to tell them to go. (laughter)

Allene: I find it so interesting Welmek comes through and Gabriel and Michael always even whenever came across strong.

Julie: Very gentle. we are his sheep, his lambs.

(end of tape) (Transmission was finished by the time the tape was changed.)

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