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NWB43- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – Session 43

1993-01-09-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – Session 43
Sarasota #43




1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teachers: Rayson

Session 43
§ JANUARY 9, 1993 (3:30 AM on patrol)
Mary: I feel Rayson. He is with me.

RAYSON: This is Rayson. I am with you, Dear Child of God. You recognize my energy. I am well pleased. You also hear me. I cherish your diligence. Now to continue. When you think or feel with your heart, a request for love healing, it is done. The connection has been made. The door is open. The spiritual healing energy can spring from your fountain head.

We have long awaited this time, My Mary, for all had to be accomplished through your free will. Your love for God, man and the planet, Urantia is seldom seen and not expressed as selflessly and diligently in mortal man. A whisper to you about God’s work evokes total selfless response. Your trumpets sound and all clear out of your way for that whisper sets you singularly about your mission to comfort and heal one of his flock.

How very dear and special you are, Beloved Child. You are humble and that is good. But now you must lift up your head and straighten your shoulders. You are no longer to remain concealed. That concerns you? It should not. You are safe and protected and when you become concerned you will feel me as you do this moment. Rest easy for no harm or ridicule will come to you. All of these years of honorable righteous living which you so freely chose with your dear loving heart, has paved the way for you to be your true spiritual self – free from doubt and impervious to ridicule. Trust the joy that you feel in your heart right now for you have earned it. Now enjoy it.

As you have always experienced, those needing assistance who seek healing and truth and who believe will find you. You should enjoy knowing that many unseen to you – watch and learn from you – for you have accomplished much while living in this lower world with so much strife and pain.

You and Patije were able to see how the heavens opened in response to your open hearted request for healing. All who were present yesterday – as you assisted Dear Sister Patije – were overjoyed to be of assistance and because you were able to acknowledge more of them, you are learning rapidly and well. You leave the healing to us.
We love that you worked so hard to this end and to cleanse your physical body and energy body to assist us. How dear you are to God and to all of us. Hold your head up. Bring more energy to mankind with joy and pride in your accomplishment. You will feel my love and energy at all times. The Light of God encompasses you, My Mary. I cherish our love bond. –Rayson. I know you like my name, eh?

later…9 PM at home…

RAYSON: This is Rayson. Good evening, Dearest Child of God. Today is a good day. We have done much work together. Thank you for being open and committed. Patije is perfect. We worked well and pleased all of our helpers.

It is good that you will share your journal. It pleases me greatly that you are so trusting and loving. Many doors will be opening because of your willingness to serve. You are a prize. You learn your lessons and apply them immediately.

Many watched and worked with your gentle heart today – with your son. Of course you excelled again, Dear Blessed One! It was a great lesson we learned from you. You did Michael Proud. For in not so many words, you not only turned the other cheek, in the man’s petty behavior -you sent love and peace offering to him and you wisely withdrew before he could set up the battlefield.

You cannot change things around in his life. You knew this and let go. What an experience. I saw how strong you became instead of “licking the wound”. You, in fact, did not take this childish behavior personally. You kept your heart joyful and free and full of love – just as your teachers have taught. My precious one, you even asked for our assistance. Your son will get over his sensitivity – a small reward for your discipline. Another gift is for you to know that just as you are protected, so is the infant (your first grandchild). He will follow in your footsteps and because times change and has changed, he will not have to experience pain as you did. Another of your prayers answered!

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