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NWB42- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – Session 42

1993-01-08-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – Session 42
Sarasota #42




1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teachers:  Michael, TA, Aflana, Vanessa

Session 42
Patije: Dear Father,I started this several times this morning with paper and pen. The interruptions have been constant, but I have felt the presence of your incredible love throughout the morning! It is a beautiful morning, a beautiful life, you have given me! Thank you, Father. Thank you for my friends… those who have come into my life in the last year with whom I can speak my heart’s inspiration and my understanding of You and your constancy in my life experience without having to explain and set up a basis for the conversation and then defend against their skepticism. This is so wonderful. What I have prayed for all my life… is coming true with each new friend I find!

I thank you for the considerable reliable help of Julie who was nudged by Michael to come help me. It was quite humorous to discover her reaction to the amount of work I really do to enable the groups to have the transcripts – both locally and nationally. She couldn’t talk enough about the quantity of what I was accomplishing. I remember this was Allene’s reaction when she offered to help me. I thank you for “Doctor Mary” who has allowed the Chanti and Rayson to give me so much energy and love’s healing power! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Praise God for so many things!

Father with all of these blessings, I am loath to ask you for more. My computer was “locked up” for over 14 hours this week while the printer was running. I went through three toners and 10 reams of paper. Time and money are at a premium right now. We “need” buffers for the printer, another dictaphone (new headphones for this old one) or a way to get the transmissions into the computer from the tapes – in order to be about your business.

Welmek has asked me to put together a list of groups, teachers, contacts, and biography of the Celestials who are working or visiting us at this time. This takes great cooperation from the groups as well as time and equipment on my part. Another computer will be needed for the help which I know is coming. Perhaps another printer and copy machine would be a great deal of help. Roy spends so much time repairing this copy machine and everything has to be done by hand. Father, I sound so like I am complaining. I enjoy the work. I appreciate this opportunity to be of service.

I just can’t seem to control the frustration of being unable to do something because the machines are working or are tied up until a job is done. Jesus told me I could ask. So, I am asking for help. I await it with expectant faith and know the means will be provided. In the meantime I commit myself to doing what I can for you and for the fellowship of mortal believers with the equipment which I have. It is my pleasure to serve you with all that I am.

Now that I am through asking, I praise you for the answers to precious desires of my heart and reassure you that it is the “quality” help for my service I seek and not just new things I want. It can be 20 years old- if it works without constant breakdown. I am committed for life on this planet to service to you and know that you will provide the abundance which will enable me to continue to meet the financial demands to do this task for you. Thank you.

FATHER: My Child, Your good is even now coming to you. Even before you called I was aware of your need. Your diligent efforts are always valued and what you need will be provided. I thank you for your continued steadfast and reliable faith which serves me well. You are loved and not forgotten.

Patije: Thank you. I await any messages from you or from your unseen helpers! It is my ever-present desire that only your perfect energy and representatives of your Truth, Beauty and Goodness manifest or influence my life experience. I am free. I am unlimited. I am focused upon you and your Will for my life. I know, without any doubts, that you will continue to guide and help me and allow me not to continue in any mistakes or erroneous judgements. Thank you,

Father! It is my desire to love and serve you in any way you ask. I am learning to put aside my perceptions and opinions and remain open to your suggestions and inspirations. It is not always easy to realize what is happening now to Urantia and to me and when I step back and look I am overwhelmed with the wonder of it all. However, my reliable service is nothing more than taking one step and looking just in front of me at the next step and no further into the future. I am ready and willing to do anything you ask of me. I ask only for the discernment to know you and serve only you. Thank you, Father.

THOUGHT ADJUSTER: My Self, it is as you say. Have you not been affirmed and confirmed in all that you do? Think not that any can distract you from your fixed spotlight on My Will. You do well. I am pleased. We are in service to Divine Will. Doubt not.

Patije: Thank you for that affirmation. I don’t know why I am lethargic today…or sentimental…or just wanting to be comforted. I am willing, help my unwillingness. I believe, help my unbelief.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Child of my heart, you are loved. Think not that I am with you always? Was I not there when you needed healing? Was I not there when you need patience? Was I not there when you needed reassurance. I am always here. You of much faith guide many others and still you ask? It is not lack of faith or doubt which causes your asking. It is the awe and wonder of your part in what we are about. This too, will pass. Be of good cheer and continue to move a small step at a time. Soon you will be amazed to turn and look at where you have been. Go forth in joy and knowing that all things work together for good and your good is even now coming to you. Have I not told you? You are well. You do well. You will be well.

AFLANA: Rise up, Dear One and know that all you need will be provided. I am so pleased to have you on our “team” and know you will continue to be such great help. Let me thank you for your consistent service. You are much loved by us all.

Patije: Thank you, Aflana. I enjoy being of service and would feel quite left out if you could no longer use my services because I am so slow or too busy!

VANESSA: Greetings Cousin. I was present and heard Christ Michael tell you that help was on the way. Stop your concern about this and know that all is done. When you believe it, you will begin to see the evidence. Until you believe, you see only the need. When you believe the reality of it will be visible to you! Do you not know this?

Patije: Yes, VanEssa. I do. I apologize for becoming fixed upon the lack of what I need instead of the wonder of having so much equipment which I had no use for until now! It is a foolish thing I do, isn’t it?

VANESSA: It is the natural tendency of the human mortal to see what they do not have instead of being thankful and appreciative for what they do have. You are no exception. Your focus at this level is short lived and most times is only a fleeting acknowledgement of your frustration when your sights are set upon getting so much done in one day and you are delayed by the malfunction of the equipment. May I suggest that perhaps you should discipline yourself to balancing yourself a bit more and limit your time in the computer room – then perhaps your equipment would run more smoothly?

Patije: Are you telling me that I am being slowed down and made to leave the work (out of frustration) in order to provide rest and balance to this body? Oh, no! Please don’t do that. I feel ever so much better when the work is done, than when it is partially completed and people are waiting for it and I can’t do it! I enjoy the work so much that it really is like play and recreation for me. I used to spend hours working crosswords and other brain teasers – now I work on transmissions and other Urantia book materials. I love it! I relish it! I enjoy it!

Please, please don’t send me away from it because you think I need to “rest” from it! Let my balance come from the joy of others who appreciate and support me in what I am doing. And, from the phone calls I get so much exhilaration and inspiration from! I will discipline myself for meals and sleep for my body. I am willing for this to be my social life as well as my avocation and employment and activity! I take time out when friends come and when my loved ones want me to join them in activities.

I see my life as balanced – except for this great amount of “I should be transcribing that last transmission or get those things mailed as I promised” when my equipment fails and I am sitting in frustration. That causes stress! Not the work!

AFLANA: We know, Dear One. Better equipment will be forthcoming. Relax and know that you know this to be so.

Patije: Thank you, Aflana. Is there any lesson you wish to give me today?

AFLANA: LorEl has one when you are ready. However, at this time I suggest you prepare tasks for your helper who is even now on the way. Have it organized with a list for her and you can continue to work on your computer. You will accomplish much today. You will see.
Patije: Thank you, Aflana. I know that you are right. I am confused as what to do next when this much as accumulated for me to do!

AFLANA: As you were told, do the thing in front of you and as you become aware of other things let these be your priorities. All will work together for good. You will see. Farewell for now.

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