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NWB58- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – Session 58

1993-01-17-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – Session 58
Sarasota #58



Session 58
§ SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 1993

Patije:  We usually start with a quiet time, perhaps hold hands in a circle and express our willingness to be used as a transmitter before we start. One of the pacts of the individuals of our groups is to share whatever you are aware of in your mind – whether it is a word, a sentence, a sound, a smell, a feeling, a vision, a color, whatever you think you are being impressed with. Usually it adds to something someone else gets. It’s authenticity is verified later – perhaps by someone else in the group. This reassures you when you first start : “Is this coming from my own mind, or somebody else?”

Allene:  When we start… Now we just share anything. It may sound . …Aflana started a lesson one night before Michael came, where we were to share what came to us as she impressed our minds. Each of us got a word, or phrase. Some saw words, some saw pictures, some saw sounds…and we put them altogether for a message. It is important that everybody shares everything. If we don’t we don’t get all of the pieces to the puzzle.

Patije: Now, this is the difference of having one teacher, one transmitter and more than one teacher and transmitter. Even if we have only one teacher present, different transmitters pick up that one teacher slightly different.

Bea: Wow. I guess that is true because I remember that they say they use the computer of our mind. They are using your computer, yours, Allene and mine.

Allene: They can only go by what we have in it and what we know. So if you read our papers and read Patije’ LorEL and my LorEl – it is the exact same LorEL, but it is very different. First because we are asking different questions. They work with each of us, but differently. It still doesn’t sound like LorEL does through Patije – but some phrases or intonations will be the same.
Patije: What we did in the beginning is let everyone in the group hold a pen and pad in their hand, but we don’t have any here – but sometimes it is easier to read than to speak. With our group so small..

Allene: Well, Bea is probably able to speak it since there are only three people here at this time…
Patije: Tomorrow night we will have more. (pause) Sometimes you can ask a question in your mind and you will get the answer. Sometimes you can ask a question out loud and somebody else will get the answer. We don’t have the same experience that Welmek’s group in Indianapolis and Ham in Woods Cross have. We are totally different. We are a group for beginning transmitters so…

Bea: This is the right place for me. This may help me quite a bit because they did say that I am but a whisper away.

Patije: Well, it’s just us. So share whatever is on your mind and we will help you.

Bea: I will be very happy to do that. (a little conversation which is too soft for tape)
(Short silence as we go into the stillness)

Patije: This is Patije. I invite the teachers. I am open, willing, and ready to work with them. We are here for the purpose of helping Bea, perhaps realize (too soft for tape) We ask you for the opportunity of service if you can use us in any way.

Allene: This is Allene. I am open, and willing to be of service to you tonight. We welcome you. We ask you for your help this evening for (tape too soft) Michael I thank you for…(too soft)

Bea: I want to say (too too soft to pick up) (long long silence)

AFLANA: Good evening, Dear Ones. I am Aflana.

Group: Good evening.

AFLANA: This is such a delight! This is an unusual occurrence. We welcome you.

Allene: And, we welcome you.

AFLANA: What is it we can help you with?

Allene: Aflana, this evening we would like to assist Bea and give her experience and practice in transmitting…

AFLANA: This is good! This is very good. We will be happy to help her. Is she willing to at least try our suggestion and play with our teaching methods?

Bea: I am very much interested. And, I think it is great because I feel great.

AFLANA: We welcome you. We are glad you are here in this teaching circle. The purpose of this group is to enable others to learn to transmit our lessons and to begin to feel comfortable with transmissions, to experience and to practice. Have you practiced with the pen and pad? (pause)

Bea: Yes. I had that way suggested to me by Teacher Andrew. I don’t know if you can tell me or not, but it was suggested to the group, and at that the time that it was suggested I thought that perhaps it was directed to me and some others in the group who have on occasion been, been accustomed to writing our prayers and meditations down. When he said it, it seemed to me that it might be directed to me.

AFLANA: Have you felt this has been successful for you?

Bea: I felt that it was a direction I could take. I’ve had a problem when I sit in the stillness – I feel after ten or fifteen minutes, I become somewhat frustrated all the time, so writing is sort of a way of not feeling that I was just sitting there with an empty head.

AFLANA: Let us try some new experiences tonight. May we scan your memory banks?

Bea: Please do.

AFLANA: I see you were selected a long time ago. There was a space that you found where you could bring quiet and peace into the chaos of your life experience. At that time you expressed your willingness to serve the Father… (too soft)

Bea: I see. I remember that time. Very well. (short silence) There is a spot in my home where I told my friends in my prayer group this is where I feel… (too soft)

AFLANA: I see the tendency to repeat many (too soft to hear on tape) Allow this to wash over this and become a part of you without trying to think for yourself. (too soft to catch)

Bea: Thank you.

AFLANA: I am going to impress upon your mind, a word…and a picture. Sit quietly until you are aware of the word having dominance in your mind or a picture – and then share it. (several moments of silence)

Bea: I think I am seeing a picture of a tree and the sun and… (voice too quiet) . ..sunshine… With this is the word “ray”.

Allene: I affirm this.

AFLANA: What does this represent to you?

Bea: Jesus? (lengthy silence)

AFLANA: Think about this. I have given this word and picture for you.

Bea: (too soft to hear on tape)

AFLANA: Let us think of a quality. The tree might be life…(too soft); ray might be energy of Love, etcetera. Does this suggest something in your mind? (short silence)

Bea:  I am getting this picture of a tree and the sun and . ..(too soft to hear) vibrancy, life,

AFLANA: The energy of Life Circuits. You are receiving energy (too soft for buzzing on tape) Your perceptance… (too soft)

Bea: I am getting a picture of the tree, and I turn the sun . … a very strong picture of the place where I… (fades out)

AFLANA: This is good. Let us turn this around now and instead of trying to identify it with something in your history, try to identify it with a message that might be given to you.

Bea: OK

AFLANA: Only you know the symbol. These words mean something to you. If they mean something to you, begin to find that in your mind. And when this begins to happen it is very rapid. It is a process.

Bea: I will try.

Patije: Can you help us, Allene?

Allene: Well, I don’t know. I got three clear things when Aflana said to do this. But, what comes to mind is as we’ve seen, I think it is important to shut down the left working part of the brain and listen. Forget about thinking. I don’t quite know how to explain it. It’s just being open and receptive – not trying to . …(too soft)… left brain business starts to work, and it seems to block or something (very soft under buzzing on tape) When you just concentrate on what Aflana is asking and focus your attention on Aflana. I think you will have a . easier access to what Aflana is impressing you with. (short silence) Aflana, this is Allene. Is there anything that you might share or shed light on, perhaps my explanation isn’t correct or clear? (short silence)

AFLANA: It is so. Let us begin another way. Let’s each one of you receive a word and keep adding to the words until you receive the message. We will be impressing upon all of you at once. As you are aware of a word, speak it. (short silence)

Allene: Joy!

Patije: Love.

Bea: Light, go??? (too soft)

Patije: Heart

Allene: Peace

Bea: now (?)

Allene: “Go forward in light now. Go with peace and joy in your heart.” How’s that?

Group: (laughter)

Patije: It works!

Allene: Well, we have to ask Aflana.

AFLANA: You know that you know! (laughter)

Bea: ????[ too soft]

Patije: What

Bea:  walk, a walk… walk in peace…

Allene: Aflana, do you want to do anther one?

AFLANA: Yes, I will proceed You are being impressed in your minds.

Bea: ??? [too soft]

Patije: ??? [too soft]

Allene: wings

Bea: ???[ too soft (fly)]

Patije: ??? [too soft]

Allene: I heard that.

Patije: What was it?

Allene: She said “fly”. I just wanted to confirm that her word fly I also got. It is always nice when somebody confirms…

Bea: It is very nice. It is very nice.

Allene: Patije, when you said ???? and fly, it reminded me of the first phrase I learned in Latin . ..when confused, time flies… (group laughter)

Patije: This is true.

Allene: Time flies when you are balanced.

Patije: When you are out-of-balance it does too.

Bea: ???

Patije: Bea, you need to speak up a little louder – for me and for the tape recorder.

Bea: I’m just mumbling because…I guess I’m mumbling fly….fly….fly…

AFLANA: This is Aflana speaking. If I were to give a message to you, Bea, what do you think I would say, what do you hear me say? (pause) I would start out: “Good evening, Dear Ones…”

Bea: That is what I would write in my meditation…any sense that I was going into the directions, I would say: “You are going to . .. you will, and so on and so on….yesterday I said to myself: “You will be with Patije and it will be wonderful”

Allene: Can I just say something here? You are going back to the past.

Bea: Oh, I am already.

Allene: Aflana is asking you to direct it right now, as Aflana, if I were going to speak to you right now, what would you hear me say? (pause)Patije: Aflana is….(too soft)

AFLANA:  (Bea) You are . … you are…seeing the Light. You are surrounded by radiant light and you are resting in a radiant light. You feel great . .. to enjoy. You are home.

Patije: I can confirm every bit of that.

AFLANA: (Bea)You are as ???? for speaking to Bea, you are ???…

AFLANA:  (Patije)This is Aflana. I have just made arrangements. Andrew will soon address this group and he wishes to use you, Bea, to address this group. He is not here presently with you, but his words will come clearly to you for transmitting. As you hear them in your mind, as you are aware of them, speak them to this group as if you are speaking as Andrew.

Andrew: (Bea) You are together. ????? (can’t hear on tape). I greet you, ???? I greet you tonight. You are, you are in a circle of radiant light. You are joined, you are joined by your dedication to Christ Michael. You are enjoined . …to a place where you have not been before…. you are you’ll be together in a new direction… it will bring the amplification of your separate paths as you bring them together bound by your love for Him, the Creator.

Patije: Thank you, Andrew. This is Patije. Is there anything further we can do to help Bea begin this process…

Allene: Andrew, this is Allene. I appreciate your coming. I, too, am willing to ????message….(too soft) (long silence)

Patije: Can you take our greetings back to the group in Pittsburgh? (long silence)

Bea: I was listening to you, Patije. Let me listen now and see if I can here Andrew…(long, long silence)

Patije: (too soft to hear)

Allene: Yes, I was just going to say that I feel very clear that Andrew has more to say to us. (long silence) Are you aware of Andrew, Bea?

Bea:  I am feeling very happy…here I wasn’t…

Allene: Well, he is trying to speak through you.

Patije: You did very well, earlier.

Allene: You did very well! But, he has more to say to us. He wants to say it through you.

Patije: Something about we don’t want….

Allene: In answer to your earlier question, Patije when you asked if he would take our greetings back to his group.He said it would bring him great joy to do that.

Patije: There is something in your mind, Bea, Just go with it and the rest of it will follow. You have to utter the first two or three words before the next two or three are given to you.

Andrew (Bea): We are ??? be together. ????? for awhile?????. (too soft to hear on tape)
…tonight…before… through you….and I will guide you as you pursue this course. So you might continue as there is a direction that I ??? am leading you, to explain to you the main ??? which you are to interact which is the perfect of this time. It is a ??? . ..action… (short silence) /???????? for you to please him.. It is a sharing time but experience . .. and you may ask the others to continue to… now…

Patije: Thank you, Andrew.

Allene: Thank you.

Patije: This is Patije and I just saw a yellow color. It is a bright yellow color ???? (too soft)

AFLANA: (Allene) This is Aflana. Bea, we are so pleased with what you have just given us. This is the process. This is the interaction that Andrew is speaking of. This is a two-way process. We are pleased that you have seen what this is about, and that you will take this with you. We cannot impress upon you without your participation. As you cannot speak with us about our particular….? (faded out)

ANDREW: (Bea) Now, I have ???? way in this. You might want… you are dependent….? and this is???? You can learn from this and they are quite capable teachers because of their light in this process. It is their contribution to do this with and through ???? This is why they have been chosen and this is why they are effective. You will be guided by them and this will happen because of all their dedication. You have been let go and let them carry it which they are taking over and doing.

You will soon see that this is an impressive method for you. You may not believe that at this moment but this will become very clear to you and in will be demonstrated to you. As you ???? You can truly relax under these ???? methods and with this method. This is using ????do not have ????? and with the possible for you not to feel that you are initial process (??? very soft and there is a buzzing noise on tape also) And that is why you can cry on the way you’ve done your friends. And, now you will be able to fly???… on their own….

Patije: Andrew, this is Patije. Does Corili or Corenili mean anything to you?

Bea: Andrew, you have called me Elizabeth and I want to thank you. I am learning to let go. ???? (too soft) You let me know ????? . .. some guidance… . ????…. (way too soft to pick up on tape – can hear Bea talking but cannot pick up words at all)

Patije: This is Patije. I was hearing Coralene, or Corali…Coralee… could this be a teacher, or her personal teacher or . ..

Bea: I have a sister and I don’t know what her name is. But they did tell me I had a sister and I have been greeting her in my meditations. Andrew, I have been greeting you and my sister and I have been so happy to know that she’s here. Corali might be . …????….

Patije: Do you receive anything, Allene?

Allene: I don’t know. I sort of hear Corali too, but I don’t get who she is… almost feel her energy..

Patije: I thought maybe Corali was a personal teacher.

Allene: I think this too.

Patije: I tried Corell and that didn’t work.

Allene: She’s got light energy. Very light energy. Soft and gentle.

Patije: There is a glow about her. It might be the yellow I’ve been seeing.

Allene: I see the yellow. I think its a teacher, not… I was going to thank Andrew and Aflana for ??? and all working so well together.

Bea: Andrew is ????(too soft)

Allene: I tell you, Patije, your LorEL wants to say something. I picked her up and I said: “Is this LorEL? Do you want to say something?” and she said “Yes, I do want to say something!” and then I got the impression, you know, Patije’s here. I don’t know what she wants to say. She’s here. She is rather serious.

Patije: I’m not picking her up at all. I know she is here. Maybe I was just too intent on Andrew’s words?

Allene: I hear: “Yes, indeed I do want to say something.

Patije: Why don’t you help her, Allene?

LOREL: (Allene) “There are very important days ahead. It is important to listen ??? as all meetings at this time are important. For we need all those who are willing to work together. We need all those who are willing to give of their efforts at this time. Cannot coerce any one who cannot ????? we must wait for those willing individuals to come forward. Not only must they be willing but they must take action. For this we are very pleased with what we see this evening. This is important. I cannot impress upon you how important these things are at this time.

Please share this with your group when you go home also. There are many events that lie ahead and the willingness of all who are open and aware are much needed at this time. I cannot impress this strongly enough. You are not yet aware what your intentions, efforts and actions mean at this time. I can assure you that they are most important. (pause) There are still few, not many…

Allene: I’m not hearing clearly, but something about the ???? (too soft)

Patije: (too soft to pick up)

LOREL: The efforts that are expended at this time will be appreciated and supported. They are very precious and very valuable.

ANDREW: (Bea):You will . …..??? . .. at home. (too soft to hear) You will be able to overcome. Channeling ????in love. Now or there ???? You will ???? And, you can help everyone in your group back home…. fades out and gets too soft to pick up)

Patije: Andrew, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join us in class tomorrow night and address our group again. We would like to have you address us through Bea. (long silence)

Allene: I think he stepped back . .. Michael says: “I would like to come forward and address all of you…(too soft) . ..”

Bea: umhmmmm

MICHAEL:  (Allene) I bring you my blessing, Children. For all that you are doing at this time. It means much to me and to our Father, to all of those who are with us. (too soft to hear) The time nears when I will walk among you. I am with you always. Go in peace. Walk in Light. (too soft)

Patije: Thank you, Michael. (extreme buzzing and softness of voices to end of tape and it drowns out the next 3 or 4 minutes)

Bea: oh, wow.

Allene: I hear: “It is you, My children, ??????”

AFLANA:  This is Aflana. We could go on but we feel the time is past . ..????

Allene: thank you for your help.

Patije: Thank you, LorEL. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you, Michael. Thank you, Aflana.

Allene: I just started crying when Michael came because I had the feeling ???? (can’t pick up.) I just started crying – it was so beautiful. And, you did really well. In fact, Aflana was wanting to tell you, I don’t know if she did. She was going to tell you how well you did. (fades out)

Bea: I feel good because it give me . .there is a feeling I got now, truly that I didn’t have before. I feel inside somewhere that it was such a help to realize that you get a word and then you get another word after you speak it.

Patije: Did you notice that it came to you 2 or 3 words at a time?

Bea: And, I remember hearing David when he was first transmitting, he was almost in a cadence doing one word at a time.

Allene: You see Patije helped me a whole lot when I first started because the first time I . ..well… Michael was the first one I heard and I had a hard time believing that…but the energy was so incredible that I knew I didn’t produce it… so I could accept that. But when Aflana came with her thoughts it was like ticker tape, but after that I kept hearing it and I sort of pause waiting to know what she was going to say and Patije said “You don’t know what they are going to say. Just say the first word, and they will carry on from there.

Bea: That is such a help because..

Allene: And this is true, because if I waited tonight until I heard what Michael was going to say, or Aflana was going to say, I wouldn’t say anything. I just start on faith when I hear the first couple of words and I know who it is. Patije is the one who taught me. Just go.
Bea: There . ..

Allene: When there is nothing to be said, you’ll stop.

Patije: If you think it is, then it probably is.

Allene: umhmmm

Patije: Because you wouldn’t think of it right then.

Bea: that could be so…

Allene: and the thing is you don’t want the other thing is you don’t want to be busy thinking. Just pay attention and the teachers are present and listen and…

Bea: I believe it.

Allene: When you….Patije can fill you in tomorrow about what happened with the healing in our group…(tape ends)

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