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NWZ870218- Bermuda Triangle

1987-02-18. Bermuda Triangle

New Zealand #870218

Topic: Bermuda Triangle
Group: New Zealand TeaM
Teacher: Abraham, Charles
TR: Babs


Mac says opening prayer

ABRAHAM: I am Abraham I AM your teacher

All:  Good evening Abraham

CHARLES: I AM Charles, We have guests with us, a large table Selina, Tommas, Dawn, Kevin, Helen, June.

Student:  All come to listen to your teachings this evening;

CHARLES:  Yes I am aware… you are of comfort friends?

All:  Yes. Thank you


Tommas- I am Tomas. I understand that there are different times and planes existing all at the same time

ABRAHAM:: : Correct

Tommas-“Is it possible to accidentally slip all from now to another

ABRAHAM:: : It is of a possibility, it is of difficulty at times but is of possibility for a person to have cognizance of being someplace else

Tommas-“We have a place here called the Bermuda triangle


Tommas-“Where ships, planes, people have disappeared

ABRAHAM:: Correct

Tommas-Could you tell us anything about that?

ABRAHAM:: It is doorway, time, space Yes this doorway is sometimes used by the watchers. There are many such as this doorways. It is a possibility for humankind to pass through this doorway

Tommas-Is that by accident or design?

ABRAHAM:: Ah!! A little of both, it is at times of an accidental nature, it is at times of design.

Selina: The first I heard of the watchers was last week, you said that they put humankind here.

Tommas: Kevin has asked me where do they go.

ABRAHAM:: To another time and space, dimension.

Selina:  has all asked why don’t they come back.

ABRAHAM:: They do

Selina:  But not the same as before

ABRAHAM:: You are speaking of humankind

Selina: Yes Abraham

ABRAHAM:: They are existing on another dimension similar in most respects to the one you exist within.

Tommas:  If someone is accidentally killed half way through their expected life, and their learning is cut short, do they come back to learn that part of their lesson?

ABRAHAM:: With reference to the ‘assessing time’, if it has been found that outside effects has caused premature departure from the physical, then it is decided for a reincarnation to take place as soon as possible in that dimension, may be many of hundreds of years in your time dimension.

Tommas: Thank you

Selina: Recently there has been a chamber found under a pyramid. Will knowledge be found in this chamber or others like it, that will help humankind very soon?

ABRAHAM:: But of course, any items such as this, which are discovered, bring much learning.

Selina: I was just wondering whether these chambers contained material wealth or would be scripts.

ABRAHAM:: There would be all manner.

Selina: “Were they tombs, classrooms or libraries?

ABRAHAM:: They are and were used as learning places. I refer you to earlier discussions I have had with your friends regarding the pyramid.

Selina: Thank you Abraham


Selina: Abraham you have told us, we come back many times to learn. How many lessons are there?

ABRAHAM:: For one person, or for all?

Selina: For all. I wondered if we all had to come back hundreds of times to learn for instance the Ten Commandments.

ABRAHAM:: A good query. I have spoke before times of the important lesson of all, have I not!!  And that lesson is the lesson of LOVE in all its forms. So you see, one word. Imagine if you will how many forms this may take and you have your answer.

Selina:  Thank you Abraham

ABRAHAM:: You are welcome.

Tommas:  Abraham, were all the watchers teachers like yourself?

ABRAHAM:: No I am not a watcher. I am a messenger of God. I am higher consciousness, which was and is and shall be Abraham.

Tommas:  Thank you

Selina:  If we took a life, or cause someone to take a life in some way, do we have to return to save a life in return for the one we lost?

ABRAHAM:: I am understanding your query. Much depends on the life’s lesson. You see you are speaking of retribution, recompense. It is not of necessity it perhaps might be for one and not another. You see there is not a book with lessons and retributions, recompense written…. I have done number one, now do number two.

Selina: “Not a firm set of rules for anybody.

ABRAHAM:: At your ‘assessing time’ it is decided then, your next path. It may be a repeat a similar life’s journey.

Selina: “When we were put here by the watchers were we scattered all over the globe at the same time, and were adults ready to reproduce or were we just seeds?

ABRAHAM:: Seeds were planted and grew……..Not in just one place, and not at just one time. This subject…. I shall assess after your break. I shall make some decisions as to the progress. Do not concern.

Selina: “In each of our lives do we basically have the same personality or disposition?

ABRAHAM:: Not of necessity but you see, the soul remains constant, but growing also. You are understanding?


Selina:  Yes……. Tommas and I had this good instinctive feeling about buying a small home by the sea. Could you tell me why it seemed so right to buy, before we had set foot inside.? We felt it to be so right for us.

ABRAHAM:: You see, places on earth’s surface have certain vibration……… you went to a place, the rhythm there was in harmony with yours. That is all.

Selina: Thank you Abraham I just wondered if it had anything to do with the future.

ABRAHAM:: I am unaware of such…… you will be more aware than I.

Selina: “I also have a good feeling with Kevin, my daughter Dawn’s boy friend. Would there be some significance in that?

ABRAHAM:: Similar occurrence……. You see I have spoken of ‘aura’ these are your vibrations. Some person’s aura may be too fast and therefore aggravate your own, others may be at a pace, which is most harmonic. You have understanding?

Selina: “Yes, thank you. My last question, for the moment….. Do parents choose their child or does the child choose the parent, or do both choose in spirit a long time before

ABRAHAM:: A soul assess with help of guidance and soul mates. It is then in the situation most suitable for that soul’s life journey, is chosen. So in effect, the child has chosen the parent, but there are occasions, when, as soul, the parent, or parents, and the child have decided they shall meet in a physical form, as did your friends, Benjamin, Martin, Charles, Ruby, decide to be as they are at this time dimension. You have understanding?

Selina: “Yes. Thank you Abraham

ABRAHAM:: You are welcome. Then…. There are more queries or you wish your break? I shall decide…….I shall give you food to digest for your thoughts, during your break.. You see we have differing levels of understanding here at this appointment. It is for you to decide whether you should become regular members of my classes. You shall think, discuss and decide. If this is your wish, your desire, your intention….. And I shall discuss this further with you after your break, and you may take your break and I shall return…..although I shall not leave.


ABRAHAM:: I have returned……… you have discussed?

Charles : Yes Abraham

ABRAHAM:: Then I shall ask those present their desire to partake of my teachings.

Charles:  Tony,Wilma, Helen, June, Dawn and Kevin all said, one at a time, they would like to attend as often as possible

ABRAHAM: : Then… you shall all discuss this with me. I have a suggestion. I have said that we have different levels of teaching at this particular appointment, and there is no castigation intended to any one present. I wish for you to decide if you wish to become part of my teachings then you are most welcome. It would perhaps be of great benefit to have two different classes of appointments for such. One on the usual appointment time, and another in which I shall teach the preliminary and then proceed to the next stage of learning for you. You have understanding?

All:  Yes

ABRAHAM:: And if it is decided that you wish this to occur, Martin, Benjamin may choose or not to be part of the second class. Than you will discuss now. [A discussion took place.]

ABRAHAM:: This is for the benefit of you all. You see. I have listened, I see and hear there are many questions from our new pupils. Then speak….[More open discussion]

ABRAHAM:: You are desirous of two classes. It is not a matter of holding back or pushing forward. It is simply the most expedient for all to benefit. There will be the often times of occasion for me to request your coming together as one class for certain information, as also you may request of such.You see, my point being, rather as the pyramid], there are many more to come, and you see I would wish this;……… if there are more persons willing and desirous to partake of my teachings, they shall be advised of the time and place and they shall form a separate, but not separate, class. You have understanding?

Selina – Could you tell me which class I should attend

ABRAHAM:: It would be of benefit, considering your query, and your nature of ‘forager’ ….as is

Charles:… would be of great benefit to be with a new class as the forager.

Selina: “Thank you Abraham

ABRAHAM:: Not withstanding my previous comment, there will be occasions when you shall become as one class. All were content with this idea.

Kevin: I am Kevin. You said I am a young spirit……..

ABRAHAM:: Ah!!! Young person!! To answer your query …….you are not a young soul. There are none present. You are understanding?

Kevin: “Yes thank you

ABRAHAM:: You are welcome

Martial Arts

Kevin: In the martial arts it is possible to learn spiritual techniques, which can produce strange results. Does this touch upon your learnings or teachings and do you know what causes these effects

ABRAHAM:: Any occupation, whether it be of a physical nature or no, usually involves the mind does it not. To invoke the usage of the higher mind is…….You see, meditation is practiced usually through gentle physical exertion, as in yoga, par-que, tai chi, etc. Other more strenuous or physical exertions also involve the meditation because the physical is operating at a high rate, the slowing down. The higher, the lower mind is often in conflict with the physical exertions of the body and may result in strange occurrences.

Kevin:  Does this account in the ability to make oneself heavier, stronger?

ABRAHAM: : Correct, just as in meditation, the body metabolism changes and becomes a slower rate, the heart, the pulse, the breath also slows. There is a sensation of heaviness; there is a sensation of not heaviness. You have understanding?

Kevin:  “Yes thank you Abraham.

June:   Abraham this is June speaking, do I have a soul name?

ABRAHAM:: Your name is and was from the beginning ‘Belinda’

June: I have recently become involved in a pathway to God called Eckankar, have you heard of this?

ABRAHAM:: One moment…. It is one of the paths, continue…..

June: “I believe it started with the direct pathway to God and it is not necessary to reincarnate, is this correct?

ABRAHAM:: There are some who believe such

June: “But does the soul have the choice of traveling to higher planes or re-incarnate

ABRAHAM:: Of course

June: And do I have to come back to earth to learn or can I learn on higher planes?

ABRAHAM:: There is much learning to be done between physical journeys. There is the necessity at times for a physical life’s journey to be taken. There are many who profess to be the only direct path to God and I say this, the only direct path to God is yourself. Yourself is at the heart and the heart is at the centre, and at the centre is self. Then there are more queries…………..


Kevin: Can you please tell me my soul name?

ABRAHAM:: It was and is from the beginning ‘Yves’

Charles: Judging by the faces being pulled I think you might repeat the point of a name only being a sound.

ABRAHAM:: Yes… you see each word has a sound. Sound is a vibration. The name is not of importance, the sound, the vibration are important. You have understanding?

Helen:  Can you please tell me my soul name?

ABRAHAM:: It was and is from the beginning ‘Mata’ You see I take great care when pronouncing a name but the spelling in letters is for your notation. To have the correct letters is the correct vibrations.

Charles:  Could you then please spell out Thomas for us?


Charles: “Ouch! That means altering the notes.

ABRAHAM:: The sound vibration should feel comfort to each.

Yves:  Abraham, I am Kevin and…

ABRAHAM:: I beg your pardon, Oh! I am sorry

Yves: I have bad dreams of the period around the middle ages. Does this mean my soul had a bad experience then?

ABRAHAM: : One moment….This is not so Yves. You see there are many who experience bad feelings for this particular time in history. It was a time of great distress for many, as soul would have been aware of this distress.

Yves: “Does my soul go back a long way?

ABRAHAM:: But of course

Yves: Could you tell me how far?

ABRAHAM:: From the beginning, as are most

Yves: Thank you Abraham

ABRAHAM:: You are welcome

Dawn:  Could you also tell me my name?

ABRAHAM:: Your name is and was from the beginning ‘Dominica’

Dawn: “Have I known Yves before?

ABRAHAM:: This is correct

Belinda: Will you only give soul names of people present?

ABRAHAM:: Correct

Selina: Do our guides change throughout our learning?

ABRAHAM:: It is as this. At your ‘assessing time’ it is decided who shall accompany you on your journey. You may begin your journey with one guide only,; there may be others ‘in the wings’ so to speak. –A pun– (Babs breaks into laughter) I jest !! There may be others awaiting the correct time to join your journey. You have understanding?

Selina: “Yes I do. Can you tell me any thing about my guides.?

ABRAHAM:: One moment… I shall give you the name of the so -called ‘chief guide’ for you. The name of your guide is ‘Andreas’ who will be happy to communicate with you. You may communicate with him in the stillness.

Belinda:  Could you give me my guide and description please.?

ABRAHAM:: I shall give you your guide name. I do not give description…. The name of your guide is ‘Tobias’ He is happy to communicate with you. You may communicate with him in the stillness.

Tommas: Is it useful for all of us to know our guide names.

ABRAHAM:: For the reason only that you have the use of a name for you to concentrate on.

Tommas: “Then perhaps it will save time if you could give us all our guide names.

ABRAHAM:: A good suggestion. Tommas the name of your guide is ‘Anton’ One moment…. I again misinform…. There are many clamoring for attention. Yves the name of your guide is ‘Anton’. Tommas the name of your guide is ‘David’. Dominica the name of your guide is ‘Mary’. Mata the name of your guide is ’Aradeith’. They are happy to communicate with you in the stillness. You are of satisfaction?

Selina: It is a nice starting point with the young ones.

ABRAHAM:: It is most useful for persons to have the name for communications.

Yves:  In the teachings you have mentioned how we can communicate with our guides in the stillness and they are happy to do that. Is it possible to offend your guide?

ABRAHAM:: The only offence you may make is to ignore your guide. To reject your guide. You see the guide you each have has had a similar life experiences to your own, therefore well equipped to hint, to nudge when you stray from your chosen path. This is clear for you?

Yves: Yes thank you

ABRAHAM:: Then there are more queries or you wish to close our appointment.

Dominica: Can you tell me who ‘Mary’ is, was and will be?

ABRAHAM:: Not at this time…. I shall do this at another appointment. The difficulty as you have witnessed when all guides wish to answer at one time. This is not the correct time. When I defer a query answer it is not in castigation of you. It is for your benefit, too much information at one time does not good. You have been given much for your digestion. I would say this,; in the time space intervening between this engagement and the next, you should find ease with your guide.

Yves Is there anyway we can get to know our guides.

ABRAHAM:: In the stillness, you may do this. And I say to all. Two minutes in twenty -four hours is quite sufficient. You shall find perhaps that it is not of ease. Your friends shall attest to such!!

Mata:  Abraham, are the guides souls who have reached very high heights and earned the right to guide?

ABRAHAM:: Some yes. Others have decided they are of assistance to you at this time. I shall endeavor to explain… when you pass from the physical,; your soul meets with guides, soul mates, who have been learning similar lessons. You then assess if you have or have not learnt as intended. It is then decided if another life’s journey should be commenced. In this deciding a guide is chosen.

The guide may be a more highly evolved soul, it may not be such. The best suited for the job…. You see your guide is aware of the pitfalls,; the stumbling blocks on your path and can nudge and keep you on the right path. It is your decision if you heed advice or not. They (The guides) cannot, will not interfere with your free will. If they do you are indeed in considerable trouble. It may not be your guide….


Then I am deciding again, as is my want. Enough drink has been partaken. Much digestion must take place. So I leave you and I leave you with this:: –
Drink not foul tasting water,
Eat not foul tasting bread.
Tread your path with light,
In light, to God.

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