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RIO184- Midwayers, UFOLogy, Catastrophism, Illusion

Rio Rancho #184


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Monjoronson & Acquiring a Personal Teacher
o 1.2 Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: 0802-AB Jack
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Magisterial Mission
 3.2.2 Midwayers
 3.2.3 Ufology
 3.2.4 Catastrophism, Transmitting
 3.2.5 Illusion
 3.2.6 Discernment
 3.2.7 Teacher Contact
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Monjoronson & Acquiring a Personal Teacher
Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
Teacher: 0802-AB Jack
TR: Gerdean


0802-AB JACK:  Hello, friends. It’s good to be here with you in this peculiar setting. Peculiar? Well, unfamiliar. It’s still new, this resumption of the Rio Rancho Teaching Mission group. It is, by the way, quite wonderful to have it back in full function. It takes three to have a group, and so now we can pick up where we left off, as it were. It’s been a long dry spell for the Rio Rancho TeaM. Thanks to the inclusion of Mary now, relocating here, we are good to go. Thanks to Linda and Gerdean for holding down the fort and for stoking the coals of the campfire as we’ve waited for this presumption. Enough preliminaries!

You have an agenda, I see. Each of you has an agenda. Well, isn’t that interesting. It’s always amusing to learn of your agendas. It’s always an adventure finding out what’s on your mind, what your motives are, your intentions, how you propose to accomplish your task, and so forth. It makes for some very interesting entertainment. I say that with levity, but I do appreciate the sincerity with which you construct these lofty goals and vain imaginings, but we treasure your efforts, the whole range of spirit appreciates your striving.

Your striving keeps it moving forward. And in a case like yours, here on this world, with its peculiarities, it takes some doing just to keep slogging on through the swamp without getting tired and giving up. I will add, for those of you who have been around for awhile, that the aging process in human beings is also a factor in slowing down and needing to back up for a fresh start, so with that said, “Happy New Year!”

Group: Happy New Year.

Magisterial Mission

0802-AB JACK:  I see that Monjoronson is in the news again. (Pause) If there has ever been an entity of interest in our society, it has been this entity. Much more so than the initial Teacher Corps because they were many, and spread out. It would seem that all the energy that was derived from the sundry teachers in the various locations were brought together by sheer centripetal force in the persona of Monjoronson, the precursor to the Magisterial Son.

Mary: May I interrupt? I can’t stand this.

0802-AB JACK: : So noted. What is it, my dear?

Mary: This is Jack now?

Linda: He’s one of the midwayers.

Mary: And he’s called Jack?

0802-AB JACK: : I am Jack, yes.

Mary: Thank you, Jack. You are indicating that there are two different personalities here. There’s Monjoronson and the Magisterial Son. Correct? Am I hearing correctly?

0802-AB JACK: : More or less.

Mary: That’s all I needed that clarification. Referring to Monjoronson as an entity rather than a personality was the first thing that caught my consciousness. I said, “Whoa! Sit up and pay attention. Jack is trying to tell you something!”

0802-AB JACK: : Well, Jack is speaking on behalf of quite a few of these heavenly helpers. It’s just that I am conveniently located. I’m easy for Gerdean to access because I’m closer to her level than some of these other, more imposing personas, persons.

Mary: And that’s perfectly fine. I just want to understand the truth.

0802-AB JACK: : Well, I assure you, I promise you, I will convey the truth to you as best as I can, given the circumstances, those being: my perceptions as well as your perceptions, how I perceive your perceptions, and how the liaison conveys such perceptions, be they conveyed either through the transmitter/receiver or, ideally, through your own higher consciousness, even the Thought Adjusters involved in the process. I don’t have one, but I am certain that Gerdean’s and yours and Linda’s are all hooked up …

Mary: Encircuited.

0802-AB JACK: : Encircuited. … and helping balance the participants, the mortal participants. But we wax philosophic when there are questions afoot! I am not sure if I should invite someone else to come in to talk about this, if I should call upon one of the higher entities. …

Linda: Well, Jack, let me ask you a question before you go.

0802-AB JACK: : Alright.

Linda: So what if this Monjoronson person … analogy … if he comes here, so what is he going to do? Is he going to enlighten seven billion people on the planet? Is he overseeing all of the celestial help, albeit invisible to all of us? How exactly in our everyday life in the world down here, as we cope, how is he going to help us? Exactly?

0802-AB JACK: : I would love to answer that, and hopefully I will, but I don’t want to overlook the fact that Mary has brought questions that also relate to Monjoronson and since he seems to be the news of the day, let’s proceed with the prepared questions – at least to the extent that they are something I can respond to, and hopefully it will answer your question and, if not, hopefully I can address it again after we’ve done this more formal part.
Would you just begin to read, Mary? Read through the first three.

Mary: “Before we begin, I must put forth my disclaimer of sorts. I wish no disrespect for anyone involved with the Monjoronson Mission. This respect is the very reason, few, if any, seem to sincerely ask important and penetrating questions. And in some cases, Monjoronson is just another reason to reject the entire concept of the Teaching Mission as baloney. “I will take a bold step and even suggest that some of the information connected to the Monjoronson Mission are learning lessons.

1. Perhaps we as mortals must learn how other personalities struggled with choosing between Gabriel’s guidance and Lucifer’s guidance. It is very hard to understand how beings much higher and more advanced than us, could choose rebellion (although not presented as such).

2. Perhaps some of what has been said, such as reflectators, is a lesson for the celestials to observer human egos and how to proceed in better directions. I am of the opinion that as a human, my job is to follow God’s will to the best of my ability and to love and serve fellow humans. Entertaining the idea that God needs me to do some superhuman task that actual celestial beings perform, feels as if I have lost touch with this reality.

3. I was guilty in the beginning of too much excitement over the drama of world changes, and the thrill of being a part of it. Then I realized my responsibilities of discernment. Every person must choose. I hope that I choose divine love and light—Father’s Will.”

Mary: Do you want to comment? [Off the record discussion]

0802-AB JACK: : Intense today, ladies! It is interesting to see you so invested in a meaningful concern such as a magisterial mission and/or even lesser missions, the likes of which show you something about the greater universe – this greater expansion that we are all enjoying as a result of circuits opening and realizations coming one right after the other, thanks in great part to the Urantia Papers and the concurrent technological/media blitz that is now so vogue on your world. No longer “quivering on the brink,” we are tumulting down the stream “ass over applecart.”

The very word “Monjoronson” has stirred interest since the beginning and the beginning goes back to your first hearing the name in the early, early days of the Teaching Mission. It was heard, recorded and deferred from public dissemination for some time, during which time a loyal fund of associates fostered the fuel necessary to keep the flame lit, such that when it was timely, Monjoronson rose like a flame in a prairie fire, running across the countryside, affecting everything in his wake.

As with most prairie fires, in the long run, growth is stimulated, but in the short run, there is much destruction. There is often asphyxiation from the smoke and actual homes are destroyed. Those are unfortunately the effects one can expect to find in evolution and Monjoronson is an evolutionary step in the life of Urantia.

Mary: May I ask something? Off record?

0802-AB JACK: : Alright. [Tape shut down.]

0802-AB JACK:  , Cont’d: I keep wanting to say and keep getting interrupted by either myself or you or you …or even you or you … but I have a couple of people here who would like to participate in the session. I have not yet – we have not yet discerned where the real lesson is, and so I’m “screening calls” if you will. Maybe if we come to one that warrants a focused response, that one will step forward and volunteer to answer but in the meantime, I’m as good as it gets.

Mary: And it’s great.

Linda: What about my question about how is he going to help us seven billion people advance to light and life?

Mary: Is that what he claims?

Linda: Well, we’re moving toward light and life. How is Monjoronson, or our Magisterial Son, whoever is going to come and help this poor little backward planet, are there some concrete ideas that they can give us? Why would celestials be so interested in what goes on here if they are not going to help lift us up to Light and Life? I don’t want signs and wonders, but more concrete ideas and– Do you know what I mean?

0802-AB JACK: : Naturally there is a goal to be reached and we will not stop until the goal is reached, and there are interim goals as well, but before I go too far, I want to say that one thing the celestials do not do is test you, play games with you, and put you in the role of being a guinea pig for their own edification.

Mary: Not for their edification, but is it not to help us?

0802-AB JACK: : Well, I admit to that myself on occasional. Yes, we do try to set up situations that will invite response. You do it yourself by introducing two people, hoping something will come of it. So it’s not unusual or unseemly for celestials to observe and encourage and participate in the mechanism of society, and in this way, the mechanism of society, Light and Life will be forged. You say you wish they had come with a plan and that they would tell us what to do.

Well, you see, there is no other planet in the universe that has your unique circumstances. And so there is no “Ascension for Dummies.” It has to be parsed out by you on a daily basis. Each one of you has to participate in this civilizing process.

I don’t want to disappoint you with how much work there is yet to be done before we attain Light and Life, but surely you realize that we have only just opened the door on the fifth epochal revelation and there are seven epochal revelations that must transpire before the temple is lowered and the midwayers are released. Now, that’s my goal. And it’s not going to happen right away. But, like you, I’m interested in keeping the flame lit. I’m interested in setting forth plans and seeing if they are operable.

Some plans won’t work but we won’t know that until we get half way into it. Some plays we think won’t work but are actually waiting for the right piece of the puzzle for it all to come together. It would be nice if we had pat answers to every concern but there just aren’t any because it’s a living universe; it is not mechanistic. It’s alive. And just as you have a right to change your mind at every juncture, based on your inclination and appetites, so do millions and millions of other free-will entities. The good news is that by the time it gets worked out, it’s permanent.

Linda: Also, I think the majority of our 7 billion plus people are kind, loving, peace-seeking people so I think there is a chance for fairly rapid advancement on the planet with communications et cetera and I think most people realize their neighbors are peaceful, loving, seeking people that want to continue on that. So I think having those things being encouraged helps.

0802-AB JACK: : Well, I’ll tell you, you have a nice civilization when you have neighbors that you can greet without concern that they are going to rip you off or what other dire things do occur, but it’s only superficial. It hasn’t been tested; it hasn’t learned to walk the second mile; it’s still in a state of potential. We are very excited about the potential, as should you be, and not be discouraged by those setbacks that inevitably come.

Linda: It’s like raising a child. When they are little, you see this wonderful potential and by the time they enter the teenage years you wonder what happened to that potential.

0802-AB JACK: : Shall we proceed with the questions?

Mary: Yes. I’m going to jump to #7, which is a layout to #8, which is where I really want to go. “The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men. They are not personally involved in an individual’s life. When Michael incarnated our world, he represented the Father to an entire universe and, as Jesus, nothing was more important than the needs of an individual. This exquisite and divine balance is one of the magnificent traits that we so love about Michael of Nebadon. Is it reasonable for us to anticipate such vast yet personal individual love from the Magisterial Son?

0802-AB JACK: : If you were to be in a position of relationship with the Magisterial Son, no doubt you would be touched by his divine presence, including all these attributes of His nature, and yet it is not required that a Magisterial Son bestow himself on the children of the worlds of time and space except in those bestowal missions. That is a part of their function if they thus function that way. There are other kinds of magisterial missions, most of which do not require your knowledge at all. And in which case, the love that you would be receiving from the Magisterial Son would be through the effects of his efforts. They would be more ethereal than actual.

Mary: This isn’t question 8, but are you indicating, Jack, that the Magisterial Mission will not be an incarnation at all? The one that we are personally looking forward to?

0802-AB JACK: : There is no record of that as yet. It is sometimes hoped, sometimes conjectured, often speculated, but there is no documentation On High that has come down to us, certainly not to my little desk, that a Magisterial Son is going to come on a Magisterial mission such as would occur on a normal world precisely because of the fact that you are not normal. You are unique. I regret that so many people feel that this uniqueness is a license to benefits that are not appropriate.

Mary: Thank you for that clarification.


Linda: I have another off the wall question, Jack. In the Urantia Book it talks about, even as we travel throughout the world, we will have an abode, that even the angels and everybody, they have a place to go, a place — physical, I guess, or spiritual – place to go, so here on earth, how do you midwayers uh provide an abode for yourself? Where do you hang out? Where do you like to go to get away from it all.

0802-AB JACK: : Well, there is no place to go to get away from it all. It’s all there, all the time. But that’s okay. We really don’t mind that. There are lots of things that we do to distract ourselves. We enjoy worship; we enjoy nature. Oh, you wanted to know about our living circumstances. Off-duty—

Linda: Yes! JACK: I don’t think that has any bearing on your soul. Linda: No. JACK: It’s a curiosity question. Linda: Yes.

0802-AB JACK: : And truly, we are encouraged not to spend over much time on curiosity questions. Just know that I have an atmosphere in which I live, along with other midwayer peers. It’s a dimension. It has all the comforts of home without a lot of dusting and vacuuming to do. It’s nice! We have places where we lie down and rest. We have areas where we gather together in groups to visit.

We are visited a lot by others, speaking of visitors, and we host them. We invite them to our place to “hang out.” We engage in telling stories about where they come from, where they are going. That way I/we get pictures of what’s going on in the universe, similar to how Jesus must have gotten pictures and stories from the caravans.


Linda: I have another question that my friend in Santa Fe brought up. She put forth the idea that perhaps the space ships that we see, the lights that travel so fast in the sky, are really midwayer craft and that’s how the transports go rapidly from one place to another, etc., through an actual, physical craft. Is she being off-the-wall or is there some truth to that?

0802-AB JACK: : There is some truth to that, although before you presume too much, remember that the Urantia Book talked about angels’ wings as being perceived as wings by you mortals but they are actually friction guards that serve to propel them and perhaps you could call them friction guards instead of UFOs that we get around in, that are seen as UFOs.

Linda: So it’s not a physical—

0802-AB JACK: : Well, they’re physical to us, but not to you. They’re morontial as compared to material. But how they are glimpsed at times conveys something that is seen as perhaps a metallic thing.

Linda: [Something about] photographs of them.

0802-AB JACK: : Well, they are energy, that’s pure and simple. They are energy configured and acting in such a way as to give the impression of being literal, material. If one landed, it would probably – most of it would probably be invisible.

Mary: That’s not including actual crafts from other worlds.

0802-AB JACK: : Actual crafts from other worlds are not allowed to come here.

Mary: With the exception being, I’d say, possibly those rebellious worlds that have been isolated and do not know, like us, that they are in isolation, don’t know that they are not allowed. Is that not true?

0802-AB JACK: : It doesn’t matter what they know and don’t know; they are not allowed to come here. It’s not like they know that in and of themselves but they will be redirected if they attempt to come here but assuredly, anyone that backward will not have such advanced technology as to think that they could come here. They are still far too barbaric.

Mary: So all the experiments on cattle and all the experiments on humans and all of these reports of UFO abductions and so forth are false, is that what you are saying?

0802-AB JACK: : I don’t want to say they are false because I don’t want to say these people are lying when obviously they had the experience. But I am saying that much of it is mentally projected. We’re talking about dimensions here and you just don’t get it. It’s not your fault you don’t get it, but it’s a dimension, not a physicality that you would be able to see with your physical eyes.

You would not be able to dissect it, you can’t put your finger on. It takes place on another level, in another dimension. I would say ‘the mind’ but I don’t want you to think that I am saying “It’s all in your head” because you are defensive and you tend to want to put words in our mouth in your haste to get a grasp on something that you will never be able to get a grasp on. You can’t think in those terms because you aren’t built to comprehend it. I don’t comprehend all of it myself.

I am, after all, simply a cousin. I am a far cry from the angels or other angels that flit about the universe as if it were their back yard. I’m stuck here just like you are so my perspective is smaller. If you would like for me to find somebody from higher up the hierarchy, I won’t be offended.

Mary: As for thinking for myself, I don’t want to pursue this at this time. I seriously had questions on this subject years ago and Michael and Mother came in and talked to me and I have been at peace ever since and able to help those who, at the time, told me awful, horrendous stories and I always wanted an answer so I have my answer. I’m trying to get back to the questions I’ve prepared, if I may.

0802-AB JACK: : You may as far as I’m concerned. It was a curiosity question in the first place and we did have a good time with it so

Mary: Okay.

0802-AB JACK: : Back to work.

Catastrophism, Transmitting

Mary: Thank you. “Question 8: I personally rejected Monjoronson when the message proclaimed that 2/3 of our world would perish. In fact, I was appalled at the apparent insensitivity. Followers merely quoted Jesus from the Urantia Papers saying, ‘What does it matter if all earthly things crash?’ It matters! I will be happy to tell you, as a mother in the material world, why it matters, but I prefer to hear your perspectives as to an appropriate Christ-like response to what appears to be a holocaust-like scenario.”

0802-AB JACK: : What was the original question?

Mary: The question is, well, it was a turning point when Monjoronson made the announcement that 2/3 of our world would perish.

0802-AB JACK: : Oh, yes.

Mary: And nobody seemed to think that that mattered.

0802-AB JACK: : You can’t blame Monjoronson for that. In fact, I don’t even think it was Monjoronson; I think it was Rayson. But that kind of information is highly, highly prejudiced by the human T/R. It’s not popular, I know, to criticize T/R’s but as we discussed before the program started this afternoon, often the T/R and their TA … [tape turned] but sometimes the T/R and the TA of the T/R are close enough in alignment that the Spirit of Truth will ring.

It is important, however, to remember the co-creative aspect of T/Ring and that the perceptions of the T/R are going to influence what the Teacher says, and so in many ways you are getting the best of your peers when they deign to set forth their highest concepts and attach relevance, even reverence to their ideals. This, of course, is a part of the appeal of the T/R process of the Teaching Mission itself, and of course the Monjoronson Mission which is a furtherance of the Teacher Corps.


0802-AB JACK:   In the focalized format of Monjoronson which we discussed earlier, how so much energy has derived around him, as if due to centripetal force and indeed the persona of Monjoronson came in with such force, everyone was thrown off their chair for a minute. But most folk found firm footing once more and will continue, most likely, to pursue that course into the mansion worlds because there is the matter of saving face. If there is no evil intent, it is often thought that apologies are not necessary, and so the errors simply become a part of the mores. Monjoronson may well become part of the mores, if you will, simply because of how many people have invested themselves in him.

Linda: There’s just a handful!

0802-AB JACK: : Well, it is truly just a handful, but they are a potent handful. If certain facts could be faced with integrity and compassion and understanding, a whole new era could flourish in this experimental format that we have been given in the Teaching Mission, this tuning into the higher consciousness, the Correcting Time for lack of a better phrase, the ability to contact your Teacher, as it were, which reminds me that there is another question on the table but it’s not necessarily related to Monjoronson, neither is it not related, so perhaps we’ll get it answered before the day is out after all.

Mary: And what is the question? Because we’ve discussed so much, I’m out of my mind at the moment.

0802-AB JACK: : The question of what can be snatched up, magnified, and glorified until it becomes like a living thing. Archetypes come to mind as examples. Mythological figures. Santa Clause. The Great Pumpkin. Fairies.

Mary: Are you comparing Monjoronson to these icons, if you will?

0802-AB JACK: : Monjoronson is a widget. A widget.

Mary: And what is your definition of a widget?

0802-AB JACK: : Well, a widget is something that everybody wants and everybody thinks they understand but they don’t know what it is. It is really what they want. It’s what they want and must have and they will create a symbol for that and thus Monjoronson is a living symbol of the heartfelt yearning to contribute to the enlightenment of the world so as to help bring about the status of Light and Life. It is the hunger of the individual to be a part of something huge and magnificent. It is a part of — a waif realizing it has a mentor. Monjoronson is a symbol of all your longings, particularly as it relates to your life on this planet.

Jesus, the Creator Son made flesh, has a mission, a more personal mission, and it is a loving mission. Every one of you can know the Master personally as you knock and he answers. You can discuss your problems with Jesus/Michael and get results. Monjoronson will get you results relating to the physical world, and so when he came in talking about the devastation to come in the physical world, he was introducing himself as something other than that religious angle. Not the spiritual aspect, but the ‘git er done’ aspect. Not only do you want to be someone for God, you want to do something for God, and so Monjoronson is the icon for spiritual doing something about it.

Mary: Jack? Based on what I heard you say, to my mind Monjoronson is a perfect example of a construct. Santa Clause is a construct. It is in the consciousness of the world and represents or symbolizes something that we all long for. That’s in our nature. So is it accurate to say that Monjoronson is a construct?

0802-AB JACK: : I believe so.

Mary: Thank you. That really clears up a lot of stuff for me.

0802-AB JACK: : Now you know, there are a lot of people who don’t like that word ‘construct.’

Mary: I’m one of them!

0802-AB JACK: : There are a lot of people out there who will be very offended to hear any testimony than their own belief in Monjoronson as a living, loving entity and will testify to the personal relationship they have with him.

Mary: Then I ask you, in all sincerity, do you prefer us to not use that sort of information. It is really up to you and the celestials on your end. I appreciate your honesty. It is refreshing to get clear, honest answers, but as part of that, receiving such a gift, I feel it’s our duty to keep it between us. Does that serve the greater good?

0802-AB JACK: : I have no problem going on the record, but having said that, I will say this, however, that those people who have sought Monjoronson and been gifted by a flood of consciousness – loving authoritative, directed, divine consciousness that they understand to be Monjoronson, that is their blessing, their experience and their testimony, which I would never deny or refute because it is their experience, not mine. If I had it, I would no doubt tout it as well.


0802-AB JACK: We get back to that matter of discernment here. And I do want to add that anytime you appeal to spirit, spirit will respond, and to my knowledge, spirit is, has been and always will be those precise qualities that allowed you to fall in love with Monjoronson. They are spirit qualities. What’s not to love? And so it some ways it does not matter if Monjoronson is or if Monjoronson is not. It’s the effectiveness of his work that matters, just as it is the effectiveness of your work that matters. “Life is but a day’s work; do it well.”

And so we come back to the bottom line which I believe is also Monjoronson’s bottom line, which is the bottom line of all of us who seek to serve in this development, where the rubber meets the road, the actual doing of the Father’s will in your daily life. The thing is, once it gets the wrinkles ironed out of it, we can actually do something because we have learned something about each other.

And that is a process, a long process, in fact, a purifying process that is going on in this Correcting Time that will continue to go on until such time as there is a healthy degree of continuity and homogeneity in the realm of spirit unity whether you can agree upon the reality of Monjoronson or any of the Teachers, any of the invisibles, including myself, will get ironed out.

We too are a construct, but there is work that can be done around the construct that we are co-creating and it is the work that matters. And even more important is how we work together. If it isn’t working, it isn’t working and it won’t go far. The snag will need to be worked through one way or another. As I say, Monjoronson has made such a noise, it may be difficult to silence him, and it might not even be necessary if confusion and mayhem did not follow everywhere he went.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of calling these problems to your attention, feeling that you have been in a spiritual lala land, in the stillness by and by too long and it’s time to get busy doing the work of the world. Perhaps he was just somewhat abrasive because he didn’t realize how delicate you barbarians are. But whether or not he sticks around, whether or not he survives as Monjoronson – which he has already intimated he may become someone else, or known as something else ….

There remains the basic remedial work that we began with and we continue to do that you will also do if not here, then in Mansonia. This big job, this big task of elevating the socio-spiritual consciousness of a planet long in isolation.

Overall, we must have faith in people’s good will. As you mentioned earlier, there are 7 billion people on the planet who are basically good people; they are not inherently warlike, although many of them are querulous. For the most part we enjoy humanity. What else?
Mary: I did have a question. I will rephrase it a little. Upon hearing you talk to us today, I am under the impression of whether we accept the Monjoronson transmissions or not, there is always an abundance of opportunities.

It’s not like we are missing the boat, we either join with Monjoronson and get with that program or we’ll never be able to be part of the Mission, and I realize upon hearing you that that’s not true. Especially if he is a construct to inspire people into action. There are all kinds of things and if you think about it, a lot of the people who are attracted to Monjoronson are already very active in serving God to the best of their ability, so I’d like – is that pretty much true?

0802-AB JACK: : Let me point out something. Let’s think for a moment as Monjoronson as a kettle of soup, and the ingredients in the soup are all of those of you who have heard his name, who have heard of his influence, whether you follow him, obey him or adore him is not important; you are in the soup. There are ingredients in this soup that represent the T/Rs as well as the listeners.

There needs to be an equal balance of ingredients for it to be a savory stew when it is cooked. If there are too many potatoes, the starch levels will be too high. If there are too many onions, the onion flavor will drown out everything else. Even down to the spices, if there is too much salt, it will have to be thrown out. So really, we come back to the elemental lesson of the symphony.

You must each play your own notes and do your own instrument proud, and when all is said and done, there will be music, and in this illustration, there will be soup. And you can nourish one another on this soup, on this Monjoronson that you have created, that is providing you a vessel within which to mature and serve the masses.

It behooves you as a cook to taste the stew every now and then to make sure that your flavors are blended and that one ingredient is not dominating the others so as to throw off the balance of the soup. Every bite of it will end up tasting good if this is followed and no one can say that the peas are any less than the meat because it’s all part of the effort. That’s enough of that parable.

Mary: Very nice analogy, thank you. Are we about ready to close? Or …

Teacher Contact

Linda: … are we going to ask Jack about a personal teacher?

Gerdean: What I’m getting from Jack is my own echo, that I thought you had one already, but let me … set that aside. If it’s not there, it’s not there. Let’s see if there is one. Is there a new one? Do we have to start from the beginning, Jack, and put in a request?

Linda: Maybe if I had a contact name.

0802-AB JACK: : This is Jack. Personal teachers are rather a personal thing. Sometimes when they are assigned or when they are revealed, they are ignored until such time as they give up the assignment and ask to go somewhere else. (Group laughter) Yes, some of the teachers are used and used to the detriment of the student him or herself. People have to learn to do their own thinking.

Calling on a teacher every time you turn around is as bad as becoming addicted to something, or developing a bad habit of a spiritual nature, like going to the I Ching before you make a decision. The right match is something that develops over time out of the mortal need to consult with the spirit realm on personal matters. Personality concerns. If for example, well…. There are those who would say their relationship with their personal teacher is different than that, so there isn’t much point in saying what ‘that’ is because I don’t want to confuse the issue except to say that personal teachers are personal.

I have met people who got a name who never asked to speak to the teacher because they didn’t like the name. (Group laughter) Or they got the name and the name called up remembrances of someone they once knew and so they superimposed that individual over their teacher and got distorted messages.

The best thing for you to do to acquire a personal teacher, in my opinion, would be to have a crises of sorts then, when it’s over, reflect on it. And in the reflecting process, open yourself up to the advice and counsel of a personal teacher. Ask your teacher at that time, in your mind, just as you might ask Jesus if you were to trouble him with personal questions of this sort, “why did that happen?” is a good one.

If that instance was so memorable as to have had such an effect that you are still mulling it over, there is probably something in it. Now, many times this connection begins with a contemplation of what happened long, long ago, and in that case, it may be necessary for the teacher that you rely on to find it in your records somewhere; it may not be immediately available for them to respond to, so you need to give them time, depending on the nature of your relationship, to get back to you with why that happened. But generally, their focus is on your personality and that is something that you carry with you at all times, and given the nature of your personality, if you had an incident as a child, chances are your personality today will be connected to those same kinds of conditions and circumstances that would impel you to act in a certain way. … if that makes any sense.

It’s like when the Urantia Book holds forth “in modern phraseology,” It’s the same thing, only different. Here I am not answering your question again. (Long pause) Do you have a name that rises to the top of your consciousness, that appears in your minds eye, that represents a quality or a nature of, or a nomenclature for a being that you could do business with? If you were to put together a construct of a personal teacher, what would his or her name might be? First I would suggest you make it a female …

Linda: Right.

0802-AB JACK: : … because girls understand each other. Later you can add a fellow if you want to engage in those kinds of interactions, but for starters, ask for a female teacher and I’m certain one will present herself. How you develop that relationship is the adventure, but it becomes as a result of your asking for counsel on a particular matter generally having to do with your personality.

Mary: Cool. Thanks.

0802-AB JACK: : When you find Thelma or Louise or Rachel or Grace or whatever her name is, do bring her around so that we can get to know her. Mary, do you have personal teachers?

Mary: Yes.

0802-AB JACK: : Along those lines, do you interact? Do they have names?

Mary: Yes. They’ve been working with me for years, unbeknownst to me. I’m not a T/R. I maybe didn’t get the right gland for it, the right spiritual gland, I don’t know. But I know that I am worked with; I have no doubt “quivering on the brink” … I had celestial help on that. I knew nothing about writing, publishing, any of that. Nothing. But that was actually to my benefit as I was not pre-prejudiced. I was teachable and so it was effective.


0802-AB JACK: : I m going to sign off now.

Mary: Thank you. And may I ask: in hearing and communicating with us, Jack, would you say that we have grasped the lessons that you shared with us with at least 98% accuracy the way you intended us to understand it?

0802-AB JACK: : Far be it for me to know what you’re getting.

Mary: I see.

0802-AB JACK: : But based on the energetic response, I would say that you got what I said although there was an awful lot of what I didn’t say taking up space. So thanks for a great afternoon. It was not all work. It was a lot of sharing and playing, as well. See you next time!

Linda: Thank you, Jack.

Mary: Godspeed.

0802-AB JACK: : Later!

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