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OKL1.2- Oklahoma Sessions 11-15

1993-01-16-Oklahoma Sessions 11-15
Oklahoma City #1.2   Sessions 11-15


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Oklahoma Group Collection
o 1.2 Group: Oklahoma City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: RondEl, Tomarey, John, Josephine, Fedonna, LinEl, Michael, TothEl, Zion, Machiventa, Zephyl
o 2.2 TR: Ellen

Session 11

6/13/93 Transmission Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Father, Michael, Machiventa, RondEL,  Tomarey, Zion, Anelia,  and hosts more teachers are present.

RONDEL: How long we searched for you of like minds. And now in commitment we all stand firmly together on the soil of the Father, the Creator.


RONDEL:  Walking has felt much like slogging through mud in recent years and yet here we stand. Incredible is it not? Now I join forces with many of those who make the efforts in the delegations occur, we bring much light and glory to this event. It is indeed an event, for as you have stated many grand spiritual guides are with you this evening.

Tune into the innermost quiet and secure place within your beings. We may have inquired about these places in previous sessions, do you recall? If so, return to that sanctuary of heart and receive thousand

[T/R: he started at ten-fold and continued to 1000, it then continues beyond imagination]. Imagine the plenitude of love that is offered here to you. Welcome into your hearts the extraordinary purpose of the Father. The single mission–to ignite the candles of love within.

MICHAEL: My children, happiness cannot best describe the fullness I experience in this moment. There are no words to define the glory I feel.

Manage your personal affairs at another time. Now is a time for celebration and discourse of the highest nature. Celebrate, come with Me and view the riches , the beauty of the Father’s world. Many gifts have we in store for each and every one of you. Relax now and see far to the purpose of an extraordinary event such as this. Always will you remember this moment for it will be one to cherish, this is without any doubt.

MACHIVENTA: It is I, Machiventa. This truly is an occasion of significance. All eyes being with amazement on this far corner of the universe. May we realize the Father’s love is all encompassing. It embraces comprehensible elements of deity, and can be noticed every moment upon our willingness. It is quite a sight to behold. I come to you with this gentle reminder and it is with love I deliver and observe.

MICHAEL: Now my dearest children, embrace one another in loving acceptance. Hold one another with the eye of the Father, ever knowing(loving?) Father. Neglect any criticisms for judgments cast. . . [inaudible]. . . light In the neighbor who shares your world see only the reflection of love that resides within each of your hearts. Carry no burdens as you encounter the soul-neighbor next to you. Quiet down the fears or anxieties that reside in your minds. Release to me every concern and find yourself in the place of peace and tranquility.

T/R: I’m feeling a lot of high energy “voltage”. [long pause]

MICHAEL: Escape with me to a world of creation wherein no pain or drudgery exists. It is created of beauty and desires only to seek that of its own kind.

Selfishness does not exist, nor does greed or apathy. All who enter this magical kingdom find only pleasure and lack of concern for others’ affairs. Deem this spot paradise, if you will, it is inhabited by many who truly have come long distances to obtain truth and purity, simplicity and golden riches, which I have described for you.

Now envision that it is yours. It is where you belong of course, rightfully so. Each of you deserve to find the peace and tranquility, the ecstasy of knowing your truth. Finding it so you may now create such a desirable place in the existence which you may feel despondent towards at this time. Paradise attainment is yours. It is free, at no cost, other than faith and pursuit of truth.

Carry on into your daily lives yet remember this my dear ones, that your pursuits are followed by an extraordinary golden beauty. It may not be today but it is insured in your future.

Golden light casts a glimmer across the room. Touching each of your hearts it radiates throughout your senses and creates an energy of its own. Return of this energy to us will ensure that you will further gain more minutes of such enlightenment. Continue in the process of receipt and release. Failing in either of these will create disharmony.

T/R: I see at this time a very bright light towards the center of the room, it’s extending rays of light to each of us here. It is a very directed and powerful energy.

MICHAEL: The light is healing the wounds of your past. Allow it to enter, permeate your being and release it as it carries away the toxins. . . [inaudible].

T/R: I’m feeling the presence of RondEL I’m wondering if any other teachers are present and wanting to speak.

John: It is with such awe that we witness this occasion. It is not surprising that we witness hesitation. I would only ask to deeply feel in your hearts the significance of Michael’s presence and admission.

T/R: I would like to extend a very gracious thank you to Michael for the gift He has given us today. [echoed by others in group]


RONDEL: It is our just concern that temporarily you convene for a personal session among you to reinforce the occurrence of the Father’s love here this evening and then we may reconvene for a second session.

Session 12

6/20/93 Transmission Norman, Oklahoma


T/R: There is a new teacher here this evening. She would like to express her thoughts. Her name sounds something like “Zephyl”.

ZEPHYL: I have announced my name to you all here this evening. Now I wish to inform you of my stated purpose. I bring light and joy to those of you who have walked so diligently along a difficult spiritual path up to now. The nature of this group has its intent in following the Father’s love and it is with this intent that I reach you by means of interpreter.


ZEPHYL:  My glory is in the heart of the Father as yours is as well. I come from a planet not too distant from your own; it resides within a complex of inhabited planets which are referred to as numbers…[90041,90543-6]… It requires much patience for me to communicate in this manner, yet my message for you this evening is important and I wish to continue.

My member planets belong to a place of great dignity and wealth of spiritual love. The request that was made to us, in light of your predicament here on Urantia, was to shower those with right purpose/direction with the indwelling knowledge of love and nurturing. [This knowledge] which resides within your core being lies unawakened yet to the full potential there. We bring kinetic forces to enable your breaking-in process to occur, in order that you may receive more plentifully the gifts of the universe.

Have you any questions at this time?


C: Are you asking for questions about yourself or about any special subject?

ZEPHYL: Specifically, regarding the information thus far presented.

M: I would like more information about the kinetic forces you talked about and what is this breaking-in process that you talk about?

ZEPHYL: Kinetic forces, my dear one, appeal to the nature of your being. It is an exacting energy which will require lazy molecules to be activated.

M: In our bodies?

ZEPHYL: In your essence. This implies a gain of spiritual acceptance and fortitude of will. Also, the kinetic forces of which I speak are of our creation; they do not reside within you at this time. However, it will become evident that soon they will if it is your desire to be reawakened in a new light.

M: How will we perceive these forces?

ZEPHYL: The presence of these forces will be noted by a flushing out of negative apparel.

M: Negative apparel?!

ZEPHYL: That is, your sleeping wear. So we wish to undress your sleepy spiritual nature…

M: Ahh, spiritual pajamas!

ZEPHYL: . ..and redress you in action clothing.

M: The breaking-in process–what are you talking about?

ZEPHYL: When sleeping molecules lay lazily in your being they create a mischievous cloud of denseness. This must be fragmented in order that our energy may be received. The Father’s love soon follows this breaking-in process.

B: Could you distinguish between your energy and other energies that are available to us. This has been said by other teachers, referring to their energy, their impulses, their contact. Can you distinguish that from angelic energies, other influences? The Father’s love which comes through the circuit with the Father, Michael’s love? When you say “our”, do you mean the teacher, your ability, to contact our minds?

ZEPHYL: The planet from which I arrived has many focused beings which have been thoroughly trained in the art of dispelling this kinetic forceful energy to other beings on other planets. The energy from our being resonates with yours under the light of the Father’s guidance. Michael has requested our presence here. It is an honor and very much removed from other forces which you have received previously. The mental capabilities from which we work are highly exaggerated in order that we may better touch your energy core.

B: You used the word exaggerated; I think you meant amplified. Was there a word choice problem there? I am just trying to have clarity.

ZEPHYL: Exaggerated in the sense that it is a heightened awareness which you have been gifted with. There is, in order, the following events which will occur during your future stillness practices: We will be beckoned upon your desires in prayer. [We are] letting it be known that we are available at this time, in service to you by direct order of your Michael-Son. And we request that in your stillness the following practice be added to your already ordained tradition. The quieting of your mind is requested, of course, in this stillness time, as well as the openness of your heart to receiving our unique/special energy forces.

B: May I ask a question, Zephyl? Or do you want to finish that instruction?

ZEPHYL: It is with pleasure that I receive your question.

B: I’m very appreciative of your offer. Please give me some background about yourself. Are you a mortal from a planet that is very advanced? Or are you an ascendant post-mortal being? Also, are you here with a group of beings from this complex of planets? And if so, is there a name for this group of beings, or a name for your process. Is there somehow to designate you?

ZEPHYL: Created was I solely for the single purpose to assist your Michael-Son in identifying and gifting those with a loving impact of the Father’s love–those who are in need. There are many others who reside on our complex of planets, as you say, and we all cooperate in like mind, yet not all of us created for the single purpose as stated. My own breed/type of creation is identified as “sordoms,” a uniquely bred population, created to serve only in the highest manner.

B: Then you are an unrevealed order of being, unrevealed in our UB. Which is fine, I just wanted to verify what level you come from in the universe. Would that be correct , you are an unrevealed being, a type that has not been known on this planet before?

T/R: She’s checking through the UB quickly to try to answer your question here.

ZEPHYL: This would be a correct interpretation.

B: O.K. , so you are not material beings, you are morontial or spiritual beings and you have a special single purpose which I understand. And you are indeed a non-material , created as non-material beings, is that the case?

ZEPHYL: The purpose of our existence is as we have explored. There is more, of course, of complex nature, that of morontial existence. I am at this time willing to explore further if you wish or we may continue on matters of increasing light of the Father in your sleeping bodies.

B: I don’t have any other questions for you on that, so let’s proceed with our instruction.

ZEPHYL: This is fine. Continuing with the effect of our energy in your stillness, which you create for yourselves, hopefully on a semi-regular basis, the following step is inordinate in its impact. The impact will be resounding, felt throughout your bodily extremes, to your fingertips, and to the bottoms of your toes. It will have everlasting results in each of your spiritual existences. The step is one of faith and trust, believing in your empowerment by an outside energy force field. The existence of this field is natural and very much a creation of a [?] universe that facilitates love and faithful action.

The energy force which we will be gifting you each with, upon your request, will have a nature to its essence. This force will be crystalline in structure, yet translucent and equated with the experience of absorbing a light-wave screen into your being. The colors of this experience will resonate within your own heart/soul, depending, of course, on which colors desire to be released and those that are requested to fit in your being for healing and everlasting influx of loving energy.

When this field enters your body, begin to imagine the crystalline structure vibrating at ever intensifying levels. The recommended vibrational frequency will be set by ourselves in order that it is exact in nature according to personal, specific desires, and illustrated needs. Vibrational frequencies set off in such a manner will [allow] disposing of unnecessary material to the outer realms of your filter. Releasing them to the Father is necessary, of course, and will now be altered into cosmic loving energy returned.

Energy entrapped, upon release, will bring explosions of small outbursts, which are to be considered positive experiences though they may require some discipline to maintain this activated state for extended periods of time. Once achieved, however, the essence of your being is unlocked and the love of the Father filters inward creating the calming, though energized, state.

Are each of you clear as to the methods employed here for facilitation of activating sleeping molecules in your body systems?

C: It seems to be that, I thought you said something about the selection of color. I don’t know if I understood correctly or not. Do we have some choices about color as part of this process?

ZEPHYL: The colors, which represent the being which you are, have been selected by life choices each of you have made. The thoughts you perceive in your mind, the foods you eat, these all determine a different color scheme and read to us accurate information as to which colors are necessary for this process to occur. It is within our powers to negotiate these color schemes for you. You only need to receive and remain open for activation. Is this clear to you?

C: Yes, we don’t have to make a choice is what I understand.

ZEPHYL: Correct, my son.

S: I would like to make sure that I have the instructions clear. I believe that we are to open our hearts and to imagine the crystalline structure being put into our bodies, is this correct?

ZEPHYL: The acceptance of the crystalline structure occurs on the whole body; it is a full -body experience not to be restricted to one area of your being, but to encompass all parts which have been in slumber.

B: Let me review what we are to do. When we are in our stillness are we to call upon you by name, is that the first step?

ZEPHYL: For the activation to occur this is a necessary, integral part, yes.

B: Then having called on you, then is there something we are to do, or are we to just be receptive at that point?

ZEPHYL: Only to receive is your mission at this time.

B: Does the process require staying in the stillness longer? Than normal, because I usually do 10 minutes, 15 sometimes.

ZEPHYL: The purpose is to unlock trapped sleeping energy and as long as it requires is how long we wish to continue. However, we are aware of time restraints on your planet and would invite you to quiet yourselves at a time when there is unrestricted passage of time-energy, so that the process will be complete for that sitting.

B: Would you suggest that this obviously would be separate from our prayers, from our worship of the Father? It would be a separate item in the stillness, is that correct? It doesn’t overlap with these other activities.

ZEPHYL: As if you were brought home a new advanced technology to acquaint yourselves with, this will facilitate further appreciation of the Father’s love. Not to be used with the original, only an embellishment for a short period of time in order that you may become better receiving vehicles for his love.

S., are you sure of the intention with which your heart speaks? I need to inquire as to your understanding of the nature of heart and its all -encompassing effects on your personal creative life-force.

S: I am not sure that I understand the question, could you please say it in a different way?

ZEPHYL: I fully wish to say as succinctly as I may, that your heart encompasses a lifetime of fruitful experience and hope for future experience. When one unleashes energy from the stillness within, the heart may be touched and resonate with this energy. Yet, required also is the involvement of every aspect of your being. The heart imagines itself to be full of beauty and wisdom, yet integrates experience. Now see with me how beneficial it is to encourage all molecules within your being to participate, then your heart is filled and pouring forth.

S: What I know about my heart is that I have a lot of pain in it always. I want to completely open my heart and release the pain. I have a lot of fear about this process because I feel that my heart will break. However, my intent is to face the fear and completely open my heart to God’s love. I think I understand what you are saying, that is that I must not hold back but must completely trust the process and even though there is great fear involved, step through that and give up the fear and the hurt for the fulfillment of God’s purpose in my life.

ZEPHYL: I am acquainted with your heart at this time and wish to remind you of the beauty that lies within. It resonates soundly with the love of a pure and innocent being who has been entrapped through forceful measures. And we wish to assist you at this time if it is your forthcoming desire.

S: Yes, it is my greatest desire.

ZEPHYL: Stripped of your burdens we see the light within, carrying the message of truth and desire to the Father we become…[inaudible]. There will be always light that remains within. Casting away fear, be open and receive us. We know you respond in like manner. Now we see a coming to fruition, light and happiness, the joy of living and breathing fresh, clean air. [Inaudible]…your pores it resides and brings with it the pollen of nature and nurture of ages. It quiets your fears and we relish a time of purity, simplicity and joy. We pray that you remain receptive as we surround you with loving auras of energy and light unbeknownst to the eye for it has been touched by no one.

Hit with sublime energy we may…[inaudible]…. Sacred is its nature. It is our calling to serve you in this manner. Our existence reminds you of things…[inaudible]…when you rose above your pain and enlightened the universe with your faith. Trust in the simplicity. Gain a foothold to the Father’s universal, loving creation. Now carry a memory of this with you in your stillness. You will receive for it is your destiny to do so.


T/R: Michael is here and creates for us a protective shield above this unique and dignified energy which is here. It is a shield that protects us from outside forces yet also encloses us so that the energy will stay with us. The release of energy is necessary and must be facilitated through the lateral parts of our bodies. The head circuit has been closed to contain some of the energy. Grounding at the foot surface, where your foot touches the ground, orients energy in the complete pattern, unbroken.

MICHAEL: My name is the Great One-The Father that exists. My tidings for you encapsulate such [a] grand view, and though my name is unspoken, you know me.

…[end of tape]. I come to visit and relish the teachings which have truthfully, honestly and with integrity, been received. You, great children, you who have followed a mysterious path of utmost faith, have served me well. Endearment is a word which feels to me as though the waters of many tearful pasts have created extraordinary love.

I wish to recall for you a moment of conception when you each were created. My universe is created in such manner as well. An array of light signals to me your creation. I call forth angels to love and protect innocence in light-born children. Essence…[inaudible]… by essential light movement– the light which emanates from within–the calling forth of angels. Remember, I exist.

Session 13

6/27/93 Transmission Oklahoma City, OK


RONDEL: Hello, to one and all. Again we meet, exchanging ideas for plans of relighting the Father’s love within. Again we have come to assist each of you here in this challenge. May we recognize, at the very least, that the path is somewhat unclear at times. I wish to provoke in your mental state ideas…[inaudible]…upon the recognition of Michael’s Second Coming. Are you aware of the planning and associated timing of this outstanding event?

That is to say your preparation over the past few months has expediated the coming of Michael to Urantia, and we would appreciate knowing, in your deepest thoughts, how you may perceive the actualization of this event. If each could speak solely from the corner of the mind which needs exploration, we shall facilitate your concerns, joys, your fears.


M: What exactly is the question? Are we aware of the planning and timing of…?

RONDEL: My dear one, we wish to explore your comprehension of Michael’s Second Coming, influenced by your preparation, which has occurred over many months. We see, maybe, that your hearts, minds, and souls have been prepared as you engage in activity such as this and therefore the appearance of Michael on Urantia has been expediated. Not feelings do we pursue, instead perceptions of this truth.

D: Not feelings, but perceptions?

RONDEL: We only wish at this moment in time to dwell in your thoughts in order to freshen our perceptions so that we may continue to enlighten you in ways which are just-suited for you as individuals.

S: I will speak to that question although I am not completely sure I understand. I believe that the Second Coming of Michael will occur when each of us, through his dedicated commitment to the Teaching Mission, has reached the apex of our ability to serve Michael in whatever way He chooses for each of us to serve. And I believe we will also be told by the teachers when this is happening and when Michael’s second coming is about to happen.

Speaking only for myself, I believe that when I can approach everyone I meet with total unconditional love and when the pain in my body from emotional holding, or whatever holds it, is gone, I believe that personally at that time I will be able to completely serve Michael and the TM and my fellow human beings.

RONDEL: At this time we receive your response and attempt to answer all expressions of thought at a single moment. So if another in the group here wishes to express him or herself we will listen attentively.

D: I will share a fear. I believe as much as I can believe, that indeed Michael will return. I feel that it is likely to be within my physical lifetime. I hope that I would be aware when it happens. I pray that I may be of service in His efforts. But I am afraid that His presence will not be known to me. I am afraid that I will be asked to serve by one I do not see as Michael. And I am still afraid that I will be asked to give up and I am afraid that I won’t give up those things like my family.

RONDEL: Thank you for a provocative response. We will encompass and answer to these concerns after others have spoken.

C: RondEL, I have not received any internal answers to the questions you have asked and I tried to avoid speculation about when Michael might return. I only know what I have read in the transcripts and that is unclear especially with respect to the date. I would like to say more; I really don’t know how to answer your question, I don’t get an answer. I would share it if I could.

RONDEL: My dearest student, know in your heart perceived truth and integrity. Under no circumstance do we see fault or failure and we wish to applaud your honesty. May you stay open and I’m sure many thoughts will begin to stir.

M: I’m in a middle place between Urantia teachings and bible teachings and I’m not aware of what the UB teaches about the Second Coming of Michael, or Jesus. I don’t know that I can answer your question, I think I’m too new to this.

RONDEL: Has there been any concerns raised since your readings have begun?

M: Concerns about what?

RONDEL: Speculation on Michael’s arrival here. Facts: When? How? The impact of His arrival? Any of these or others.

M: As you know I’m not only in the middle ground between the UB and the Bible but also in middle ground between belief and disbelief. And as far as concerns, I have concerns for our planet, our environment, our living conditions. I’m concerned that human beings are going to destroy life as we know it, I guess at this point I haven’t had concern about Michael’s return.

RONDEL: Thank you, this information will add to our interest at this time.

M: RondEL, I share many of D’s fears. I wonder what is the purpose of Michael’s next visit?

RONDEL: And we attempt to discuss that exact purpose after the final response.

[long pause]

RONDEL: All information is in, has now been received, and the response is found in the arms of your savior, Michael of Nebadon who chooses at this time to join with angels in response.

MICHAEL: Welcome, in glory, the glorious spectacle of your Father-Son, who created all loving and endearing His dearest children. Seated on a rough surface you call Urnatia, I view you in delight and behold beauty spilling forth to my open, receptive embrace. My arrival, mitigated by circumstances, some unforeseen, others predicted, has been localized to a space in time which, in its rightful evolution, belongs somewhere within the next fifty to one-hundred years of earth life.

I am so proud of each of your willingness’ to proceed in spiritual flow. This truly has opened a passage for My imminent return. However, regardless of the state of your planet, in terms of relating to emotional, spiritual welfare, I plan to re-enter your planetary sphere. No judgments cast will impede this experience of light source sent to your planet. The casting out of love in some mortals’ souls cannot sway my appearance. Truly, no human force of will can discreate my existence and my full intent to arrive in light.

Only those who seek my appearance will find utmost pleasure and joy. There will be no mistaking my presence; it will be unforgettable as well as unstoppable. The expediation of my appearance has been presented by your faithful teacher, RondEL, and this holds true…[inaudible]…timing is the only perceptible change regarding my appearance. Openness to the stillness within reminds [?] each of your parts of my presence today and always will it remain so. I am omnipresent.

The rapture yet to be experienced can be found today, of course, in your stillness, with love and centered-ness. Fear not retribution, I arrive in love. You will know me, I shall protect those who are susceptible to the infringement of power by others who appear to rule in force. I question the role of imagination and would enjoy dispensing of any fears by a simple action.

Carry a momento of my love in the palm of your hand. Powerful love embodied in a vision of simplicity, purity, can release the onslaught of painful or remorseful projections into the future.

The image I provide at this time will be the unique to each individual here. If it is your desire, cup your hands in an upward and forward motion. I drop into your palms an emblem reminiscent of my all-powerful loving intent for my children. Now raise your hands, if you so wish, and receive, in your cup, my gift. It is received. Now hold it in your memory for a moment. The momento is yours.

I arrive here to welcome my children back to the home that was theirs but has long since been neglected. My arrival comes at such a place and time as is inconceivable by others on neighboring planets and associated…[end of tape]… you refer to as your birth-land place is under siege. The time has arrived…[unclear word choice]… when my direct intervention will be required to positively offer freedom from the slavery of fear and turmoil, chaos and poison.

Your planetary existence has been so dim. If you only realized the potential within–you might find great desire to shed all burdens of the past and symbols of fear projected into your futures. Embrace the God within and know my arrival is imminent. Continue on the paths of further enlightenment and I will come to your place of peace. Resting in the shadows of a hot, summer day we will create a new document for living.

RONDEL: It is I, RondEL. I would like to ask each of you to reflect for a few minutes on your place in God’s endless kingdom.

MICHAEL: Have there been other concerns or unanswered questions? Can I assist in anyway at this time?

D: Father, my brother, my son, please accept my foolishness. There is much I don’t understand. You said fifty to one-hundred years; I understood that to be between fifty to one-hundred years from now. And you mentioned a document in the shade on a hot summer day, can you respond to those please?

T/R: I feel Michael spilling forth much love and warmth to you.

MICHAEL: I spoke of timing [his return] and I wish to restate the event will occur within fifty to one-hundred man-years. The gap of time may confuse your sense of right timing, yet in my existence there are many variables to consider. Therefore, [the] seeming distance of time is equated with exact and precise measure. Forgive my sense of longevity. Equate this with the timing for children where you speak of a great vacation you might be engaging in.

Explained to your child in terms of months or years, it might confuse them, yet makes great sense to your mature mind. Allow much discretion as I embark on attempting explanation of time. Please know that all that you do, whether it is in time for my Second Coming or not, will be registered as positive energy facilitating my arrival. And know that your knowledge of me will ever increase until we find each other basking in light of the Father.

In respect to documents I refer to the possibility for changing the appeal of one’s life-story. Would it interest you to have long discourse with me regarding possibilities and unforeseen joys?

D: Sure.

MICHAEL: Absolutely. I would relish this time as well. Getting to know you would truly bring pleasure. I embrace the possibilities for each of my children and would like to allow times in discourse always.

[20 minute break]

MICHAEL:To continue in discussionary efforts to discern the true impact of my arrival on Urantia: With such fortunate opportunity I [would like] screening the questions referring to fear-based discussion; whereby detailing our discussion, embellishing [instead] the hope and relief I will bring to those who suffer under darkness.

R: Michael, I was discussing this with my friend D.. What will we do on this planet , in your Second Coming, with the millions and millions of people through their ignorance but very much in their sincerity, in their efforts to learn about God, who nonetheless are not Christians and so if Jesus comes back will not these people feel that there religion is second rate religion and on the other side of the coin would not that cause harmful and perhaps false pride in those Christians who then declare that their religion was the only true religion? I think they would use that to their advantage. could you talk to me about that?

MICHAEL: My son, who speaks of great necessity for understanding, I call to you a witness of the diversity of background created in light and occasion of the Father’s will for this planet. Many tribes have created different conceptions of the Eternal One. I arose a babe in a basket, vulnerable, helpless and endowed with spiritual material. Each man who lives is endowed with the Creator’s life energy.

Upon my arrival the knowing-ness of our divine origin, will guide all to my light. Separateness of faith is bred by inhibited creativity. Inescapable, however, is the conclusion that I am the Creator. the potential within all beings. Man must divorce himself from sanctions which rule out the spiritual endowment for those who have created alternate, but nonetheless acceptable religious paths.

R: This is good then if we should come under a new world religion along the lines of which you describe with reverence for each other’s creativity, with spiritual endowment and as you said upon your coming that all men will be drawn to your light, I can imagine perhaps, that at that time the creation or revelation of a new world religion. I cannot due to the perversion of your teachings by the Christian Church imagine that the world religion would very much resemble the orthodox teachings of the Christian Church. Will there be a new world religion upon your coming?

MICHAEL: The Advent, the coming of my spiritual force, will cause every mortal to turn his/her attention to their disposition and at the same time all religion will become no more, shall not be required. Only in light of human misunderstanding can I be forced into novels taught to undisciplined disciples. My forceful nature, in love received, will beckon all to reach to feel my embrace only.

R: Will you come alone? Will you bring others? Will you attract other mortals to your revelation?


MICHAEL: You my son, are part of an army of mortals who prepare my passage. The hearts of those I touch today will shine as stars guiding my path to the Father’s…[inaudible].

Prepare the way for others to be prepared, and so on. I arrive with the forcefulness of angelic virtue, sounding horns of everlasting forgiveness and hope. Arriving beside me will be finaliters, others of discipline in like manner inconceivable to you at this juncture. However, your thoughts will be impressed with visions of hope and picturesque scenes of my coming will [ensue]. Stay open and receive, share these also with others in your midst. It is part of the preparation.

S: Michael, I have a question. Will you please tell us now, at this time, in your own words how we are to prepare for your Second Coming? And also, I wonder as time goes on if we will each receive specific guidelines for what you wish us to do in preparation for your Second Coming?

MICHAEL: [tape interruption]

Session 14

7/4/93 Transmission Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


T/R: A visualization is being given to us. There is a small boat in the ocean, and even out there in the middle of the ocean our needs are being provided for. Though we’re not too far from land, we still need sustenance. We’re provided with the right wind speed to direct our course and in case of hunger we’re given fish which hop out of the sea into our boat.

The sun shines, but doesn’t harm us in any way. The breeze is cool. The intent of this image is to assure all of us here that our needs are provided for, even though it may appear that we are cast out to sea; truly our natures find that we are protected. Also, camaraderie is encouraged, so that even in such a small vessel we encourage each other. There should be laughter and good will towards each other.

RONDEL: Hello, to one and all. I embrace each of you on your journeys. We recollect at this time and space how much each of you have grown spiritually since we first began only recently. I, speaking for myself, would like to stand in admiration for a moment, catching a glimpse of the extraordinary beauty which I behold as I speak today.


Such fine and spectacular colors meet my eye! Truly your spirit reflects much change and alteration. The dim cast of light, which we perceived days ago, has since blossomed into fruitful fulfillment of spirit energy. Although many of you experience distress, know your course, acquired upon your soul arrival here, is now changing as expected. We perceive and know that all is in good order and in right time for each of you.

Occupation with fears or distress is only energy, and if you choose to, at will, you may instead choose preoccupation with joyful and pleasant outcomes. The pain of not knowing is best suited for the Father’s loving embrace and [in] that you may soon discover comfort and genuine truth. Some, who may still be recovering from impact of misuse of spiritual knowledge, may rest assured that even in doubt or thoughts of hypocrisy, the Father will bless and endow you with eternal love and forgiveness.

Recognize in your own self the potentials for [a]love-filled existence. When perceived, it might seem imaginary or somehow unattainable. But know this my children, you are cared for, and will, with love, discover your true paths. And know that they are paths of love and joy. Do not dismiss this as a flimsy or fantastical belief. It is truth.

JOHN: I have arrived to assist in healing. John is the name by which you may know me. I have entered this room in conscious belief that healing is attainable and would like to begin at this time to acquaint you with my healing powers. Call to me in your need, whether physical or not. I can and am able to help at this time.


C: Welcome John, I thank you for your previous assistance that was delivered through Alicia. I have been wanting to ask you since you assisted with the healing of my lymph node condition, what part faith plays in such healing. Specifically, I was wondering if my faith had been great enough could you have healed me instantly, instead of it taking three or four weeks?

JOHN: In truth, my dear C., healing can occur instantaneously. Often there remains residues of belief structure which pertain to the holding on of illness. We perceive these as I enact a healing and with a flurry of celestial assistance we begin to unwrap the true source of the illness thereby reducing the risk of [repetitious illness]. It can be eliminated; however, other unrelated beliefs may create similar symptoms in your bodily system. In order that you begin to heal more fully, I encourage you to resist the temptation to believe that somehow you are at fault or deserving of negative influence in your existence.

We assist, as I stated, by creating an influx of teachers around you to help instill new beliefs and understanding, before releasing the old beliefs which created the illness to begin with. Have you understood me clearly?

C: Yes, I have. This sounds much like what I learned in neuro-linguistic programming. I would ask how–as an example, I have a ringing in my ear and I am trying to find a way to rid myself of this ringing, and I was told that sometimes our hearing is intentionally diminished so that we can go inside, so that we search our inner self more–there’s a reason for it. For myself, I, in addition to the ringing, I have a hearing loss. I accept the hearing loss may be of some spiritual benefit to me, but I cannot conceive that the ringing is. Although it also reduces my ability to hear, it’s very annoying and so I would like to get rid of the ringing. I don’t know if I have beliefs that are inhibiting my ability to heal or not. How might I know if I have these beliefs or not?

T/R: C., will you come sit in front of me, and allow me to hold your hands?

[Few minutes of silence]

JOHN: Repeated exposure to elements which impede further healing are restricting your process. I suggest on the daily regimen that you quiet in your stillness the hearing problems through a technique which has an everlasting impact on your ability to receive sound more clearly. Resonating in your mind I discover a truth of wisdom. I believe you will respond positively to what I offer here. The vision which you received has indeed been assisting in the healing process yet I perceive there is an emotional blockade which creates a small barrier. It is easily overcome, however.

In the stillness of your mind imagine a pastoral scene with rich, deep greens and blues. There are animals created to remain within the boundaries of a small fence-like structure. In your mind’s eye imagine these boundaries are beliefs about topics which you were not to hear or discuss. For you it may require some thinking to discover these, yet they exist. Instead of remaining blockaded in by [fences] which are designed to be secretive, I wish to employ the use of your spiritual, mental legs and jump over these fences into the green, rolling hills, wandering as you wish, and listening freely to all sounds which emanate from the soul’s discourse.

Are you willing at this time to attempt this over the next few weeks?

C: Yes, certainly, I look forward to it.

JOHN: Ask for my assistance and I will come to you as you reach into that place of stillness.

C: Thank you,

JOHN: I love you and wish for your health and happiness.

C: I appreciate your help and assistance.

S: I would like to speak. I am deeply moved. I feel as if I felt your presence in the room…[inaudible]. I would like to ask for help in whatever it is that I need to be rid of the pain in my left side, and to ask for help in understanding the very unusual experiences I’ve been having lately.

JOHN: I behold a beautiful spectacle as I receive your wishes. Truly, I perceive the daughter of a great spirit who searches longingly for truth and simplicity in her life. Embrace the healing powers that I possess, and know that I give to you freely a small cup of purest love, filled with soothing medicine for your soul. The changes you have experienced are extraordinary, yet their purpose has been relied on to help you to understand certain aspects of your being.

It had taken time and apparently you perceive a toll, yet in my eyes I only see the glory of a blossoming flower. I have indeed assisted you and though it appears to require more than what you are capable of, I know that the timing is exactly as it should be. I recommend you take this cup and sip from it regularly throughout your daily and nightly spiritual enhancement. It will assist in offering salve for healing [the] growing pains you are experiencing.

S: Thank you, I will most certainly do that. Thank you for that wonderful gift.

JOHN: I love you, my daughter, and wish, also, much rest and joy for you. It will be so.

C: I have faith that if Michael and the Father wished it we could be healed instantly. But I perceive that this process is unfolding over a period of time, so that we may learn the healing process and may learn other things in the process, is this correct?

JOHN: Indeed, my wise son. The unfolding of experience is quite necessary for soul expansion and growth. The fault that we may find with the mortal approach is the tendency to hold on too rigidly to the illness rather than focusing on the healing. Many mortals could be healed…[end of tape]…if they choose to discover the lessons which reside in them.

B: John, that seems to say that physical illness always has a spiritual lesson contained within it. Is that a correct inference?

JOHN: I believe that there is an equitable arrangement made between one’s mental, spiritual, and emotional [aspects], and thereby influencing the physical state of a being on any given planetary sphere. I equate physical injury to the lack of comprehension regarding balanced states of existence, which further incorporates the loving messages which the Father provides incessantly. I would like to, at this time, remind each of you that evolving is this process and at no time do we judge or accuse a mortal of resisting truth, for sometimes it becomes necessary for their personal, spiritual development that they resonate with an experience over an extended period of time in order to learn a lesson on a deep and rich level of experience.

C: John, can you speak to us on the healing of forgiveness–how to forgive people when we feel we’ve been hurt and can’t get rid of our anger?

JOHN: Acting in forgiveness, my dear son, requires an act of faith and integrity of spiritual forces. Aligning oneself with the will of the Father, it becomes clear that there exists no need to harm, nor experience dishevelment, from another being. Yet, of course, as evolving mortals, there exists a time and place when you or another may truly have experienced hurt and in return feel angry and of defensive posture. Remember the poison this creates to your being.

May I assist you in identifying and releasing any stored up hostile emotional charge? The creation of energy of this type within your bodily system will eventually cause disarray to your cellular structure, creating disharmony and/or disease. I would invite you to question the use of withholding this energy and would like to allow you a moment of private discourse with me where I will allow you identification and thus release.

Now take a moment to reflect. I enter your thoughts and we may discover together and relax. Breathing is vital.

C: What thought am I looking for?

JOHN: I encourage you to still your mind, quieting all thoughts. As we begin to search, I remind you of the dangers, the non wisdom of retaining toxic build-up of negative emotional charge in your system. In this time and place I request that in the stillness, in the quietness of your being, we explore together, discovering the impact, and therefore the identification, of the storehouse of emotions of which you spoke. This is a golden opportunity and one I wish to repeat. In the channeled force of my energy here this morning, I would like to invite you to explore this with me. All others are welcome to join as well.

C: We just try to be still.

[A few minutes of quiet meditation]

JOHN: Making it through the cataclysmic history of disease and indescribable illness, your planet has resolved to discover means of curability through… [inaudible]… means. I assure you that in keeping with my earlier message to you, these are not, in and of themselves, wrong. It is only the gap that is created, which does not allow the soul of an individual to expand and grow in consciousness, when the symptoms of an illness are treated and hence removed.

This stumbling block, the illness, when taken away prematurely creates further chaos in the body system. Without true discovery of the intent of an illness–whether it is of the individuals’ creation or that of society–then there truly is an extended period of time wherein that soul is removed from its natural course. Understood is the intent of medicine to heal thy body. Yet, without appropriate healing of spirit, emotional, and body capacity, one discovers an intimate arrangement which must not be neglected.

B: If you were to give advice to a physician, a medical doctor–or put it this way; if I were to take a part of this transcript and send it to either one of my brothers–who are physicians, is there any thing you would like to say to them about the healing profession that I could pass on?

JOHN: Only this; healing one’s heart facilitates the actualization of medicinal treatment. It is truly my desire that all who act in faith also realize their potential to heal themselves and others. The love of the ever-present Father in each of our lives plays a role which is not removed from the medical faculties. I request of your brothers that they search their hearts, confident in the existence of the ever- present, ever-loving Father. And, may they be assured that as they heal their own emotional, mental and spiritual wounds, they will gain greater understanding as to the true ills of the patients they administer to.

B: That’s beautiful. I have one more important question. Do you have anything to say, at any level, about my brother’s wife who is in the final stages of MS degeneration. Is there anything that he can do or that you can do or she can do at this time?

JOHN: Ask this of her condition, will it require further intervention? Would it truly be possible for the spiritual foundations that resonate within her person, [in] asking for her assistance from me or from Michael? I would honor the ability to reach her in her distress and allow the healing if it is her will. I must not forcefully create a situation where healing occurs. As we have spoken, this would be taking away from the soul experience which she demands. But her lessons may be learned at a record pace if she so chooses and she may be released from this burden. It is not my decision to make, however, and truly she must originate this belief deep within her soul.

B: Thank you, John. I would like to revisit this with you before I go back to the East Coast if I may.

JOHN: Yes, of course, I would be glad to do this.

C: John, is the theory behind homeopathic medicine valid? And if so, are homeopathic remedies preferable to chemical remedies?

JOHN: Distinct dissimilarities exist, as you may realize, between what is termed “homeopathy” and “traditional medicinal” practices. However, one string in similarity is the taking away of power from the growing, expanding individual. Anytime there is a therapy which impinges a specified routine, which railroads the feeling process, then it is a practice which requires more depth and understanding. Each individual requires their own personal history involved in the healing mystery. I assure you that the tools which have been created by your fellows are of great asset to you. Always recall that your own inner spiritual guide will assist you in your true path for recovery from any illness.

C: In that case the theories of Deepak Chopra–he would seem to be one of the foremost practitioners of the kind of medicine you are speaking of, is that correct?

JOHN: Your association with this practice assures you that it does indeed factor in the healing of the evolving spirit. Yes, this is true.

M: John, I am in such emotional pain that I am having to coax myself to speak.


JOHN: If you desire, I will attempt to [reach you] privately in your thoughts.

T/R: Minna, can you take my hands for a minute?

[Few minutes of silence]

JOHN: The presence of love within creates disharmony for you today. It stirs and dissociates pain which had been inflicted long ago. The memories of loss and chaos are fresh to you today. I would like for you to nestle in the loving arms of the Father, if you can. If not, find compassion in the arms of a loved one who can embrace you and allow your grief to flow freely.

When love circulates so quickly throughout a mortal body, often feelings of pain and sorrow are released. This is a normal reaction, do not be afraid. We will assist in healing and in allowing you to grow in a fruitful and productive way. Many blessings have you given and we wish to bless you at this time with love and honor of your pain.

T/R: Can I give you a hug?

(M. agrees to hug and there is a few minutes of tearful release.)

JOHN: Request at this time a prayerful moment, calling in nurturing teachers and spirits that allow growth, yet also encourage growth. In this we sometimes find pain and sorrow. Let us honor this and invite our celestial companions in to comfort and nurture us always.

T/R: John is asking that we all hold hands.

JOHN: Love is with us. Be here, ever present, in bonding. Relish opportunities to join with one another. Support and cherish the journey which each of you take independently, but together. Embrace one another in the knowing-ness of your search. I call to you to open your heart and release the tragedy of painful experience. We offer a new way. It is simple, and it is [of love]. Help each other.

T/R: . ..[end of tape/addressing S.]…testing to see if you feel her presence or not. If you can feel and sense how excited she is.

S: Yes, I can feel it. It brings me tremendous joy. I am just so ecstatic.

T/R: She would just like to sit with you, she just wants to be with you and sit and have you talk with her.

S: O.K. thank you!

T/R: She reminds me of a small child who has waited so long to have her spirit embraced and acknowledged.

S: Can you tell me what she looks like?

T/R: She’s . ..I can see her sitting on your lap but her movement is fluid. She’s about…she’s tall enough…her legs don’t touch the floor when she’s on your lap and her head doesn’t come above your shoulder. I can’t see anything else –it’s just light.

S: Thank you,

B: I have a couple of questions. I wanted to say thank you to Zephyl for being present. I have felt Zephyl and I’m really happy with what appears to be results in my resonance, the molecules being heated up. Is Zephyl still available for that?

ZEPHYL: I am prepared at any instant to provide you with this healing measure. It is imperative that you request my presence as earlier stated. I have enjoyed the miraculous movement which I observe in you, as well in others here. Thank you for the golden opportunity to reawaken those “pajamed” molecules!

M: I want to thank you for making me laugh, it feels good.

S: I want to thank you too, Zephyl, for the many wonderful times that you’ve come to me when I’ve asked.

ZEPHYL: Is it not true that laughter is an awakening as well? I truly enjoy the spirit with which I have met all of you.

B: Thank you, Zephyl. I now have a question on another topic for the teachers. Might we continue with the instruction from the Verondadek son who was with us some weeks ago? It was profound and it seemed to have a curriculum for us. Is there anyway we can have him back? Is he able to be present now? Perhaps on any level that he pleases.

MICHAEL: Indeed your encounter with the V. son was extraordinary, and if it be your desire we will continue to arrange for this. It must be noted that your conditioning is such, that at a required time, you might encourage one another to follow the explicit instructions given by this extraordinary teacher and also be prepared for a scheduled event which we expect you will maintain. That is in order to facilitate the coming of such a great teacher. It must be in regulated order.

B: Yes, Michael, it strikes me that, on a practical note, that this should be scheduled for the future when travel schedules permit and we could inform others of such a series of lessons to come, Maybe we can explore the timing more and invite those we feel drawn to invite for this structured event. That’s what comes to mind right now.

MICHAEL: This would be ideal.

RONDEL:  Spiritual growth enhances the receptivity of all your members, and at this time we remind you that the V. study would allow perception and understanding on an ever-expanding level. Consider the options, and as we are always in communication, we will assure you of this experience at the desired time which you will arrange.

B: Just to add a further thought, RondEL, the combining of study of UB with the V. teachings as he suggested, strikes me as a way to provide an opening for many people in our area here. And I just want to note that, as something we can consider in making the invitations I feel drawn to make to certain people outside our group that would, I think, be an enhancement that they would appreciate. Just to let you know the course of my thinking on this.

T/R: He’s going to wait to respond on another date.

B: I wanted to ask one more question, to Tomarey. Does Tomarey know what time the sun came up this morning?

TOMAREY:  If you were still in your pajamas then you missed the timing of the sunrise! However, do you sense the sun rising in your heart?

B: Yes, I do.

TOMAREY:  Good, let us together relish the beauty of this spectacle.

B: O.K. Tomarey.

TOMAREY:  Your sleeping mind is of such joy to me, for then is when the playful, thoughtful creatures come to the surface. I enjoy you immensely and would like to talk to you on a more regular basis.

B: That sounds like a great proposal, I’ll take you up on it. Especially when I sit down to try to write poetry.

TOMAREY:  You liked my poems, then?

B: Oh, I loved your poems. We’ve been trying to find the tape so we can type them up.

TOMAREY:  Well, I have still retained them!

B: I hope we can find the tape. I’m sure you’ve got many more for the next round.

TOMAREY:  Yes, indeed, I do. Farewell my dear ones, and remember me in your dreams.

B: I was wondering if Zion was still composing stories? And if we would have a story someday from Zion, he’s such a good story writer.

ZION: The partnership which I created with your grand teacher, Josephine, was dissolved for the purposes of other explorations which were necessary. However, I may attempt to convince RondEL, if he would be so inclined, to share one of my yarns.

B: I look forward to the day to see what happened to the Egyptians.

ZION: Thank you for the appreciation of my work.

B: You’re welcome. I would like to say “hi” to Thomy, and acknowledge Thomy’s continuing presence throughout the months.

T/R: I’ll bet Thomy is more important than we imagine.

B: That’s all my questions.

RONDEL: The story time hour is yet to be decided. It is so difficult for me to engage in such creative folly. I would like to amuse and expand my spirit as well, so let’s give it a try sometime.


M: That’s the spirit!

T/R: The teachers are in a circle above us. You know how they’ve been in a circle around us showering love on top of us. Now they’re up there with make-believe instruments trying to make a lot of noise; they’re using drums, rattles and bells. Their trying to say ” We’re here!” . They’re making a lot of noise, shouting,”do you hear us?”. Anyway, now they’ve put down their instruments and they are surrounding us and moving in this direction above us, circling an energy of love, and encouragement.

Session 15

8/8/93 Transmission Norman, Oklahoma


RONDEL: Hello to one and all. Greetings from [my] planet, that which I relate most to [for] well-being and fitness.

T/R: As an aside, as part of my guided imagery, I was taken to RondEL’s planet and am connecting with him there.

RONDEL: Explanation is necessary, of course, for it may confuse your mortal minds to realize the potential for travel to another planet, yet seeing the physical appearance of your dear friend, Asia, here this evening. She has entered into an energy state which is unlike those normally traveled by your kind. You may experience similar energy transactions yet time is required for this…[inaudible]…to be enhanced to a state where such travel is attainable.

Many beings here are in observance of your small but mighty group this evening. They anticipate many interactions and wish to acquaint you with the practical nature of the teachings you will receive. Already many minds have joined us, in unison, under the loving embrace of our Creator, and now we welcome each of you to this occasion. The meeting of loving and [intent?] minds. Many have joined me here and wish to identify themselves. Is your comprehension of this occasion up to par, that is, are you prepared to receive my celestial, planetary brothers and sisters?


B: I stand ready to meet your friends and colleagues. It’s an honor to have this opportunity.

S: Yes, RondEL, I am very excited to meet your planetary brothers and sisters.

RONDEL: I believe it is time if all are truly prepared. If there’s no more to say at this time I will begin the introductions. Your first introduction will be with my dearest sister, her name is to be known an LinEL. Her activities have been noted on your earthly planet yet at this time she appears at her home base and relishes this opportunity to see you in full vision.

B: Hello, LinEL, it’s exciting to have you here, I know you from my friend Thea. Some of your writings have been very stimulating to say the least. Welcome.

LINEL: : Yes, indeed, thank you. Many gifts have been given unto me that I may then gift each of you, with similar loving intent. It is with grandeur that I begin a simple task which is to further unify one amongst the other. That the messages you receive will enlighten others on your path. Ask this of me, I will assist when necessary.

B: Thank you.

RONDEL: My next introduction is another peer/friend. He is known by the name TothEL. He brings extraordinary gifts now and wishes to address your group individually.

TOTHEL: Hello to one and all. My name, as you have correctly heard, is TothEL. I lead a liberation movement and request that many angels come to assist those who are pleading with the Father for assistance in [finding?] more regarding attunement to the gifts of love in this grand spectacle, this universe. I become a light for you. If [you desire], request my presence and I will enact further enlightenment upon your search for truth.

B: Greetings TothEL, I’m eager to hear more about what you do and about the liberation movement that you are leading, in due time. Thank you for being here.

TOTHEL: It will require time. For as friendships blossom, as the seed first required planting, then many nurturing moments pass. Soon we will become as the blossom, together.

B: That’s beautifully said.

RONDEL: Our next arrangement for introduction is a great teacher on our planet. It is a being who surpasses many of us here in wisdom, intelligence, and experience. I believe you will come to admire this [being]. Her name is Andora. She belongs to a planet which rules over many.

B: Greetings Andora, we are really blessed with many grand beings. Thank you for being here, Andora.

ANDORA: I am queen of this planetary sphere. I bring gifts of warmth for those who cry in their loneliness. I beckon those with songful praise, those who desire peaceful existence. It is with great admiration and respect that I join with you in your personal attempts to discover the glory that resides within your soul awakening.

I bring pearls of wisdom and cherish any moments that you may desire to acquaint yourselves with the lovely decorations which adorn your beings. Applaud your courage for each of you have come [an] extraordinary distance. This is why you are being granted these gifts. The granting of spiritual teachers available upon request is given to those of purest faith and utmost courage.

B: I do indeed feel like this is quite an extraordinary gift and I want to thank RondEL for arranging all these special guests.

RONDEL: Yes, it was in due time, for you have crossed many bridges to get here, residing in this place you many know you are loved and protected by many.

T/R: I have been brought back here, zoomed back to earth, as strange as that may sound.

B: They are still there, but you are here now.

RONDEL: Your connection is true and clear. The teachers who have been presented to you are dear to me and I offer their gifts. Please feel free at any time to request of them your wishes. They are available to attend to you personally.

T/R: I feel the presence of Michael descending upon the room; I just had an image of Michael being downloaded from the mainframe!

MICHAEL: Hello to my dearest ones. You arrived here safely? Your path has been tumultuous. Many times you have wondered if you would arrive ever in a place of calm. Yet here we are together. It is in and of itself a revelation. Would you not agree?

S: Yes, I would.

B: It’s always a revelation when you make your presence felt, and I hope to reveal something more of myself tonight as well to you.

MICHAEL: Your hearts are open. However I perceive some distance in the “beginner’s chair”. Has there been anything mentioned here which concerns you, my son?

SK: Beginner’s chair. That interests me.

MICHAEL: Of course, my dear one, the fact that you arrive here on this special evening of discourse requires that your journey has been long and prosperous. You may realize that my term “beginner” only implies you coming into a group of those who are worshipping and listening in direct service to the loving nature of our Universal Father.

SK: Can you explain to me what you mean by “distance”?

MICHAEL: It only eases my ability to converse when I may speak directly to those I perceive as questioning in nature. This may facilitate for me some clearer understanding of your state this evening. I listen attentively if you wish to share with me, your Creator, the thoughts which you employ at this time.

SK: How are you my Creator?

MICHAEL: I see distance in your understanding here. I believe you are to meet with me many more times in the future on this particular topic. For now, may it be known that I create all beings which exist in this planetary scheme. There is more I will tell you at a later date. We will have further meetings I assure you.

SK: I appreciate your patience with me in the beginner’s chair.

MICHAEL: I love you, my son. [I] embrace you in your knowingness, and also allow you many questions if it is your desire.

SK: One more question?


SK: Are you also my destroyer?

MICHAEL: Only if it be your wish.

SK: There’s a lot of power to my wish.


MICHAEL: You will reclaim what is yours. There is no need for despair. I relish many further opportunities to enlighten you to the freeing of burdens which you must be wary of. I see great hearts of gold within you and know your presence here is no accidental, circumstantial occurrence. You begin a path which started away and long ago. Now you will begin to see many truths, that once discerned, will lead you to further peace and enlightenment.

SK: Thank you, I’m ready for that.

MICHAEL: Indeed you are. I accompany you on this journey, with love.

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