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OKL1.3- Oklahoma Sessions 16-20

1993-01-16-Oklahoma Sessions 16-20
Oklahoma City #1.3   Sessions 16-20


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Oklahoma Group Collection
o 1.2 Group: Oklahoma City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: RondEl, Tomaray, Michael, Zion, Machiventa, Zephyl, Josephine
o 2.2 TR: Ellen

Session 16

8/15/93 Transmission Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


RONDEL:  Lately we have observed each of you here with the quiet solitude of a mouse. I watch. I pay attention. For I am your teacher and as your teacher demand of myself that I know my subject thoroughly. With this knowledge, then, may you know that I am impressed with the progress I have seen. Indeed, each of you may go home to your hearts and bring a shining A+ with you. You are indeed traveling far and very quickly.

We will begin this evening with a talk. I blend into this discussion events of our past together as well as projections into what the future might hold. Would any of you like to delve into discussion with me on your personal exercises, which are to be carried out to fruition, or any others [ed. note: personal exercises], which have occurred already?

C: Yes, I would.

RONDEL: Please continue, I am in listening posture.

C: Perhaps I didn’t understand the question. What is it you ask of me? I am willing to participate.

RONDEL: I was wondering, as your teacher, if you had any questions concerning your progress–any events which have occurred or some that may soon transpire.


C: I don’t know what the future holds, although I look forward to the future. I probably have some questions from the past, but I can’t think of anything right at this moment.

RONDEL: Already you have begun. Your path is filled with many pleasurable items and although there are many painstaking details ahead, you will arrive, no doubt, at a stopping place where you will perceive the present as it nestles betwixt the past and the future. Your interests lead you in directions which will grant you many favorable items in [years] to come. Believe, as I know, your learning is continuous. As your personal teacher I see great strides ahead.

Is there anyone else who wishes to broach this topic with me at this time?

D: I have a question, RondEL. I am curious how I might, or we might, encourage the relationship between ourselves and our teachers. How we might use the relationship with ourselves and our teachers, how we might nurture the relationship between ourselves and our teachers, now and through the days of our lives — as we go out to work and learn to live the tools, the messages, the….[inaudible]…the wisdom, the ideals that are more clear now in these times.

RONDEL: So much of the information that has been passed to you from our orders above, belong in a place which often times is unrecognizable to you. You begin to notice small deviations from past behavior in your daily life. You may notice you are touched in ways that were not noticeable previously, or it may be that you respond differently/separately to situations than those which had preceded. You are indeed in contact, never completely knowing, for we are not embraceable in the mechanical sense. Yet, I observe, fairly, the distinctions in behavior which are dictated by the learning, the loving and healing, you are receiving. Do not question how you may enhance contact, for it has occurred. Now, instead, believe that this is truth and that your desires are manifesting as we speak.

D: Thank you, say “Hi” to everybody.

T/R: They [the teachers] are raising their voices to say “Hi” back. There really are many teachers here tonight.

B: Can you name who’s here?

T/R: I asked RondEL if it is O.K….at this time, he says it would be fine. Zion is here and would like to speak.

ZION: Sparkling, my tiny cherubs, I see and reflect back to you your brightness. My goodness, what glory shines down upon you all here. What a magnificent spectacle you emanate out to the heavens. Long distance traveler am I — I am guided back to this reflection often, for it is an aurora borealis to me. I cannot pass by without stopping.

TOMERAY: Hello, my darling children. Many times have I rested on your foreheads dipping into your dreamlike thoughts, dabbling, wondering, waiting. Will they call for me? I am pleased with the joy and lack of inhibition I observe and I wish to admire for a moment the pleasures of the heart. Thomy is here and does many revolutions in space. For, you see, he is truly an acrobat, and channels his energy in light-wave pulses. He is continually in flux, joyously fluctuating throughout the universes. Maybe he can dance through your heart’s desires and raise your spirits to the stars.

SI: Can we invite him to do this?

TOMERAY: He is delighted at your request and will indeed service your heart in this manner. Call to him, he is prepared. He does not speak but moves through action in love, peace, and joyous harmony with [the universe], which we all compare to our own truth.

SI: Do we call to him with words?

TOMERAY: You may resonate in your thoughts your truest, deepest heartfelt desire, and he will respond. It is not required to activate speech patterns. [Inaudible].

JOSEPHINE: Hello my fellow students. We are acquainted again. I have been elsewhere, assisting those who are in desperate need of my services. I pay a visit this evening for I was stunned by an uprising of energy and arrived in time to see many joyous spirits reaching out to the heavens. I celebrate your increasing commandment of your hearts, and will refrain at this time from any teachings, only to applaud your successes.

B: In no small part thanks to you, Josephine. We’ve taken some, at least I have, grown a lot from your ministry. I want to send out a thanks to you.

JOSEPHINE: Yes, we really made high steps and kicked around many ideas regarding fear-based choices. We have together made much progress.

B: The most delightful period of my life was that period, that time, those months with you. Of course, all the others, but you had such a unique teaching that I continue to return to. Good to have you back, at least for a visit.

JOSEPHINE: Believe it or not, I too was much enhanced by that experience and forever will it remain imbedded in my memories. It was a dear opportunity to meet, in person, the gifted children of faith and desirers of love.

B: That’s moving. Who else graces our evening?

T/R: RondEL is back to speak. A new energy moved into the room that is unfamiliar to me, so RondEL is working with me, helping me to relax, helping this energy to pass through rather than holding on to it. Give me just a minute here.

RONDEL:Our next phase of this session will enter new doctrines of learning and therefore also the teaching methodology will be challenged somewhat. It will require many passing moments of integrity-listening components matching those of your speech directives. You will begin to see a new process in its formation and likely will be prepared for new information regarding preparation for our mission. That is; to enlighten those of such desire to the Father’s complimentary love and absolute forgiveness he holds for all of his children.

T/R: Machiventa Melchizedek is here. He arrives in a very princely fashion and I view him seated on a throne as he anticipates speaking.

MACHIVENTA: Hello, to all of my children here, seated here beside my throne, I am Machiventa Melchizedek.

T/R: He really has a royal feeling to him. It’s a switch [from what I’m used to].

MACHIVENTA: I address each of you personally, individually, and also as a whole: your unit here, the small grouping of faith-filled, loving personalities. At stake is the loss of memory, the chance that we may forget where it is we have arrived from.

In gratitude, heartfelt, many of you have echoed to us, one of us, or another, the riches you begin to discern in your personal existences. Believe, my children, before you see. Your heart will lead you to truth before your eyes perceive the miracles. You know this has been true.

Many ordained encounters with celestial personalities have brought you to new places in space and time function. Yet, you are not fully aware of all the circumstances which destined you to arrive. You cannot consciously hold in your mind all the components which interact to create the existence you perceive. We believe harmony exists and though your setbacks may be perceived as truant roadblocks, we know them as gifts and enlighten you to this on this day.

M: When we encounter roadblocks, how can we tell whether we should find another way or whether we should challenge the roadblock and try to overcome it? In other words, go around it or go over it?

MACHIVENTA: My dearest child, a wise question from one who has seen many roadblocks in her existence here. Be not troubled by indecision regarding roadblocks. There are many in place and some are attainable upon our request. If we perceive you are jumping one too many obstacles we are inclined to resist further so that you learn to rest rather than act.

When alone and wallowing in the indecisiveness of uno roadblock, know sometimes it takes effort to wait. Sometimes the tendencies [are] to push rather than rest. Many times roadblocks are removed when once again the road . ..[inaudible]…then you know it may be time to continue on your path.

Easing through life may appear difficult; challenging it may be to rest. You will begin to see the truth embodied in roadblocks. Be aware and ask often. I will assist you in discerning your path. Please, be not afraid to question this of me at any time.

SI: May I ask a question? This is the beginner’s chair, I hope you will be patient with me.

MACHIVENTA: I know not of beginners for I am yet a youth myself. Please [continue].

SI: I was wondering if just the idea of a road, the idea of a roadblock, or the idea of a past should be remembered or the future anticipated, or a throne, and royalty, if these things are not roadblocks.

MACHIVENTA: You have much to anticipate yourself, my dear son, and in this, please recall that our lives are adjacent to one another. Our roads, clearly marked, reflect our innermost desires. You know this is fact for I have observed in your thoughts action based on desire. You realize the potential for creating one’s own roadblocks or dismantling the path completely.

Yet, striving forward, we continue to search for truth. Then symbols become disinteresting...[T/R: uninteresting, not at all interesting].... Believe the course you follow is of your making and know, as you believe, so your desires call to you. Your path mentioned here exceeds the glory of many others, for in truth you have striven, and now release will bring joy and clarity.

SI: Thank you very much…[inaudible].

MACHIVENTA: You are indeed welcome.

B: I just wanted to say how pleased and honored I feel to have you here, Machiventa. It is an answer to prayer to have you. I don’t have any questions; I just feel happy and content today and I don’t have any questions. I just want to share my delight in having you here.

D: I have a question. You — it seems we never have answered this question. When Michael was on this planet as our brother and was crucified –there is a lot of value place on that crucifixion by many people [with] many different values. I feel that some of them I can’t relate to; it feels as though his crucifixion was simply an event upon which I have been served not to place undo value. What purpose, if any, did Michael’s crucifixion serve him, mankind then, mankind now?

MACHIVENTA: Your question brings to my heart rays of hope and love. You might realize that Michael’s existence here on your planet, your earth, the Urantia that you speak of, his stay here, was vitally important. Not only was he allowed to bring new teachings to your planet at a time when this was very much needed, he brought also the loving waves of forgiveness. This actually occurred on an energy- specific level and is accounted for throughout all space and time here. There, in his directed action, was absolute peace and forgiveness planted as a seed here. You may know of this seed in your own essence.

His crucifixion was a matter of great importance as well. Many hold hands, still unified, around the pain your Creator experienced. This resonates within their personhood, for has not each of you experienced times of pain and anguish? How better to know thy Creator?

Surpassing all rules of testament, the artifacts of religion; living within yourselves this knowledge of his…[earthly?]…pain [exists] and now risen up to such extraordinary height he embraces and knows each of you as individual light spirits. This is best how I explain this occurrence of Michael on your planet.

D: There are those that who say that without his death at the hands of man our sins could not be forgiven. I have trouble with that. Is it true?

MACHIVENTA: Your sins. How does one define this terminology? Sin occupies many of your thoughts much of the time, yet unaware may you be of the natural course that life takes. There exists in each soul a unified purpose: to learn and know the ways of God. It is as God is represented for you personally; I desire to remain all inclusive so that….

D: . ..I understand, let us not take anything of value from any man.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, as it were, sin. Children create play; at times their play includes forging into one another’s territory. Is this sinful? Has the child disobeyed rules regarding boundary-keeping? When is it that a child [is] gifted to perfection and no longer wrongs another? No longer does sin occupy vocabulary that I personally utilize.

Strangers among one another, not prepared for communication and effective speech with one another, believing in a disastrous state you believe your earth, your world, to exist in — your thoughts are filled with misconceptions and acting out of these you may see, rightfully so, wrong doing on the part of yourself or others.

Forgiveness is the key here. Not to focus on the sinful nature of man who is somehow brought into this glorious universe with spitfire and damnation. No, your Father has not created it thus. It is an illusion. Michael arrives here to clear this inadequacy in your perceptions. The cross signified wrongdoing on the part of children who were helpless, in a state of remorse, having lost their sense of goodness and fruitfulness. Are you prepared to believe this is so?

D: As it were then as we are frequently now.

M: Do I understand you to mean that the crucifixion wasn’t an integral part of what was to happen while Michael was here but was an event which took place because of human misunderstanding and that it was something that Michael submitted to with grace to show us that it was possible to live a perfect life under the worst of circumstances?

MACHIVENTA: Forgiveness is the key. I am prepared for indirect questions or direct answers if you wish.

SI: I have a question it may be indirect or direct . do we rid ourselves of all these misconceptions?

MACHIVENTA: I see you do request a direct answer. A sneeze, you observed a sneeze moments ago…[refers to one group member who had just sneezed]… Cosmically speaking a sneeze has many benefits.

T/R: I’m really trying to stay with this….

MACHIVENTA: In action, a sneeze separates particulates from the body which houses many misconceptions. Indeed, sneezing actualized in its fullest potential may be unworthy of clearing out true misconceptions. Yet, if you pardon my pun, “achoo”/ “at you” I would reason this possibility; maybe it is that your misperceptions are fairly personal truths and not rightly dissociated from your being. Acceptance, forgiveness, as I have stated, is fundamental, the key — loving forgiveness of ourselves and our limited potential.

Even I, Machiventa Melchizadek, am limited. I accept this, reversing my fears, believing instead in my fulfillment [of] personal prophecy. I believe you will come to recognize in yourself these gifts as they are actualized and begin to interpret your life far away from the limits of healing raison d’tre. That is all.

SI: [Inaudible}.

MACHIVENTA: I believe your loving potential will continue to increase logorithmically as we progress together, if it be your wish.

SI: It is my wish, but I was never very good at math.

MACHIVENTA: Let us handle the numbers and we will explore together. All those who wish to speak are free to do so now if they so desire.

B: Machiventa, I was wondering if you have any

[20 minute break]

D: Is it our Father’s will that many of us are involved with channeling?

MACHIVENTA: The will of the Father resonates with personal will, identified in action, as well, sometimes, in lack of decisive action. I welcome your question, yet I stand amused that you would ask a channeler in light of your communication here. Has there been reason to doubt this method in your personal experience?

D: Yes, my ego gets in the way. I find myself listening to myself while I channel. I certainly wish my thoughts, however wise they may be….

MACHIVENTA: It is not channeling then that you distrust, however; it appears to be your own sense of invasive policies, which I know to be bettered with…[unclear word choice]…preparation. It is in the preparation that discourse may be [unclear word choice] so that you can trust wholeheartedly what is yours, separate and unique from that of your celestial guides. When I speak to you of preparation, remember that channeling has an individual and unique purpose, brought to reignite many people with their own inner cherished space for loving insight into truthfulness of our universe, created by the loving Father.

See, not all are meant to channel, but many will be directed to assist others in this. You may realize the potential for interference is great, yet realize also that the Father casts a watchful eye over this process and will not allow one to continue who spurns on about truths that are based in personal misconceptions or falsities. Then, the direct lines of communication would eventually be cut off. Disastrous it may seem, but not truly, for they are allowed to once again reconnect when their own perceptions allow them to distinguish celestial teachings and what truly is not. Your preparation is required and you desire to [do] more of this, yes?

D: Yes.

MACHIVENTA: Reaching into your thoughts I notice a particular place which requires mention: fear. Have you calculated in your impressions of fear on this process? Then know the inner thought that it is enlightening to assist you. Remember imperfection is part of order, it really does not matter if the words correlate specifically with what is intended. Only that the intent is met. This may help alleviate your concerns. Also, realize your potential for direct communication with others in this way — it is an offering.

Responsibility falls directly on the shoulders of those that receive, and if their place is one of alignment and attunement they shall not be steered incorrectly. Though you may be challenged by your perceived abilities, be not dismayed, for the process, your calling for truth, is strong and desirous [desreves?] of much praise.

D: That helps, thank you.

C: Machiventa, how do we go about learning from a being like Thomy? Can we perceive him and his lessons?

MACHIVENTA: Imagine the flute playing melodious music on a starlit night– the essence of purity. Reveling in the spirits, everlasting, we have reconciled with our kinship to lightness and laughter. It is a sublime experience. No words can match, nor can they direct you, to this place. It is intent that leads you there. It brings you peace and satisfaction of knowing purity exists. [Inaudible]… with this knowledge your heart dances [to] the notes of a small piccolo in the night sky.

C: Can dancing assist this feeling, this perception?

MACHIVENTA: Movement necessitates action. In this action realize your heart may open delightfully. It is when your heart opens thus that Thomy may come. Listen for it and feel it, it is so very subtle for you. Yet believe when you taste it that it is what you know it to be. Also, would you like to arrange a time to dance and experience this?

C: Yes.

MACHIVENTA: Let us pursue this. The prayerful life you lead allows me an opening. Request of me that which you desire and I will attend to you.

C: Thank you..

B: Machiventa, I often wondered about the various orders that are spoken of. For a long time I’v wanted to ask, its really just a factual question that would help to understand things. Are there various orders of teachers, for example, the order of “EL”, to which RondEL belongs. Are there others and do they have particular purposes or missions within themselves, the various orders that are here?

MACHIVENTA: Are there certain families that exist here on your planetary sphere? Then you may realize that each of these individuals have bred within a higher order of functioning. Some are more powerful than others, and many reside in a fairly mediocre state. It is fine whichever way they are directed to be. Similarly is it in our existence then, which interfaces with your own, that many orders of beings are created solely for purpose which ignite certain learning potential in others. Many more are formed for purposes which are somewhat practical and interesting. There are multitudes and often perceptions of these orders are misconstrued. Simply reflect on your own planetary sphere and know that it is similar.

B: You say that some, of course there are the orders of being that are described in the UB. One of the reasons I ask is I have the sense that you have created orders of being, or Michael has brought into being, orders just for the teaching mission. Is that the case, or were these already existing? For example, the order of “EL” or the order that Zephyl belonged to, were they in existence already previous to coming here?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, the understanding required here is that you operate in a function of space and time, personally, which misdirects your thought processes. You may not realize how vast this creational universe actually is. It extends lifetime to lifetime and beyond. You must realize that your ability to conceive of these orders is fractionalized due to your limitations of experience. Do not be concerned, these orders have been installed many times since creation first began. You will soon notice the transpiring of events on your planet and this will resolve many of your questions. As these orders begin to materialize in a physical way, you will sense their differences in occupation.

B: That’s quite a surprise to hear that they will be materializing. It leads my curiosity in wanting to ask more about that but I don’t know if that may go beyond certain boundaries of what is necessary to know.

MACHIVENTA: I knew it would perk your ears. Yes, there will be materialization of beings on this planet. Many have arrived here “with the force of angels”, as you heard. That force is vastly underestimated, and as you see fit, you will begin to install new belief patterns that will incorporate the potential of celestial beings to make their appearance noticeable to the common mortal man. The arrival of celestial spirits on your planet has increased rapidly over the past few months, and the directional flow of energy is peaking.

Caution those in your midst to resume prayers for protection and guidance. Listen carefully for the murmurs of angelic wisdom in your personal space.

You will soon fly to new heights. Carried on the wings of angelic virtue, begin to rise above the turmoil and chaos of the past. Embrace one another, know you are each free. Enslavery keeps you no longer. Manage the events in your life with care and discipline, yet realize that imperfection is beauty to the Father. Lighten your spirits with songs of praise and encouragement for the many angels who follow you on your paths. Assist one another and lighten each other with humor and love and compassion. May we all begin to see that oneness is supreme.


T/R: Machiventa has stopped speaking and RondEL is here to say closing remarks.

RONDEL: Believe what you hear, if it resonates truly within. If not, continue to ask questions. Let your heart soar. And now, for this evening, we close with comments on your fortitude and strength, your courage and your faith. May we as teacher and student continue to employ the methods of love and forgiveness with one another.

Session 17

9/12/93 Transmission Oklahoma City, OK


T/R: I am perceiving, strongly, a light shield above us and underneath us. [It is] casting golden sunlight, it is sweet and dear.

MICHAEL: This is Michael, your Creator Son. Have you all made journeys safely to arrive here today? No more need distress fractionalize you against yourselves. Know, in purity everlasting, that you all have discovered your own personal necessity for protection, and it is given freely without concern for payment or mistreatment ruining this gift. It is yours, everlasting.

Now, as we relinquish that concern together, let us prod deeply into many concerns which have filtered through into your discussion of [a] previous time. Have you relented? That means to me [word choice unclear].

Would you each be willing to explore further depths of comprehension regarding topics concerned with extermination of rebellious spirit-led forces? Let us pursue deeply this topic now. It is vital to me and my efforts to gain love and trust amongst my children. I implore you, ask of me any question. I shall attempt to answer as fully as is attainable now at this time.


S: Michael….

MICHAEL: Yes, my dearest son.

S: I would like to further my comprehension about rebellious spirits. I have ideas and feelings but I would really like to hear from you how one identifies them.

MICHAEL: My cherished son, one must begin restructuring thought patterns to comprehend….

T/R: Could you as a group help me by continuing to imagine this shield and our group under this shielded structure for protection? I’m receiving interference and it’s difficult. I’m pausing in between to revisualize this structure and it’s creating a time lag. [Few minutes pass with group assistance.] That feels better.

MICHAEL: There is much to learn, much to realize regarding the impact of rebel spirit forces on the individuals in this group, as well as outside. Many forces pre-occupy thought processes and thereby create difficulties for me in reaching specific, learned individuals who truly must be emancipated for my collective work to continue.

Spouting on around the issues of identification will create harmony, however, a more direct path would include discerning principles/standards of everyday life which when sabotaged create chaotic situations for an individual as well as the surrounding members in a community as well as the surrounding environment in which an individual is housed. Specifically, creating flows of information [refers to earlier conversation] will attest to the fact of the presence of the rebel spirit force.

Yet, truly, introspection on one’s own life and the handle with which spirits may grab hold, yanking indiscriminately — this truly would profoundly influence, positively, my efforts to dismantle the destructive force which exists here on Urantia at this time. Does this answer?

S: Michael, let me ask you, in our personal lives we have thought patterns that affect us all the time and these concern money and they concern relationships, social relationships, and they concern thought patterns that concern fear. Are these part of rebel-spirit, God-less patterns that we must restructure? And how do we cope with it if it is?

MICHAEL: There is much to be observed here. Fear has within its power an extraordinary lesson, one which you recall faintly, not so distant. There is no need for fear. Allowing also the tendency of children to overcompensate by grabbing onto material wealth in order to calm an aching…[inaudible]…soothing the spirit in this way recalls faith, implied…[inaudible]…

knowing the longing, the treachery of instilling goods with false beliefs regarding love. Indeed, this can create judgment and harsh realities that are fear-based. In this knowing, you might recall an opening….This opening creates portholes for fear-based spirits to collect.

Reason with me and see how this door is opened. Even with profound protection from the heavens, one individual may, at a certain space and time, choose to recollect the material wealth with which fear has been infused. I cannot protect against this force of will.

However, I am armed, prepared to join with my cousin, my daughter, with my children. Let them see my light shine! Dim has it been for them, yet I may today choose to allow them to see more. How could I invite you to lessen your burden, my friend? Let Me reign supreme in your hearts, then all darkness shall be cast about as flies on a stormy night.

S: Boy, I’d love to see that! If we look inward and….I want you to reign supreme in me, that’s my desire.

MICHAEL: Call on my power. We will over time accept this [transmission unclear] union. Cloudy days filter not my light. Cautiously proceed yet vehemently pursue truth. I arrive at every singular truth with grace and surety. KNOW ME!

T/R: Which he says so strongly it feels as though the heavens are rattling. There is more that needs to be said, I am missing something….

MICHAEL: The forcefulness of truth has no power and yet owns heavenly power. There is much to say regarding truth and its purposefulness. You must realize that I AM THE TRUTH! There is none other than I. The Father has created me with purposefulness.

I am to join once again with my children whom I miss so dearly. Deeply I weep, longing for this reconnection to occur. Assist me if you will; call to me in your own personal lives. Allow me to take root that others may see the blossom. Then know deeply; feel, trust, my personal truth: You each are the personal embodiment of perfect love created by the Father to join and encompass at this…[end of tape]….I beseech you, carry this message in your life. Know that it has yet to be realized.

I am the one who has brought salvation to your humble beginnings. Let me stray not in my singular purpose. Allow me to filter into your beings. Know me! Feel me!

Request of me my presence. At every moment I wait. Never doubt this. I believe in your wholeness. I cannot, will not, abandon you in your deepest sorrows, nor will I claim your victories. They are ours to share, to shine together. Release me into your thoughts, I enter these portholes of your heart. I stand solid.

As your Creator, I call to you. Let me know you. How could it possibly be anything other than pure joy?

T/R: I need to know if you feel the power of Michael’s message?

S: Yes, I feel the power of Michael’s message.

M: [No reponse]

C: It’s not any different than usual but I guess I do feel it.

T/R: Thank you for letting me know, it’s reassuring to hear that. It feels…[weeping]…it’s the first time I’ve visually experienced Michael. He sits in front of me and is talking to me, delivering a lecture. It’s very moving, to see him, and to know his words clearly. That’s why I’m checking.

M: I would like to know from Michael what it is that I do personally that keeps him from knowing me. And what I can do to let him know me.

MICHAEL: There are many doors which cannot be opened by the vision I hold. If for example, you walk quietly in the shadows of circumspect fear, then the silence in withholding is beyond my perception. You choose my presence. Whether you be aware of this or not, it is true.

M: Have I not made that choice to let you know me?

MICHAEL: In areas of every person’s choices exists a place of indiscriminate behavior. Thoughts which hide in the deep recesses of your being call forward certain truths for purposes of healing. If this [inaudible] denial [comes] about, the healing powers of this truth — that is, Me — cannot permeate this shield of denial, or fear. I recognize denial, yet cannot reach the magnet of personality when this veil is engaged. However, I see denial and work effectively at reducing this common hang-up.

[T/R: He is saying that as ‘a curtain that one hangs up’] .

Has this answered clearly?

M: No not completely; denial of what? I can only follow what I can conceive and perceive and that’s as far as I can go.

MICHAEL: You, my child, have led an illustrious life, carried forward by many — explicitly, friendships you have discovered. Yet there is hiding, resonating, calling the portion which demands expression. Fear is often contrived around the formulation of this decent proposal; the expression of emotion and thought processes has been treated with disdain for many centuries, thousands of years. Now I call to you to remember those dwindling embers. Allow them to create the flow throughout your system. With integrity they will be felt, realized. Then I may begin to know of your dust as well as your persona/person[?]. There’s calculable the amount of denial which exists in every spirit throughout your kingdom. I know of this measure yet cannot see beyond that point.

T/R: How can that be true? I’m going to take a break.

[20 minute break]

MICHAEL: Embrace me with your heart as your mind filters information related to your posed question.

J: Yes, Michael, I have a question about love and free will. The law of your love, the being of your love is to me your exquisite respect for our free will. Can you contrast that for us to better understand the rebel spirits? Is it that their central problem is their lack of respect for our free will? How is it, in a lawful universe that they can seemingly get a handle on our thoughts? You say there’s a subliminal call to them. I need to understand more about the free will aspect; both about love and their violation of free will, in order to understand how to face, with you, the reality of the rebel spirits.

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, indoctrinated are those who find only darkness in spite of everlasting light and goodness. Indoctrinated are they into realms of thought/beliefs which seemingly possess great power and mystical wisdom. These temptations, always present, entice the hearts of my youth. Also, there exists direct discrimination against free will, allowing the barrage of negative impulses to carry across the continents. I am saddened, remorseful.

Yet in the scope of my love, I offer no assistance. How can this be? How can one Son create such magnificent creatures, only to yearn for their protection? I cannot forcefully act, I must restrain myself. As you know my dear Jacob, calling on my assistance, I am prepared to offer all I have created for a singular manifestation, that of re-unification with my spirit-led children. Allow Me to know you. I will offer you the universe in return.

J: I like that.

MICHAEL: I thought you might.

J: I’ll gladly.

MICHAEL: Jacob, [T/R: He wants me to let you know that he stands before you hands outstretched.] Let me away with you, many kingdoms shall we see. I know your truest intent, and wish to officially invite you now.

J: When do we go, where do I sign?

MICHAEL: I already have your signature. As a thumbprint on my essence, I know you.

J: I have your thumbprint here on my forehead.


MICHAEL: Now we rest [T/R: He speaks with outstretched arms]. In joy, companionship is ours for the asking. May all be well.

Session 18

9/19/93 Transmission Norman, Oklahoma


MICHAEL: It is not by coincidence that each of you found your way here. Now we sit here gathered, poised for the addition of new information regarding many aspects of your personal, developmental lives. Have you, since we spoke together last time, considered any new questions which you like to ask of me?


C: I have an old question I have been asked to relay to you: Why is it so hard to believe?

MICHAEL: What is belief other than a perception? A perception of truth in my view has no boundaries, no limits….I cannot explore further this question for there are many small circuits which require that the questioner be present in order that I may quickly/succinctly answer in his absence. I cannot fruitfully prepare a response.

M: Sounds like a good question to me. I seem to be getting further [away from belief].

MICHAEL: As an apple plucked from the highest branch of a fruit-bearing tree — there is no answer as to why the fruit from this area holds more uniqueness and purposefulness. Yet somehow its delicacy is much enhanced. There is embodied in this a belief, a perception.

It is not the fruit which holds the answers as to delectable sensations, only the projection on this object to be picked.

Now, fruitfully observing your kingdom, realize the potential in seeing not only singular fruit but a universe filled with opportunity. There is much desire on my part that children that have become low in spiritual values, relating to belief, realize it is in their grasp. Know this is also [true for you] my dear one. Do you see the correlation here?

M: I don’t think so.

MICHAEL: There’s no pushing the object at an unappetized soul. Let us continue in the knowing that I search, crave your acceptance. As you hold tightly onto your personal projections, note the limitations you perceive alongside this. Even amongst those who carry hardship, there is growth and evolution which requires these children to step forward into my life and begin to know Me.

In this I find great satisfaction. I will accompany you, if it’s your desire. Otherwise, I shall accompany you anyway.

M: I would like to have more experiential knowledge of you. Hard for me to sit here and talk because, well, you know why.

MICHAEL: Know me in your name, calling forth the spirit which breeds happiness and joy. I am in the passing of the seasons, the cooling of the air, the falling of the leaves to the ground. I am within all experience. No breath is without me. As an opening occurs, experience and feel me daily, M. I will be yours at the slightest provocation.

B: I have a friend who recently visited Guatemala. He said the people there showed more warmth and spirituality than any people he has known in the U.S., and that they have such a sense of community, solidarity. How can this be when they have so little, when they are in danger from an oppressive government?

MICHAEL: Burdened are my children by their innermost desire to seek and discover me. Hopeful are some that material wealth will provide that token of pleasure which reminds them of me. Could it be that material comforts only seek to destroy what they hope to find?

There is no basis for discovery of spirituality in money tossed so violently among you. Deepness, richness in spirit is a quality everlasting. It knows no bounds, no limitations. Believe in a whole and [….] universe of which you are a small fragment.

There is no need to dispel spiritual gratitude when your tractor refuses to work the field, or when mortgage payments can’t be met. There’s no need to fear. Reason with me and notice where true spirituality resides. Community is the coming together of people who know what truly makes a difference. There is joy in communing with one another.

Do not be misled by fortunes which surmise that one soul has accomplished great deeds. In fact, it is often that this individual is calling for Me, in desperate search for Me.

B: This somehow makes me think of your statement when you were here on this planet about “it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get to heaven.”

MICHAEL: There is much truth to this. Also there is much hope and desire in my heart that this will change soon.

[Rich and poor will live together someday]. There will be no difference amongst people. There is to be unification.

I desire of all my pupil’s stature which sees only similarities in light and love, catching only momentarily those fragments which call out to one’s individuality. No more will man reign supreme over women and children. No more will churches shout shallow praises of love. No more do separations exist between the wealthy and the ignorant. We shall not continue to allow these indiscretions to occur.

[Private question excerpted]

MICHAEL: There are many of your personal teachers who wish to speak at this time.

TOMERAY: Hello chosen ones. I am Tomeray, here to light the ever-burning candles within. I believe in you and would like to entertain any comments/concerns now.

B: Tomeray, do you have any poems for us?

TOMERAY: Oh yes!…[

T/R: She’s delighted you asked, she’s touched.

There is a tiny speck in the night sky

late, near dawn.

I often pause to wonder

if there has been “any” on.

My mind ceases to wonder if it is night or day

for when I choose to wander

I only care to pray…

that my dearest chosen friends

will beckon to me soon

and then I cease to wander

as I prance around the moon.

There has been much joy and antics in working with you mortal beings on Urantia. Yet often I am dismayed at your lack of participation in my gifts. I would like to join more often and implore you, ask not of me that which I cannot give, but truly I offer the stars. I play often with the seriousness that grabs hold of you like a dirty old dog with a rag! I wish to banish that serious nature and allow you to enjoy freedom and joyful harmony.

C: It is not easy to know how to avail ourselves of your gifts. Plus I don’t know what they are.

TOMERAY: Let me see…I can only offer that which you request. I must be wary of letting you know all of my powers. I must ponder this dilemma.

I know! I will come to you and offer a chosen, specific gift. I will grant it as you require. If for example I offer you a ring which [will bring much joy and happiness], I could offer you this ring to you and you would say, “please Tomeray, would you offer me this ring?”. I would gladly accept.

Now, if you are holding pre-conceived notions of [my] gifts, these then are enhanced with knowledge that I offer golden charms which remind you of light, health, and happiness. I further, in addition, will offer my playful heart in your dreams, as I have. Now you decide if you [will] request these things.

C: Did I make my request incorrectly?

TOMERAY: No, delighted was I. You have not quite yet learned the activation of [word choice unclear]….we will work together so you will soon feel life enhancement which is [directly] somewhere between your request and my gift. That would be, of course, where the Father intervenes.

C: Thank you.

B: I request you come into my dreams tonight and any night.

T/R: Tomeray is happy to be acknowledged. She’s spinning around.

B: [That is] an invitation for all time, any time, as the spirit moves you.

TOMERAY:  It’s so funny you should say that. I liken that to questioning the Father once. I asked of him if he ever missed himself. He needlessly assured me his love was complete and no, he never found himself lacking his own company….


M: Can [you see us]?

TOMERAY: There are fragments of light which reach me…cannot discern outlying features….

M: Can you see the sunset we look at?

TOMERAY: I enjoy a sip of sunset with you. The rising of the earthly sun: It’s quite enjoyable in fact. I notice well your accompanying gaze. It resonates, the sound of worship like one who is perched on the highest precipice and feels the exaltation of spirit arise with the flecks of light which permeate our vision together. Wholly unseparated are we in this.

T/R: Tomeray is waving to us and says, “Call on me in your dreams. Remember!”

ZION: Hello, fellow earthlings! Long acquainted are we yet so many hours have slipped by without acknowledgment of one another. I am often found traveling throughout inter-space without a calling for a long-awaited story, until now. Here I am to present to you the newest foundation for your discovery

There is amongst you knowledge of a supreme being. This inordinate creation was brought here to create restitution of many broken, wounded spirits. He will be known tonight as the Christ, the magistrate of most high. He will know of your intent as you listen to parables such as this, hearing your personal cries to He who offers little resistance, instead flowing inward with [a] soothing ointment. Release to He who knows you, your deepest doubts, fears, areas of consternation. We will together explore as the parable unfolds….

Zion’s Parable

Armored, clad in the barriers which create not only loneliness but an insatiable longing, a single man set out on a journey, for purest beauty [was] beginning to hatch. There was [in] his sight the fairest maiden fashioned for a prince such as himself. He knew if only he could touch the skin of his vision she would desire to quench his longing with lips that uttered not a word.

Little realizing his fullest desires were to discover only a fraction of what he expected, this man strove onward. His barriers wearied him so he tired rather easily; not forgetting his desired principle, he lay to rest, never considering his predicament. He often rose early in dawn hours, waiting for a singular call — the voice of his bird of paradise. He lay down often, never making quite the progress he desired. Weeping, he turned faceward to the sky. Quaking with the raw energy of despair, [he said], “Why have not you relieved me of my burden? Where is the fair princess I claim to be my possession!? Do you not know of my turmoil?”

There was no reply. He carried on mindlessly watching the trail. As he walked there was disaster painted on his lips.

Now, he earned many miles within his armor. There was increased pain and longing. When he reached the castle steps he yawned with the wearisome, painstaking nature with which he had grown accustomed.

The woman who met with him later that evening was impressed, not with his stature and oneness with strength. No, she piteously observed a shrunken man. There within the castle walls existed triumph, for not only had the princess wept for the lonely stranger (indeed a stranger to himself)….

In her tears, the reflection of his powerlessness was given to him as if in a prophecy. He realized the temptation he had succumbed to as being one of personal strategy instead of reliance on the Father, Michael, Christ. He wept solemnly for the may trials he had succumbed to, and, desiring newness of his flesh, he knelt quietly on his knees before the sunrise and lay aside his burdens.


The sun (son) filled him with immense proportions of glory and longing for not for anything other than a rightful excuse to continue releasing and exchange his unneeded baggage for love.

He will reign supreme, for has not this man found golden harmony within his heart?

Session 19

10/31/93 Transmission Oklahoma City, OK


MICHAEL: This is Michael, your Creator-Son. I wish to speak on your various degrees of progress. You realize what great advances each of you have made thus far. So many new teachings ahead and yet you may have already discovered that the teachings…[long pause]…

T/R: Sk, could you please tell me what’s happening to you?

Sk: I am being taken somewhere.

T/R: O.K.., we will continue, if you need us let us know.

Sk: I’ll share it with you when I get back.


MICHAEL: All of you here have gained much appreciation for the process involved, the passing along of vital scriptural information. There is no reason to deny the prophecies which have been made by many of those enlightened ones, by some who know in their hearts of hearts the truth of the coming time, my coming.

You have announced this event to your own hearts, yet have you spoken twice as strong of this to your brothers and sisters? Do they hear, are they listening? Would you believe more strongly if I were to appear?

Now, in front of your searching eyes would it be clear to you the vital importance of these teachings? My word has come. Alighted with the method of teaching naturally I have joined with your conscious portions of self. The knowing mental, angry, political, intellectual portions of your mind have been reached by me. Yet how many of these thoughts are pervasive in your thoughts of heart-speed? Would it not become you to instill in the very mechanism of your being the teachings of love which have been procured in these last few moments, for you it seems like weeks. It is for me but passing glimpses of time.

I call forth your mental capabilities and request that you use mind-thought speed to touch the increasing velocity of your heart-speed. There is much to discern in this message. I prefer you wait and hear all of my spoken word this evening.

I reign supreme. Your presence of mind capability to fully comprehend this visit is extraordinary. Yet received am I little by you on a day to day course. So that it be mentioned/said here now that I must request you perceive the essence of my being in order to maintain dignity of contact, the everlasting power that is love.

Carry now in your hearts a message interpreted by the transmitter through whom I speak in this moment. It will be a personal message to each of you. [I] request only that your attention is here and now, that your heart remain pure and unguided by mistaken fears or doubts. Cast away the burdens of sorrow and regret, instead grasp this moment with me. Allow me to enter in through these spoken words. I shall arrive in power. You will know me.

To C., I issue one single word. Peace.

J., I, . ..dear friend, listen carefully. You are brought here to win over many hearts with love. Listen and carry now my torch. Listen and behave as though you were in service for a king. Your honorary title grants many pleasures in store. Believe and take not one parcel for granted. All has been developed for you in wealth and richness of living. You will pass this on to others. Be not concerned for all is in right time.

[long pause]

I have visited the essence of each of your beings and now you will resonate with me more fully. Your transmitter, my dearest daughter, Asia, has enacted a channel for each of you to receive my loving energy and guided wisdom. Would like to interact with this energy personally now at this time?

Bring into your consciousness a viewfinder which will focus/resonate with my loving potential. Create for yourselves a viewfinder now. [pause] Capture the essence of my loving potential in your screen/eyes which you perceive me with. Know it is found in truth, integrity, and beauty.


[T/R lays down in middle of group on the floor and requests a blanket. A great amount of energy is moving through her body.]

MICHAEL: In circuit, a channel of creational love it is a channel of love is being created for this group. You are to resonate with [this] collect/perceive/pick-up any ounce of molecular activation which is possible for you at this time, then send it forth to the center of this circle. Imagine the flowing of energy from the vibrating cells of the body, the center, channeling through you and then forward back above the vibrational entity which brings forth much love and peace to your circle now.

There aligned will be an exacting amount of matter which will coalesce into a light being which may appear to you mortal eye. It may reflect only images of fear though you must release fear to me. I will carry this forth to the Father. See only light and beauty as the truth. The beauty of this holographic image is yours to feast your eyes upon. It may take a few moments of concentrated effort. Mental capacity is great here, yet the focus of your concentration must be intense. I pursue the path of love and extraordinary beauty. I prefer you will also.

Focus your energy as I have explained; moving particulate form from Asia, through your center of being into an enlightened circle drifting above the center of your circle. Now continue to imagine with the eyes of angels. [Pull up?] the center of your circle and receive what you will.

[pause–5 minutes]

T/R: Sk, could you tell me what you’re experiencing?

Sk: I see Michael in B., I’m seeing a child in C., I see a crystal in the center of the four of us. I’m seeing columns of colors like candles. You should feel it, I feel it rising up your center. I am seeing four faces. I am seeing the four faces melt.

T/R: What’s behind the faces?

Sk: Silver cords.

T/R: That’s our connection to God.

Sk: I’m seeing fear now, there it’s gone now. It’s “welcome, welcome into embrace which you are afraid of” [?] I’m seeing a green corridor, a green center of, not fire, but golden, it’s almost like an aura, and it’s calling, it’s calling B.. C., are you cold?

C: Would you like me to turn up the heat?

Sk: No.

T/R: Why did you ask that?

Sk: I’m feeling cold in all limbs except the hand in the middle. [Next to T/R].

C., do you see something?

C: No, I can’t see anything.

T/R: What do you see?

Sk: I see a woman that’s a dream. I see a dreamt woman. And now you won’t dream her anymore. I see the cords again. Beautiful spirals. I see one coming out of the top of each of our heads. We are forming an altar. I see the cords dancing, it is like ribbons.

…[inaudible]…I need to stop for a second.

B., it’s at your invitation. [referring to green corridor and outstretched hand reaching from within.]

B: Do you see anything?

Sk: It’s…I want to say it’s an orchid, but it’s not an orchid, it’s a bloom, blues, greens, patterns. It’s opening….

B: Did you say….?

Sk: Bloom, I can’t believe you can’t see this.

B: yeah, I don’t have any visuals.

Sk: Somethings opening up…in you.

B: [I] don’t have the capacity to see.

Sk: What are you feeling, B.?

B: Very calm, very….a very uniform peace and attention. It’s just a readiness. Not much more. What do you see now?

Sk: A triangular passage, a yellow-green flourescent…now it’s geometric, I can’t describe it.

B: Is it for me?

Sk: It’s for you. It’s a hand! It’s moving into a hand.

B: It’ s the invitation?

Sk: Yes. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do.

B: Take the invitation! Come along, down the corridor that you described. I’m holding back. [There’s] some emotional objections that I have to let go.

Sk: I think you’re supposed to take this with you. This is going to come. Do you remember what you saw just for an instant? That’s all you need, it’s going to come.

T/R: I’m seeing an angel. She’s singing. I’m not going to sing, but I’ll relay the words. Her voice is perfect, yes.

I am the angel of purest beauty and truth. I’ve come to bring to you the gifts of love and mercy.

Would you take my hand, let me lead where I will. I have many offerings for you?

I am an angel of truth and beauty. I have [she’s really, really incredible!]

many gifts to offer to you. Take my hand, follow where I lead. [so much more] to bring to you.

It’s as if she’s ready to take each of our hands. She’s hesitating because there’s densness in bodies. She’s a tad bit confused because she doesn’t understand this kind of heaviness.

She wants us to come but she can’t comprehend why we’re so heavy. So, Michael’s telling her that we have a lot to learn about letting go and he’s explaining to her, as quickly as he can, conflicts that we have in ourselves. She’s accepting of that so she closes her book that she’s holding and comes back, away for now.

Michael is here, in the center with a ring of white loving light that comes through. It’s like a…[inaudible]…it’s circling fast, creating swirls of light. I feel Him here. He’s pure….he’s…well, I’ll let him speak.

MICHAEL:You have neglected to release yourselves to the flow of light. I am not angry but disheartened, for I wish so much for you to be free to allow yourselves the nurturing of travel and love beyond your present state/existence. I would like to applaud your efforts, for I see your integrity in your hearts, your spirit, mind, body, belief you wish for this. You desire this. I would like for it to be as well.

Now we continue our work and let it be known that you have reached deeper levels of comprehension than you may realize at this time. Your light energy has been expanded this evening and it will be plenty of time for this type of excursion on another day. But please be aware of your need to capture the attitudes which withstand only so much energy and then must be released in order that you may search and recover new territory of love and comprehension of my golden gifts to each of you.


Arise, my children, in the glory of the Father’s love! You all shall know soon the particular nature of this energy. Realize my love for you is powerful in nature and you shall not consider this a setback, instead it will become a new start.

Group: Thank you, Michael.

Sk: Are you o.k.?

T/R: Yeah, I’m great!

Session 20

11/14/93 Transmission Oklahoma City, OK Final Group Document


MICHAEL: This is Michael, your Source, who is ever-waiting at the entrance of your most essential self. You can feel me. You can hear my words. You know who I am more essentially than your mind will ever admit. You know this to be true, and yet it is your mind that walks you through each day. It is your mind that prepares you each night, and it is your mind that awakes you to the same circuited sunrise. The time and the space is not within your mind.


Take this small vibrating fear at your middle, right at your center. This small vibrating fear, like an eyelid fluttering in tears. This is you at your true awakening. All is ready, my children, you need only open your eyes.

Let me tell you what you will see. There is nothing that is not Loved, There is no part of you, no part of this planet, no secret of the past, no uncertainty in the future that is not threaded through this light of Love. You are Love. No need to identify yourself any further .

And now you hear your inner voice that is my own. You are not mistaken. You know that this must resound throughout the cavities of your self-soul-mind; must resonate and move your tongue. This you must do.

So my children we shall circle in our own private playground here. And this creative game shall we play. We are all joined in the playing within this circle. And now A takes all the love she is feeling , and puts it into a special word and whispers it to J. (A does this). And now, J, how do you play this game?


J: By letting go of fear.

MICHAEL:Do you feel it going? We are children in a circle… very loving, close children.

J: Michael, I feel that the fear is in my body, that it’s trapped., and I don’t know how to let it go.

MICHAEL:Can you find the movement of love within you?

J: Sometimes.

MICHAEL: Can you feel this now? We are children in a circle, Jacob, very close children.

A: May I ask Michael if I may hold J’s hand if it be his desire?

MICHAEL: Byron must move… the body. J can do this, with love. (pause) I am. I am. Can you take this love and put it into a word, and whisper it into Susan’s ear? (pause) Now, A, with love, you may touch J. (pause) This love flows. S, you are a dear vessel of love. You radiate into dark corners that not even you know of. How can you ever doubt this? Can you take this love and put it in one word… and touch your lips to C’s ear and pass it on? (pause, she does so) Do you know this word, C?

C: Yes.

MICHAEL:Do you know this word, C?

C: Yes, I do.

MICHAEL: You are this word, C. Do you comprehend this, my son?

C: Only to a small degree. I do not really know.

MICHAEL:You know much more. You know how to love. (pause)

Can I share with all of you, my children…. we have been in this circle. We are in this circle. This circle shall be. Within each of you, you are aware of this infinite relationship that you and I share. It has slept within you these brief eons. It has been asleep in the swings of your heart, my child. Alone in this inner-infinite playground, awaiting this time, awaiting this loving push. And now what begins shall grow, arcing night and day in our new and old play. I awaken in you now, with this touch, this gentle push, the sleeping child. . . delivered of my Father, your Creator and mine.

You are children, ancient and related, resplendent in your remarkable gifts. And the Call comes now to ascend within this inner universe of yourself, to join in a constellation in the night sky and day awareness of your Great Father. Each of you, a point in this constellation, capable of infinite light. What God has placed in this night, all shall read as handwriting of the coming of Love.

You fit together. Accept and awake to this your own ancient, conceived plan. I am Michael. You Know Me. You are such joy to me… to see you see your self.

You have questions, which you must first pose to yourself.

Now, C, you must whisper in S’s ear that which is the answer to your own question. (pause) It is one, the same as was whispered in your ear.

C: Michael!


MICHAEL: That is the beginning. That is the beginning. (pause) I am now your own rediscovered voice. Is it not your turn to speak?

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