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OKL2- Michael Messages – Sessions 1-25

1993-03-19-Michael Messages Sessions 1-25
Oklahoma City #2


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Michael Messages
o 1.2 Group: Oklahoma City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session 1 – o 3.1 Lesson
• 4 Session 2 – o 4.1 Lesson
• 5 Session 3 – o 5.1 Lesson
 5.1.1 Steadfastness
• 10 Session 8 – o 10.1 Lesson
• 18 Session 16
o 18.1 Lesson –  18.1.1 Worthiness
• 19 Session 17 – o 19.1 Lesson
 19.1.1 Purpose
• 21 Session 19 – 21.1 Lesson
 21.1.1 Death
• 22 Session 20
o 22.1 Lesson
 22.1.1 Respect
• 23 Session 21
o 23.1 Lesson
 23.1.1 Growth
• 24 Session 22
o 24.1 Lesson
 24.1.1 Feeling
• 25 Session 23
o 25.1 Lesson
 25.1.1 Happiness
• 26 Session 24
o 26.1 Lesson
 26.1.1 Trust
• 27 Session 25
o 27.1 Lesson
 27.1.1 Blessing

Topic: Michael Messages
Group: Oklahoma City TeaM
Teacher: Michael
TR: Unknown

Session 1
March 29, 1993

I am the Son of God, born of an angel that fills the sky,
I am, that I am, that I am you,
I am love, simple and pure, bright and shimmering.
I am, that I am, that I am you,
For I am crystals of sunlight dipped in dew.
I am, that I am, that I am you,
For I am the rivers that flow to the sea,
The ocean that brings fishes to be.
I am, that I am, that I am in you, and you and others,
that see right through,
the love that exists in each of you.
I am, that I am, that I am you,
Created of an angel that fills the sky,
Clear as the moon and light in the sky,
I am a being that extend through and through.
I am, that I am, that I am you,
Believe in me child for it is true– and I believe in you.

Session 2
Tell Others

Seek, search, find, and live life to what ends will be.
Look for immediate possibilities in life.
Learn what you can learn.
Be honest in what you say, the truth is always the truth.
Find no fault in others.
Look for the best in what ever situations you are in.
Be positive no matter what you are doing
Be prepared to do the Father’s will at all times.
Life goes on whenever there is a possibility of failure; failure is part of life’s learning process.
Know that all things are inherent in the Father.
Be of good cheer and look forward to life while you are doing the will of the Father.
Think not that you are servants of the realm, you are chosen children of the realm.
Put all things in perspective and do what has to be dine in this, your life plan.
Love one another as I have loved you. Be patient with each other.
Doing the will of the Father is not always easy.
Seek total truth in all things.
Be of good cheer and live as I have told you, love one another as I love you.
Be brave in the hours of your life.
It is not important that you should be lost to life, but it is important that life should not be lost in you.
Be patient in all manner of life’s situations.
Be at your best always.
Be of good cheer because life has come to you.
Know that this is the way of universal life, one who has acquired knowledge gives to others freely without any restriction. Life’s best will come to you.
Be of good cheer, know that all things are best when given in love.
Know that it is possible for anyone to receive knowledge regarding spiritual matters, but it takes a spiritual person to regard life as a spiritual quest.
Know that the Father is the giver of love, life, and existence.
Know that in truth, the Father loves each and everyone of us.
Seek the Father and you someday will find him.
The Father is not hiding, he lives in your heart.
You are created to be the sons and daughters of great service.
You are to be special teachers to all.
Peace be unto you.

Session 3
2/27/93 – Convictions

MICHAEL:    Hold true to your convictions and never sell your short. Be prepared to fight for all things that are of the Father. Hold on to everything that is true to our cause. Seek what you are seeking np matter what the consequences will be.

Lead others out of darkened areas of superstitious belief’s. Tell others what is happening in your life. Believe it to be true. No other truth can find such areas of simplicity in its teachings.
Behold! See what is taking place in the world of today. Tell others again what is about to take place in the arena (struggle) of their lives. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Be faithful to our cause and seek the right things always. Know that it is what is most important in living.

Tell others about what you are doing. Don’t be afraid of advancement. Open your heart to the idea of self-exertion in what will be the most interesting thing that will ever happen to you in this life time. Remember what is said to you. Fellow my leading and I will guide you always.
Seek all things in life so that you are not lacking in any area of responsibility that should be given to you for the time being while you are here. Know that this is always the way when you are part of this universal league of purpose for the betterment of all mankind in the service of our Heaven Father.

Behold! Look see what is happening in the world of today. See that change is coming soon and it will be of such world wide-ness that even the leaders of governments will be amazed at what is happening.
Hold on to what is important, be prepared to deliver what is expected of you. In your heart are the instruction teachings. You are to teach others for the purpose of bringing others to the Father. I ask of you to do his will, not my. He is my Father and I do his bidding. Hold on to the fact that we are family in this vast universe of life/ life our Father created in his being. Know that he is all things. Never in eternity will he ever leave us in our need. He is always there for us.

Know that it is true of what I speak. We endeavor always tell the truth. Know that it is truth when I tell you this. How is it to be any other way? You may believe me when I tell you these things. Search your heart and you will know I speak the truth. Your way of life is temporary, but soon you will be coming into the eternal part of your life existence. Follow the Fathers leading and you will know everything that is of right choice for you in your selection of life patterns in the future.

Behold! See what is in store for you. Eternal life in serving the Father and doing his will. You will embark upon a never ending journey of life time commitment of traveling the vast universe in doing what is asked of you. Your love will never weaver in the process of duty to serve him. Be of good cheer for you are lucky in that he has chosen you to do his bidding eternally. Feel that you are of a special gathering of beings that will traverse the universe in his name. You are to carry needed spiritual information forth in all regions of the universe.

Seek all information regarding this service that you will be asked to perform. Know that this adventure will be everlasting. I will leave you now, but know that I am always with you in spirit. It pleases me to watch you grow. You have been a delight in your growth. Understand that you are loved.

Session 4 – 7  not availalble

Session 8
March 8,1993 – Be of Good Cheer.

MICHAEL:    Blessings are upon you. You have been invited to partake of something special. Know that it is something marvelous. A new age is coming and you are part of this new age movement.
Tell others what you hear. Let them know what is happening in your life. Do not be docile in your manner.

You are being led. Know that what you are about to do is of the Fathers wishes. He has chosen you for this special undertaking, in that you will lead others, multitudes that are in search of truth.
You will gain much insight in the future so that you can lead. Understand that this leading is not of your own. The Father guides you in this undertaking. Again know that this shall be soon. Formulate what you must, bring all things into perspective.

Session 9-15 not available

Session 16
March 31,1993 – You Are Worthy

MICHAEL:    You are worthy, short-comings are a part of you. Your nature in the way that you were created, you are in a sense the way you are. We created you and your short-comings are an intricate part of you. Realize that you learn from your short-comings. Your ability to learn from your short-comings has brought you to this point in your life. Know that without your short-comings you would be almost all exactly alike. We create all beings in a general manner with the possibility of different personalities. The feelings that you have inside of you are what makes you special and each being has different feelings then ;the others. You will understand when you have received the experience of life which you must gain through experience only. Yours is to learn, experience life, test it.

Learning from life’s mistakes and your short-comings can benefit you only if you learn to benefit from them. Know that you are living life as you should, even though you might not understand at all times. I will lead you, know that the leading will guide you inward in the pursuit of truth and your travels will bring you experience in all phases of life. Yours is a life which should have purposeful meaning. I will bring you from darkness to light as you gain insight in all areas of your life. Hold true to my words, these are truth.

Learn as you go through life. Your life will be a life full of experience, your life will always be a learning experience, in that you can attain all matter of feelings through experiential life. Know that you must attain knowledge by experience, feelings by experience, learning by experience and life by experience. Feel that you must grow in all areas of life through experience. Knowledge quest is life’s quest, experience quest is life’s reward, learn from experience. Know that experience is a must for attaining a future for spiritual survival.

Know that all things in life are experiential, in that you gain knowledge from what happens to you in your life span, now and always. Understand that your life is not unique and that life does bring you different situations and causes different reactions from you. Learn from these situations of life. Receive this as truth in your heart, you must believe this to be true.

Learn all that you are required to learn. Yours will be a special learning, it is from your heart and you will teach from your heart with feelings of great love for the Father. Your will teach love and truth and others will come forward and begin to strive in their existence to become followers of the leading of the Spirit which dwells within them and beckons them on for eternity.

Understand that there lies a great responsibility in what you do. Be at your best at all times.
You should always have communication of prayer each day. Understand that you should pray and communicate even if you feel that you are not worthy of communications. Yours is to communicate at all times. Know that you should always keep in prayer touch with the Father. He knows all things that happen in your life. Believe this to be true. It is your responsibility to do what is required of you in prayer matters of the heart, for the Father loves you and wishes to hear from you always. Your choice not to communicate in prayer is of your own choosing, but understand that you are losing your right to communicate with the Father, who only wishes you to return love from your heart, which he desires of you.

Always, no matter what, communicate in prayer to the Father. Never lapse in doing this. Understand you must grow in love and understanding of the Father. How will you know him if you continue to cease communication or break from your communications? Time for you is precious and losing time with our Father is time lost in love communication between you. Know that it has value for you, the time spent with the Father.

I will tell you once again, yours is a Teaching Mission of renown purpose. You will guide others, others who are spiritually lost because of spiritual poverty that exist on the world of today. Again be at your best always. Understand that your conviction cannot be taken lightly. You will not fail in doing what is required of you. Know that I will help you my children and will guide you. Peace be with you, peace be in your heart, and peace be in your soul.

Session 17
April 2, 1993 – Purpose

MICHAEL:    Beings are destined in life to find the Father if they have truth and seek out on the adventure quest and start what is required of them. You are a tool of purpose, a leading tool of purpose so that many will come and many will start on their long journey inward in quest of our Father who waits for their arrival. He delights in the coming of all who will venture out and seek to find him. Even though the journey is long and is of time process, they will eventually find him at the journeys end.

“Seek and you will find,” is a command of search. Know that in searching one will find experience through travel and vast knowledge will be acquired in this quest pursuit. Know that all knowledge that is acquired is from this experience journey.

“You be perfect as I am perfect,” is a command of experience perfection. Know all things that are learned through experience are real and cannot be denied because it required experience learning for knowledge of personal feelings which produce or bring forth non-doubt. You have lived it, therefore you believe it. Experience learning is understanding first hand. Know that you all will experience this route of learning through time travel experience. All will participate and will come to find that wisdom, knowledge, and experience go hand in hand for the betterment for attaining perfection. Know that one who seeks the Father is seeking all the above. Experience is the teacher of life, learning is what you gain from that experience in life. Know that all who seek and find the Father also acquire a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom.

See that you relay this message to others and make clear the importance of these messages. Bring others along on the journey with you. This is my command and wish that I ask of you. Yours is a journey of door opening for others, in that they will follow, in that they will begin their journey through truth teachings of our Father. They can then start the journey quest, the search and adventure of experience. Know that the opening of the door is the beginning of travel experience for all who are willing to go through this door. My door is now open to all who will come through and start a progressive journey of life everlasting, seeking wisdom, seeking knowledge, seeking experience, and final attainment of the Father, Life’s journey is through that door. The door is open just enter through it. Believe such a journey is required of all. Know that this journey is a everlasting journey of service and love. Peace be unto you, forever.

Session 18 – not available

Session 19
April 4,1993 – Death and Life

MICHAEL:    My children, when you are sad for the death of someone, understand that death is part of life. You begin life and then grow through different phases of that life and then there is a physical ending, but life does not end. It is the beginning for many who have gone from physical life to a wonderful new life of spiritual adventure and spiritual progress in learning. Know that death frees you from the bonds of your physical body and you become a being of renown spiritual purpose. Know that all who come to life by the shedding of the their physical body awaken at a better place.

Understand that life is never ending, in that you always start again on the inward trek in search of perfection. Life will always lead you forward. Know that gaining understanding and insight as you advance forward in life will always bring you growth. You should understand clearly that life, physical, spiritual, or what ever phase of life that you are in, is always of growth potential for you.

Understand that life as you know it is limited only because of your lack of spiritual understanding, in that spiritual poverty is prevailing on this world and spiritual growth must come forth for all to gain life everlasting, life that does not end. Know that you ascend life from one phase to another for spiritual advancement, always growing forward, always never ending.

Your life is such a life. Yours is a life full of learning opportunity, in that you are growing forward in advancement in all areas for your life. Know that learning will someday advance you further inward on your life quest and that you shall obtain growth as you journey the many different routes of travel in life’s experience. Know that life is everlasting that you advance through many different phases of life’s growth.

Session 20
April 6, 1993 – Respect

MICHAEL:   Know that in all you do, in your relating to other beings, what is most important lies in areas of respect for their views. Never disregard their ideals and their understanding of spiritual matters. Be open but refrain from discouragement. Have at all times respect for their beliefs and their point of view. You should always offer firm suggestions with clear understanding of what it is that you are conveying to them. Know that truth is what must be revealed, but the way that you convey your message or point of view is most important, in not to offend their opinions. Know that in truth I tell you this, respect for all others is the proper way of any kind of teaching.

Never exert your will and beliefs in a manner that does not comply with standard universal teaching. Know that you will find that most beings who are searching and will listen to you, if you will only speak so that they are left with their own opinions. Bring forth teaching that will stimulate spiritual want in others. Know that this wanting desire will grow and grow until it becomes a steady quest for spiritual enlightenment and clear understanding. Know that you should always show the deepest respect for all others.

Believe this to be true. You must always show love and show the utmost respect for others who have their own beliefs and spiritual opinions, which has lead them to the present point in their lives. Know that, the importance of respect for others brings return respect for you as an individual and friend and teacher. Know that always you will find that others who respect others will benefit mutually, in that respect grows between, among, or that all will gain total respect in the long run. Respect growth will influence all who will participate in the giving of respect.

Know that you must always learn and teach with total respect for others. Know that you can teach others out of respect for them. You should also know that in giving respect you create a bond of love respect which is bonding in which you prove worthy of respect in building a relationships of respect.
Good night, peace be unto you always.

Session 21
April 8, 1993 – Growing and Learning with Others

MICHAEL:    Your message tonight will be on how you grow and learn with others in life. You must first opening yourself to others. Feel that it is important to make contact with them. Use your knowledge ability to begin what will start an exchange of ideas which will start you on the road to a successful exchange of views, in that you can relate to one another. Know that when you converse ideas formulate between one another and growth potential begins in an exchange of your ideas with their ideas.

You may or may not gain ground, but the door is now open and communications have begun. Know that the first step seems to be the toughest, in that the breaking of the ice or the beginning of communications exchange will be a little trying at first. Know that you begin in small exchange and grow forth in each other. Communication exchange once begun can grow on forever. You will see steady growth as you begin to communicate with each other. Learn what you can from the exchange of ideas. Working together will enhance spiritual exchange and enhance spiritual growth.

Understand, that you grow in understanding of each other as you come together for communication exchange of ideas. You will soon learn that once understanding has begun, you will find yourself drawing closer in understanding of each other and caring for each other in depth of love exchange for each other. Know that in your growth you will begin loyal bonding between all who have grown with this progression exchange of views. Love will flourish and growth will flourish. This group will become united in thought and purpose. Know that unity of cause will enhance even more the growth factor of the group. Love will soon abound everywhere and united in cause will be this group of beings, that they become one in thinking, one in purpose, one in love, a unit unified for purpose of each other. They will grow in depth of love for one another.

Seek out truth in your conversation exchange. Know that while you exchange ideas, always seek truth in your ideas. Truth being what you feel is right from your heart. Judgment can be made if you only use truth seeking by means of feelings from your heart. Know that the Father guides you and relates truth to you through your heart feelings. Your feelings can take you to areas of spiritual understanding of such proportionate range, that you can feel things of truth as you progress forward through different situations in life. Your guidance will always lead you in the right direction, in that you can always trust the leading of your Father. Know that you must always rely on your Fathers guidance in all situation that may befall you. Understand that you must always trust our Father’s leadings.

Session 22
April 10, 1993 – Words of Comfort

MICHAEL:    Know that feelings, emotional feelings are part your being. Emotional out pouring is a way to ease stress caused by something that hurts the heart and the soul. Your feelings are what you are in a sense. You react accordingly to your feelings in the way that it affects you. Happiness are emotions that are in tune with your inner soul, sadness however goes against you in that your purpose of life, should be contentment and happiness. Sadness causes conflict in your soul and brings forth disruption of harmony, and harmony is part of your being.

Sadness is felt in areas, pain, fear, loss, and hurt. Fear is the key factor in that it triggers emotional alarm within you. Pain, physical pain is part of your physical being. Loss is something that causes emotional pain and hurt. Hurt is an emotional outlet which is a comfort buffer which allows you discharge of your feelings. Feel that hurt is a comfort zone for your protection. Hurt and sadness are there as a protection device, a relief valve for your emotional being. There are uncertainties in life and things happen which are of negative affect on you.

Your reaction is the result of what has cause you to feel the way that you do. Feelings of hurt is a reaction that causes deep sadness within your soul. Hurt is a feeling of reaction to negative presents, that is influencing your emotional stability of happiness. Adjustment time always mends your feelings of sadness and hurt. Hurt is an emotional part of you, it is of the negative side, only because it has been caused by something negative that has triggered this emotion.

Feel that time will again bring forth happiness and harmony, as it has done many times previously. You must trust, that your sorrow will leave you and again happiness will fill you. You shall delight in happiness again. Finding different avenues, new interest in life will ease hurt and help the mending of your feelings faster. Hurt and harmony of your soul must always be apart of you, they are you in a sense, your feelings are you. Trust that hurt always goes away and that you are stronger from your exchange of emotional fluxuation

Seek happiness and you will find happiness, do things that make you happy, feels things that make you happy, open your heart and fill it with happiness. Happiness of the heart brings harmony to the soul and harmony of the soul brings you happiness of life. Seek happiness for mending of your soul. Your hurt will soon leave you, so leave your hurt behind and create new happiness for yourself. Know that you will be happy again.

Session 23

MICHAEL:    Happiness is from within. Search all you may, you will not find what you are searching for. You will be fulfilled only when you have found purpose in your life, purpose with meaningful meaning.
Words cannot convey feelings and emotions. Understand your emotions are ruled by things that happen in your life. Learning to control your emotions through love will bring much satisfaction. You will soon find in your search the reason for your life.

The purpose in life, is having meaningful purpose, reason for existence. You need meaning in your life. Life that you can grow forth in purpose. Giving of oneself has purposeful meaning, but the meaning has no value unless it has content of love. Your purpose of life is learning, growing, sharing,, giving.
The ultimate gift that one can give is the gift of love, which brings forth satisfaction and has emotional meaning. Your life has purpose when it has fulfillment and satisfaction. In the attainment of satisfaction one must be content in all aspects of life. You must grow for attainment.

Life is a growing process, experiential life brings forth attainment through the quest of life, knowledge acquired along life’s journey is growth intellectually, spiritual growth is attained progressively in the same experiential manner. Together, combined, the two help bring forth soul growth. Your immortal soul must grow in order to survive.

Understanding clearly will help clarify emotional feelings to some extent, but your growth through experiential life brings emotional satisfaction, in that you have experienced life’s course, which builds a manner of character of the your soul. Your purpose in life is growth potential for growth of your immortal soul. Understanding life clearly is an advantage, but living life experientially brings soul growth. You must learn things of life. Your manner of life brings forth true knowledge of understanding things, with attainable wisdom growth.

Wisdom is attained through life’s growth. Life is growth, growth brings forth satisfaction in yourself, satisfaction brings forth contentment and happiness, contentment and happiness brings forth harmony with your soul. Understand you must at all times have growth, to become stagnant is to become lost, having no meaningful purpose, life becomes un-meaningful, which brings forth unhappiness.
Attainment growth brings forth a reason for life. To have purpose in life is the key to true life’s happiness.

Session 24
April 12, 1993 – Know that all will be well.

MICHAEL:    You must first trust and then go forth in your life with full confidence in what you are doing. Know that there is coming soon a great day of deliverance from the shackles of fear, in that all who are blind will someday know the truth that they are in part blind by lack of spiritual information. Truth, total truth, the unlocking of truth will set them free from their blindness: an opening of eyes is going to bring spiritual understanding. You are seeing the beginning of the unlocking of truth. Many will be given the key for the purpose for unlocking spiritual blindness.

Their eyes shall be open and they shall see clearly. Spiritual truth shall shine through them. An eye opening experience that will enlighten them and call and bring them from darkness to the light of spiritual understanding.

Know that heavens teaching is coming forth to all mankind soon. It will shine as the glory of our Father is brought forth into all the world. You should be prepared for this occasion which will take place soon. You must prepare and be ready for this beginning cause of truth reveling. Know that you are going help lead and teach others, you are to lead them out of spiritual blindness and lead them in spiritual guidance to the light of truth. They will see clearly. Know that all will be able to see and grasp these teachings over a period of time.

Universal unity for the betterment of mankind on earth. Know that there is needed much love upon the earth. There is now an out pouring of love that will drench the world as never before. Know that someday all will be blessed from this out pouring of love and love teachings of our Father. A family on earth, united in love, caring for each other, caring for all, one unit in a world. Know that this beginning is taking place in the heart of mankind now. It has begun and it is going forth. A movement that cannot be diverted by any force. You will be involved in this movement.

Session 25
Blessing are upon you.

MICHAEL:    Hold true to your feelings. Know that your heart is moved by things that are taking place. You are being prepared for your purpose for which you are being taught. Know that all who hear you will be enlightened by the message that you are proclaiming.

The Father’s presence is so powerful that they will never need of anything. His presence in their lives will forever engulf and bathe them in his loving manner of total caring for them. Know that all will have his caring love.

You must tell others of his tender ways of love. Know that he must be seen through their eyes as the loving Father that he is. All who come to know the Father learn his loving ways, his kindness of heart, his caring nature for his children and of his boundless love. There is no limit of the love manifestation that continues to flow from him.

Take away all harming teachings of our Father. Things that have been misunderstood must be corrected and total truth given in its place. Harmful teaching are the stumbling blocks which help sever relation building between the Father and his children. Know that truth can unlock false teaching of our Father. You are to sever all false teaching and give new understanding and correct teachings of our Father to all who will receive it. Your heart must be true for all as you open truth to them. Let them see the image of the Father love through you.

Hold back nothing in your proclaiming of this new age gospel. Know that you are doing the Fathers wishes and doing his bidding. Proclaim this truth of our Father. Use your feelings to draw mankind and teach from your heart feelings always. Know that you can rely on these feelings of love that are stored in you for this purpose.

Healing the mind of others who have misconception of our Father will be a great responsibility for you. Heal their minds and appeal to their hearts. You should always respect others and their opinionated belief’s. The transfer of love in your teaching will stimulate new spiritual growth, old views will pass away. Give others new understanding and a new concept of their loving Father. Never take away their belief without offering new belief in your teachings. Always respect their feelings of love for their Father.

You need only enlighten them further in their love feelings of their Father. The love is already there, but they lack truth concepts of our Father. Open their hearts further and love will ignite without restrictions and there will flow freely love to their Father and all stumbling blocks will have been removed.
Feel that your guidance is always there for you. Act accordingly as you feel. Follow the leading in your hear and pursue it vigorously. Follow my leading and I will give you substance in all that you need. We are with you always and you are not alone.

You are loved therefore rejoice in your life. Stand firm, trust always. Be of good-cheer.
Truth will flow from your hearts and love will expound from your teaching thoughts as you transfer your feelings of love of your Father to all who will receive the message proclaiming their right to belong to the family of our Father.

Universally they are welcome and most wanted by all beings of intellectual status who wait eagerly for them to participate in this great adventure that they will share together. Know that all will be united for this cause for the serving of their Father and for the ministry of love that they will someday proclaim to all who will hear.

Open mankind’s eyes to the truth of their heritage in belonging to this universal family of our Father.
Know that all who will come will participate forever with our Father. He is our Father of Purpose, our Father of Love, our Father of Guidance, He is all things to us. Participating in love forever is what your lives are to consist of with eternal and everlasting life.

Pursue what your feelings tell you. Be strong in your nature and in your belief for things are taking place and change is coming soon. It will be change of great significance and purpose for all who are involved and all who participate openly in proclaiming this new age gospel of truth which is going to spread globally. Word of mouth teaching will gain momentum and spread like a fire raging through a field. It is driven by the spirit of wind which spreads in every direction. Word of mouth teaching can not be stopped, so begin this new proclaiming of Family love and let them know they are Family by right of heritage and all are worthy to come to this Family reunion.

Take away the holding power of fear that men have in their hearts for the Father. Tell the truth of his love and his kindly nature, his Father-ness of heart. Let them see him in a different light, a light without fear. Let them know of his endless love for them, his endless caring for them. He will consume them with love forever. His Father caring ways of love will be so…

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