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OKL2- Michael Messages – Sessions 26-45

1993-03-19-Michael Messages Sessions 26-45
Oklahoma City #2


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Michael Messages
o 1.2 Group: Oklahoma City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Unknown

Session 26
April 20,1993 – Be of good cheer tonight:

MICHAEL:  Hold on dearly to these messages of love that you have received. Know that you must tell others of these teachings Search out and find as many as you may find. Know that your leading of others has started and it will progress forward.

Behold, see what is taking place, you are seeing the beginning of something marvelous, a wonderment of proportionate size, in that it will be totally global, in that all are to participate in the soon coming change of world attitude in the way that the world is today. Marvelous will be this change that is coming and so great that all who will see it will marvel as to what is taking place in the world.
Many will find the truth and many will begin a life of purposeful meaning, in that they are now living for others and not for themselves. Having true purpose of life gives good reason to go on, knowing that they are of true purpose and will continue on always.

Behold the time is coming and the truth must be told. You will benefit from this change in that many will search with all their heart and seek the truth for purpose in their lives. Know that you must be willing to help all who will come to you for guidance. Open your heart for many are going to come for comfort from their fears and comfort from their troubles. Teach all who will come to you that this is the beginning and life is going to be different in that their will achieve happiness in life and have purpose and life will bring forth things of growth which will help them in their advancement of life.

Know that you are part of this beginning, a light for all who will stumble in the darkness. Shine brightly and go forth so many can see. The truth is coming and it is to be an eye opening for many and all who wish to hear the truth, in that the truth being all mankind are of the Family of God our Father. The truth to be known will be proclaimed everywhere. Know that all are invited to participate in this change. See that you always, in your efforts try to convey these messages of truth. It may be hard but you will find in your being the ability to do as you must. Follow your heart feelings in these areas of your life circumstances and you will prevail. The outcome will be of a positive nature, in that you will succeed in your to attain what is required of you as you follow the leading of your Father.

Understand that you are going to be part of this great and marvelous rebuilding of the world structure system. Change must come about. You will see this change coming because of the problems of the world, which are now at hand. Know that it will be as though nothing can stop it. It will spread swiftly through the world. Change will prevail for the future of all mankind. You are seeing it begin to happen. Change is inevitable, total change is coming. Mankind’s outlook on life will change, all views in the way that they see life are going to change. Devastation must follow if change does not come. Know that change is a must for this world to survive itself.

Attitude is going to be the major change that will be taking place. Mankind’s heart is now cold and the warmth of giving will start to thaw their hearts and a directional change will come about. Caring for others will be a priority. Love can change all who wish to change. Know that love will someday dominate all mankind on this earth, love will prevail. Love will go forth.

You must help bring about change of heart, in the hearts of mankind. Go forth you cannot stumble your course is set your destiny is waiting. Travel on.

Be of good cheer for you have insight of the future. Know that your leading will help many others on the road to successful change that is coming. This will be a blessed event for you. Tell others of this marvelous change that is coming soon. Open your heart to these messages as truth. Know that you will bring encouragement to many. You are going to help many who are lost in this world system of confusion. Be pure of heart and trust that I am leading you on this journey of change and that you will always have my guidance in this change that will be taking place.

Know that I am here for you. I will guide you in your direction of change and I will help promote change swiftly. It is going to happen, change will comfort all in that life will become more positive for all. Look forward to this change. Know that a better life is coming for all. Understand time will allow this change to come soon. Peace be unto you, forever.

Session 27 -30 not available

Session 31
May 5, 1993 – Love Growth
Love, Growth

MICHAEL:   Love is an expression of feelings that are part of emotions that are part of life’s giving process. Words that ring true from your heart are words of love giving. Know that each and everyday love grows within you. Your expression of feelings is felt as time progresses forward. Your emotional feelings are felt in depth of love exchange. Giving of oneself is an offer of love. Heart feelings are felt by all who can realize love, feel love, and give love in return. You should always feel that you are loved no natter what you are going through, or what phase of life that you should happen to be in. Acceptance of love is part of the system of giving and sharing.

Know that love heals the broken hearted, it offers comfort to those who are down, it helps relieve stress that is so often apart of our lives. Love is the cure all to many areas that plague mankind and other beings of existence. In all you should know that love, the out pouring of love that flows from within, is a natural function which is part of the creation of each and every being that has been created or ever will be created. Loves drawing power is centralized in our Fathers nature and all are drawn automatically to this flow out pouring of love that stems from our Eternal Father who is the original giver of love. His out pouring of love that flows from his being is part of his love process of giving to all.

You should understand, that love is a form of understanding that brings forth all existence, love is something that is untouchable, but it is felt through your existence and your receptivity in your created nature of receiving love emotions that purposely pull all towards the Father who is the creator of all love existence. Your heart has a longing that needs to be filled. Your quest in life is inherent and your love search is automatic, in that you always tend to search for this longing that comes from within yourselves. This special love that you quest for is guiding you, it feels like a longing or leading in your life, a directional pull which leads you to its point of origin which comes directly from our Father. Love is ever leading, ever pulling, always drawing you on.

Your existence is based on love emotional feelings, without love life would not persist. Giving of oneself is the act of giving love which brings forth all manners of existential love. Love growth is crucial for the continuance of life. Love existence is life existence and they go hand in hand. Life and love are the same in a manner of speaking. Without love life will not continue on and without life love cannot exist. Our Father is the giver of life, the giver of love. His energy out pouring of love brings forth life, which comes forth from his out pouring of love.

Our Father who exist, can and does always give of himself so that all who have their existence in him, will return their love. Love flows freely from our Father who is open for the return flow of love. Love, the giving nature of our Father, is part of his being. Your love growth that is coming forth is flowing back to the Father and this becomes an exchange of love between the Father and you his children. Love is manifested in the Father, his purpose in giving is for the returning of love. Love growth that comes to you will always bring you to a new and clearer understanding of his being and his nature.

Love that dies is severed from our Father. Love potential is what you are. Rejection of life is the rejection of love and with the rejection of love comes the ending cessation of life. Life lost, is love lost. Your existence of life is dependent on love transfer connection to the Father. If lines are severed then volition of life ceases to exist. Your own ability to disconnect these lines of love are totally within your power.
Love connection that is strong will grow as needed. Love understanding of your Father is crucial to all, you must understand this. Love growth comes from within. Love grows by means of continued communication contact of love with the Father. You grow in your love and progress forward in life.

Know that all beings are endow with love reception ability and they will someday find total love as they stand in the presence of their Father who will bathe them in the depth of his love for them.
Your going forth will always bring love, which is the key to life’s survival for your existence, know that however, anyone at any time can choose not to continue on with their existent pursuit and life’s continuance will end. Your choice will always bring you results in life. Having choice is the gift of life that is given to all.

You must begin to understand that the Origin of Love is beckoning you on and existence is dependent on yourselves and your own choosing. Love, life, existence eternally is offered, it is there for you. Love existence comes forth from our Father who waits for all, know that he is waiting ever so patiently, holding his love offer open to all who will come.
You should always be firm in your belief of these teachings of love that your Father has given to you. You are lucky in that you have insight in these matters. Hold true, very true to these teaching on love. Go forth and proclaim my love to all.

Session 32
May 11, 1993 – Follow Your Heart

MICHAEL:    Your hearts are growing and your feelings are felt. Being part of and sharing in your growth pleases me. Your understanding is becoming clearer as you progress through these lessons, lessons that are given to you in love.

Follow your heart feelings and trust that you have purpose. Going forward will establish certain things, loyalty, love, your will to serve, all these are coming forth from you. Your leading in part will bring about change in you.

Effort is again forth coming to many or all who would participate in sharing of themselves in love transfer of themselves. It should be known that all who give of themselves in love, will be given in return satisfaction of love based on love.

Going forth and growing forth go hand in hand. Experiencing life as you go through life will bring forth needed growth, growth will bring forth needed advantages in life that will cause all to advance forward from their growth which brings forth the ability to go forward. A process which helps stimulate each other, growth forward and going forward. The two interlock for purpose of advancement of life. Growing forward and going forward are part of your existence. Know that life always goes forward and grows forward; life being experiential must always continue to grow and advance forward. Seeking in life does permit such growth to come about. Going forward always advances you in the directional pull of advance growth.

Know that without either, life would not prevail. Advancement of life is crucial to life, in that growth causes stimulation, search of purpose which activates longing and searching, longing and searching of the heart does accomplish things of growth for reason for : growth, in that all who participate in life will always advance forward in their growth, know that reason of life can and does stimulate all beings for purpose of existence as they go forward in life. Know that he who is willing to travel forward and progress growth, will someday stand in the presence of our Father who has set forth reason and purpose of life. Move forward and advance in your life is a command that should be honored by all beings of creation status. Serving is part of your duty to the Father. Serve well and let your hearts ring true. Know that all is well for you.

Session 33
May 26, 1993 – Break Through Encumbrances

MICHAEL:   Hearken to the call of your Father. You are here for reason, triumph over obstacles must be accomplished. Break through each encumbrance and advance forward step by step. Know that the journey is long for you and short for you. Your journey is eternal, your purpose is eternal, your existence is eternal, your mortal existence is temporary.

Heart lag is what is felt by most beings, in that they feel at certain times a pulling away. Know that nature draws you forth and your physical status responds to the nature that is within you. You should know that all beings that are created in nature are call by nature and each being must fulfill his or her part of natures duty, in that their purpose for physical existence must be fulfilled. A calling away is only temporary and most return and re-establish their pursuit of the calling of their Father.

Know that you have certain abilities that can enhance your progress. Use these abilities for such advancements. Know that you must give of yourself, you must become openhearted; one of sharing, one of caring, and one of love. Be tolerant of all others, it will always put forth ultimate love projection to others. See that you try to understand others who are less advanced as you in spiritual status. Know that all who come forth to you must receive equal love from you. Retain love for all, for each, for everyone.

Hold true to these words of advice which I have given you. See that you love all equally. Know that love has no blind side to it. Love is open and love is eternal. See that your love is never blind to anyone who is need of love. Search their heart for purpose of love and need, then pour out abundantly a love flowing from within yourself, enhance them in love. Follow my example and love all who would need love of you. Set your heart straight and follow the guidance of our Father. Blessed you. Be of good cheer because insight is coming to you.

Session 34
May 28,1993 – Insight Is Coming To You

MICHAEL:    I am with you.Behold the brilliance of others. Know that they are also part of this universe of creation. Many shall shine forth as the sun on a bright day only to go down like the setting of the sun. Know that all have purpose in life. Some are of small purpose and some are of great purpose, but all are of equal purpose in the eyes of our Father who loves and adores each and every created being. Know that the fruits of life are abundant throughout the universe.

Hold true to what I tell you now. Your perception of life is wholly within the bounds of this created universe. Never before have so many been able to be transformed with understanding, which is now coming forth with these teaching principles of life. You are going to help begin this transformation of beings who will accept what is being given to them. Know that most will hearken to this call of life. Their acceptance of these teachings will enhance their lives. Understand, those who are given these teachings will enhance the earth views of life as never before.

You should always perform your obligation duty to all who are seeking truth about life. This beginning is starting with your ability of transforming the truth to others so that they can grasp what shall be required of them in this their mortal life time and in their eternal existent plan. Know that each must decide his or her destiny as it shall be laid out before them. Open hearts are to receive this calling of spiritual truth that must be proclaimed to the whole world. See that all who receive this calling can begin to understand this calling.

Using your inner feelings may help you, but know that your trust in our Father should be the dominating factor in your trust faith. He leads you and guides you, hold true to his leading. See that you follow him always, even through uncertainties he continues to guide you faithfully and endlessly.
Peace be unto you forever.

Session 35
June 1 , 1993 – Open your heart

MICHAEL:   Suffering and pain are part of life. Know that you suffer being a evolved being of this realm. Know that your life has meaningful purpose, in that you are learning to feel things as you experience this life. Growing in depth of wisdom can be accomplished by experience (of) trial. Know through trial you gain vast amounts of experience that leads you in your perfection quest on this level of existence.

Your behavior patterns form as you accomplish things in your life growth. Seeing your growth, gives you insight in matters as pertained through your experience perfection, that you evolve in your own character status level, in that you accomplish things through your existence which help shape your character patterns. See that you begin to trust in your feelings of experience growth. You must now ascend above your nature and learn to use these skills which you have learned through your life experiences.

Hold true to these words. Your wisdom growth is being accomplished even now through your learning of these lessons that you receive and by communication prayer that you have with our Father. Know that your growth will enhance your life spiritually and will bring forth an abundance of reward for you. Your believing has brought you to this point in your life.

Be of good cheer because you are experiencing life naturally as it really exist on an evolving mortal sphere. Know that you have learned from this experience.
Peace be unto to you always-

Session 36 -40 not available

Session 41
June 19, 1993 – Perfection of Attainment
Perfection, Attainment

MICHAEL:   In doing your best you attain knowledge and growth which become a part of you. Finding yourself through attainment is a part of life’s growing and advancing process. Know that all who have attained perfection (experiential perfection) have all grown and advanced to this perfection, in that they have become perfect beings of perfection status through evolutionary advancement, in that they attain wisdom perfection by means of experience. Know that all who come to the Father by this means and attain spiritual perfection are graced by experience in a manner of speaking, through self seeking, wisdom attainment with adventure experience evolving with life, through different growing channels of experience, in that all roads lead to the Father are roads of experiential life.

Understand that life without experience has no foundation value, in that value attainment through experience always develops character building and personality traits that form different individuals into what they are. Know that you are such a being of experience. You should always use your experience travel growth for your own development in continued life growth. Doing the Fathers will has brought you to this point in time because of your life’s experiences. Your enhancement of life comes forth through your growth experience that you gain through life’s growth.

You should always grow forward as you ascend forward. Advancement of mind in part, is advancement of soul and advancement of soul brings forth advancing life. Growth that is from within is growth of the soul and growth of the soul is advancement of perfection status, in that you always grow in structure growth for attainment of full experiential life of perfection growth attainment.
Purpose of life, is experiential life growth for attainment of eternal perfection.

You should be aware that your perfection of attainment is also eternal and forth coming eternally, in that you grow in perfection eternally through eternal life of experience now and forever.
Your awareness of life through progression should be a part of your teaching for growth for all who would understand. Life never ending, always growing in perfection.

Seek, find and grow is a command wish of love from our Eternal Father. Your search and longing of heart are qualities of oneself with drive of perfection. Growing in structural attainment of perfection is doing the Fathers command wish of love, in that you are doing his will. Seek and find is what our Father has asked of all and those who seek and find in life, will someday seek out and find their Eternal Perfect Father.

The Fathers wish should be your purpose for life’s pursuit. Everything that has meaning has purpose in life. Search and find is what you should be doing in life/ what you find is that experience attained through life’s existence is the coming forth of life perfection with growth in pursuit of living life. Life’s growth is perfection growth and perfection growth is doing the will of our Eternal Father. Come forth and grow my children is a love command wish of our Eternal Father made to all his children of time creation, in that you must come forward in life for attainment of perfection to stand someday in the presence of your Eternal Father of Perfection.

You should be aware that all things are given from the Eternal Father who provides endless sources of life and life giving for universal growth of perfection attainment for a perfect universe someday.
Perfect is his being, you be perfect as he is perfect is your soul growth command love wish to you. Seek and find is what you do to honor the Fathers command love wish. Seek is to look, to find is your growth reward for looking, and perfection attainment of eternal life is your eternal reward.

Your being, a person of growth potential offers you great rewards of life as you ascend the scale of perfection in honoring the command love wish of our Father, “You be perfect as I am perfect.”
Set your eyes and your heart on the Father and you will never lose sight of him and you goal in life can always be seen and felt. Know your Father and know yourself. Behold, what I tell you is eternal truth now and for ever! Peace be unto you. Search your heart for truth and you will find truth of life, truth of mind, and truth of soul. Be you perfect as I am perfect is my love wish command to you.

Session 42 – not available

Session 43
June 23, 1993 – Being & Self-Existence

MICHAEL:    Open your heart and love pours out and then love rushes back. This is the way of love existence. You should always follow in the way of giving of love, in that the exchange build up of love does deliver to you love in return. Understand that the process of love giving functions on an exchange bases. Giving of oneself does open the flow of return love. In your heart, which are your feelings, are stored up purpose of giving. Love exchange between two beings or many, does allow the growth, the potential growth of all manner of love exchange. It is truly true, in order to receive love you must open your heart for the purpose of receiving love, but in order to receive this love flow you must start the exchange of love flow first in your heart.

Love flow is like your physical system, in that life giving blood from your heart does flow to all parts of your being and then returns only to flow out again. Your physical being does depend upon the physical flow of life giving blood. Know that your spiritual being does depend upon that total life giving flow of love exchange. Love exchange can and does provide that growth supply of love which is a part of the love giving process.

Your being and your existence does depend on love growth. Throughout all eternity you must grow in all facets of being. Love growth is spiritual growth and spiritual growth is love growth. Understand that the two exist together.

Your heart must flow freely in order for love to grow from within yourself and your total being. Feelings, emotions, caring and love are all part of your being, know that this is the love part of you, the Father part of you. The Father is pure love in his essence. Know that you are the children of our Father who is Love which makes you the children of Love. Your existence stems from love giving from our Father. In his being he is the giver of love and life to you. You are the receiver of love from the Father. In your being and your existence you can of your own free will choice return love exchange to your Father for return growth of love to him.

Growing in love is growing in life, life eternally. Your heart and your feelings of love that are part of you, are love in that you exist in love and you live in love, total love.

Your heart exchange of love will always bring you spiritual reward, in that your own spiritual growth brings you step by step closer to your Fathers love, who gave you in love existence to life.
Love flow exchange is life for all, forever and for always. Your heart should always be open for growth for the giving of more love. Your existence is from love, you are love.

Know that you should give this message of eternal love to all who would receive this message of love in their hearts. You being a child of love gives you the right to give love of yourself.
Hold true to these words of truth and love. Love is given to you.

Session 44
June 26, 1993 – Heart Feelings and Emotions
Heart, Feelings

MICHAEL:    In your heart are feelings that require nourishing. In your growth of life comes things that are part of ones being, in that you test life with learning results for satisfactions of mind and heart. Know that you are never alone in your experience feelings felt from the results from things that you do and the things you go through. We endeavor to always bear with you through such trials of experiencing physical life for your purpose of life learning experiences, in that life that is felt by your being and your existence is also felt by our feelings in our existence, in that we are part of your life experience, but in feelings only. Being downhearted sometimes stems from physical life, it is felt by all of us who share this part of you. Know that the purpose for your physical life is to prepare you for the toughest situations that life does bring to you. See beyond these feelings of being downhearted and look for a bright future. Hold true to these words and know that comfort always follows behind being downhearted.

Our feelings of heart and love are with you and know that we share in your good times and your not so good times. We always share in your feelings and emotions of heart. Being downhearted of oneself is a part of each and every created being, in that we all experience feelings of instability of emotions and being unsure of heart at different times in our lives. Your emotional feeling are felt by our Father who feels as you feel life and your pain in your physical existence is felt deeply by our loving Father.
Time, the element of time does help in your feelings of emotional instability, in that time allows you to grow forward in time process and the healing of your feelings are mended through time experience.

Not hardening of heart, but learning of heart through your physical existence does brings forth attuned feelings of our Fathers nature, in that you become one in essence of the Father through feelings and emotional experience. Hold true to these words that I have given you and see that you use your experience of physical life to attain development of your feelings and emotions and to use all your experience happens for your growth for the attainment of our Father. In serving our Father and doing his will we acquire vast amounts of life experience, life that came from our Fathers existence.

Remembrance of past experience does give you advantage over life, in that your learning through total life experience gives you keenness of understanding of life, in life, and life existence itself. Know that knowledge through experience of life, is life, life without restriction, not all good, not all bad, life is life.
Your should always be positive in your manner and in your existence. Emotional feelings sometime rule the mind and heart but always know that your existence in life does allow this for your experience of life growth in yourself. Go forward in life so that your growth of life goes forward in you, for purpose of your own life, existence of heart, and for spiritual development of your soul for the betterment of all and for the whole universe.

Be true to your heart feelings and be true to all heart feelings. Endeavor always to serve in love of our Father, a serving love that grows from within and a serving love that growth for all. Love that grows for all is love growth for you. Peace be unto you now and always. Be still of heart for you are loved.

Session 45
July, 1993 – Choice
Free will

MICHAEL:    In your teaching of others, understand that those who are seeking truth will find truth in your words, but those who are not ready for truth cannot hear and recognize truth. Sending forth a message of love and truth in words are the only way to reach those who are ready, seeing that truth strikes a note of the heart, those whose hearts are ready for truth, they will openly except truthful words of our Father and then his leading can commence forward for those who can follow this leading. Furthermore all who are called in this leading can at anytime partake of this journey of life forward. It is possible for all to come to our Father, but all do not choose to follow his leading at all times.

They may choose to traverse their rights and remain in a settled estate or they may choose to travel and journey forward in pursuit of perfection of our Father. Going forward does allow them the use of life for journey travel forward, for advancement of mind and soul intellect. In your being (existence) one must accomplish life and advance forward at each intersect of life. In doing what has been expected (required) of them they automatically advance forward in their journey forward and inward.

The information that has been given to you, is how we convey love of heart to you, these messages of love are sent to you for purpose of seeing life improve and advance into a spiritual estate. Know that the beginning has come forth and it will always continue be.

You should know that time now offers those who are willing and those who are unwilling to choose and come forth for selection of travesty of self; the right of choice for oneself, in that all now have the ability to choose. Going ahead does offer much for those who choose to advance themselves and those who choose not to advance themselves forward are left in a catatonic estate. Both choose their fate, in that all beings have the right to choose for themselves their own destiny.

Unlocking the hearts of all mankind is the key to the success of the whole Teaching Mission. Know that truth of our Father must prevail in order for advancement of selection of choice to move forward for attainment of the Father. Hearts that are open to the Father always choose advancement of perfection to their Father. Teach as many as you can the truth for positive advancement and opening their hearts is opening the door to life, life everlasting, the door that leads them home.

You should always teach the loving nature of our Father. A clear message must be bestowed in the minds of mankind Clear perception of our Father does bring forth love images. You can install these images of the loving nature of our Father. Send forth this message of truth for opening the hearts and minds of men and women so that the truth they gain a clear perception of the love of their loving Father and his loving ways. Know that all who choose life do come forward and exist in that life that they have chosen.

See that you teach this of our Father’s nature. Love always and love forever. This is the way of life. Set your sights high for the betterment of all mankind. Love to you, always and forever.

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