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OSC110502- May His Love Be Your Guide

2011-05-02. May His Love Be Your Guide

Alabama, May 2, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “May His Love Be Your Guide.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Humanity is awakening to the truth that resides in the hearts of men and women of this world. The lies of the media, the fabricated stories, and the hidden agendas, are increasingly less effective in their goal of separating human beings from the truth. Peace is the norm in this universe and love among all creatures is the law that for a long time has been ignored on this world, but not for much longer.

“You are at the beginnings of a new era; a time in which human beings will learn to let their selves be guided by the voice of the Father within their hearts and souls. This time will see the rise of true brotherhood among mortals of this world, because the fact of living together in harmony being the best approach can’t be ignored any longer.

“Many among you are still fighting to maintain their status, and they hold on insistently to the control they think they have over their peers. They will face a tough reality when they realize that they have wasted their time – their lives – and then they will have to find the courage to start again like children if they desire eternal life. Their temporal goals will disappear with time and the wall they have built to silence their own conscience will become the main obstacle for their personal salvation.

“Our Father only knows about love. His compassion extends to all His children, but the price is forgiveness and it is very hard for an agonizing soul to gather enough courage and love to forgive the self and others, and to bravely go forth in the journey toward the unknown. It is very hard for these souls to abandon their ideas of control and self preservation to put themselves in the hands of the invisible Father, if a relationship with this Father has not been cultivated and His Company has not been sought at the decisive moments of life. Those who search for loneliness will die alone, but know that it is never too late to turn your focus inward, toward your hearts, and there find the answers and the solace you previously searched for in other places.

“The days of confusion, error, and sin are coming to an end. The age of love is dawning in hearts and minds. Let yourselves be lifted up by this movement. Fill your sails with the winds of change that are starting to blow all over the world, an navigate toward the security of the knowledge that all are children of a God of love, Who desires happiness and fulfilling lives for each and everyone of you.

“These messages are not the property of just one group in particular. Those who read these words, must make an effort to share them, in all the languages, and to all the corners of this sphere. The truth runs free on Urantia, and all must know that within their being lives the presence of God Himself – a Divine Fragment, Teacher, Advisor, and Guide – and you all can take advantage of this to grow in spirit and to progress individually, in your communities, nations, and as a civilization. May His love be your guide as you create your personal reality.”

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