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OSC110509- A Lesson about Learning

2011-05-09. A Lesson about Learning

Alabama, May 9, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson about Learning.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Some of the lessons you will need to learn in this world may not have a direct relationship to spirit, but they are nonetheless necessary. In other words, you will not often be able to see how some activity or achievement will take you closer to your eternal goals, but there may be some things in these lessons – in these decisions you must make – that will be valuable for your spiritual progress.

“Consider for example a person with a great fear of public speaking. This person is presented with the opportunity to make a public presentation related to her job, and she must decide between making the most of this opportunity, which in turn would bring greater opportunities for professional growth, or remain in her comfort zone, dominated by fear, and turn her back on the opportunity. This person may think that job achievement opportunities have nothing to do with her spiritual growth and uses this as an excuse. Only after sincere self-examination, would this person realize that such an opportunity can be a chance to help her overcome her fears, and then she should gather all her courage to make the right decision.

“This is only one example, but everyone will sooner or later face situations of this kind. When you choose a path motivated by fear you are limiting your own possibilities for growth and advancement. Each day is an opportunity. Each person crossing your path is an opportunity. Accept these events that repeatedly arise in your life as to what they really are – gifts that your Father places in your path to help your grow and become the best you can aspire to.

“Opportunities are signs your Father sends you in order to help you discover His will. Those who truly desire to be useful to the cause of the Kingdom, and wish to live the Father’s will, must be attentive in order to pick up those precious jewels that have been placed in their paths to illuminate and show them the way. Search for the orientation of your Divine Spark within each time you deem it to be necessary. The Father does not want His children to live in a guessing game. He has bestowed Himself upon you as Teacher and Partner in adventure, in order to show you the path, but it is always up to you to walk the path with courage, joy and hope.”

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