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OSC110513- Looking Back at the End of Your Life

2011-05-13. Looking Back at the End of Your Life

Alabama, May 13, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Looking Back at the End of Your Life.”

Received by Oscar.

Receiver: “How can I live in such a way that I can be satisfied when looking back at the end of my life?”

Thought Adjuster: “Here is another false human belief. You have heard many times that you should be satisfied when you look back at your life from your deathbed, so a lot of people truly believe that to avoid wasting their lives they must throw themselves blindly into a series of useless adventures. Won’t you realize that mortal life is only the first step on the ladder of your evolution towards perfection? By the time you reach your death, this will only be the first transition to higher worlds where you will keep growing and progressing. How can you expect your wisdom to be perfect by the time you leave this world?

“The level of satisfaction you experience at the end of your life will be in direct relation to the measure of your spiritual growth. A man who dreams about becoming the richest and most powerful man in the world may be disappointed with his life if he has only managed to accumulate a fortune of one billion dollars. Even if this man achieves his goals and becomes the absolute emperor of the planet, would this mean that he lived a plentiful life? No. The satisfaction of the whims and illusions of the self are not the hallmark of a life well lived for the satisfaction of the soul.

“What you should aspire to is living a life that satisfies your Celestial Father. It is He who knows your true purpose and how often you have followed His guidance. The Father is the one who knows how close your will has come to His will. This is the true hallmark of a life well lived – the degree to which the human will has found harmony with the will of the Father. It is then that confirmation from on high is received by the soul; when the Thought Adjuster declares in the name of the Father ‘this is my beloved son who has pleased me’.

“How can you achieve this true satisfaction? Every day the divine plan for your life is being revealed. Clues and signs are provided so you can see which path to take and make informed decisions. Learn to follow these impulses and hear the voice of God that whispers in the stillness of your heart. A life oriented in such a way will undoubtedly have the approval of the Father, and even if you have not achieved this conviction by the time of your death, the rewards of your struggles in faith will be in evidence on the next worlds.”

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