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OSC110516- A Man of Work and Action

2011-05-16. A Man of Work and Action

Alabama, US of A, May 16, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Man of Work and Action.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many among you feel that they don’t have the benefit of the necessary time to really live. They think that given the amount of time they must dedicate to their jobs and the struggle for material survival, there is really no time for anything else. However, a life well lived is possible even in a relatively short period of time, since what is expected from human life can be achieved independent of any external circumstances.

“Consider the example of the Master. During his life on this world, Michael didn’t spent the major part of His time in meditation or contemplation. He was a man of work and action. He faced the same problems all human beings on Urantia face and have faced, and he did it with an outlook on life considered normal for His time. However, in a little more than thirty years, He reached the zenith of material life and He reached the level that would have made possible the event of fusion with His Thought Adjuster had the Master been an ordinary man.

“The great advantage for Michael was that He very soon learned the value of ‘conversing’ with His Father. He always dedicated some time to receiving divine inspiration, even if frequently only a few minutes were available during his days filled with tasks and duties. Thus, he early learned to know the will of His Father, and He decided to submit to this will.

“In order to achieve great spiritual growth, you don’t need to get away from everything. You just need to learn to search within yourself and to listen to the voice of God, which is expressed to your mind by your Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth. The best catalyst for an effective spiritual transformation is the will to listen within and to follow the advice that is freely provided. If you already have made the decision to dedicate your life to the Father’s will, hold firmly to this resolution, and let it guide your efforts and your decisions at every moment of your life. This is the secret to taking advantage of the short time you have to learn during your material life.

“Life has been designed this way, not to be a leisurely excursion, but to serve as an edifying and rich experience that will forge souls prepared for the increasingly bigger responsibilities of eternity. It is on earth where every little step in the direction of spiritual progress has the greatest value in determining the level at which you will resume your ascending career in the next world.”

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