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OSC111115- Stillness and Change

2011-11-15. Stillness and Change

Alabama, US of A, November 15, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Stillness and Change.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The changes that take place in the life of those who practice stillness are the rewards of diligence and consistency. These changes do not take place with great fanfare. The changes are progressive and directly proportional to the will of the creature to follow his or her Father’s will — to let himself or herself be guided as to the amount of time dedicated to the practice.

“Only after some time has elapsed can human beings appreciate the benefits of spiritual growth. Considering the unrealistic expectations of human beings of this present generation, the time you have dedicated to appreciate some evidence of change in your life may seem too long. However, after only a couple of years you may start to notice several benefits.

“A couple of years may seem a long period of time in the eyes of mortals who are impatient and eager to find quick solutions. However, in looking back from eternity you will see this time as the decision of a day — a mere instant — in which you decided to let the Father work through you and transform you.

“Human beings need time to adapt to changes and allow their minds to start working from a different point of view. This time can be greatly accelerated through the cooperation of the personality with the desire for progress and by the discipline to achieve self-mastery.

“In the end, it is you who always has control and who decides how fast you want to grow. Perhaps it may be more accurate to say that you decide how many obstacles you will tolerate on your path towards perfection. Spiritual achievements require regular meditation practice and right living. However, you often create the obstacles that delay your very own progress.

“One of the benefits to those who start awakening is their more acute intuition and a deeper self-knowledge. This means that you become increasingly more adept at determining where you have to improve in order to take the next step. Only the bravest among you decide to face the darker aspects of their personalities and remove these things from their lives, replacing them with spiritual fruits. This indeed requires courage, because it is hard to acknowledge your fears, your weaknesses, and to abandon what you know in order to face the unknown, even if this promises to be something better.

“The good news is that stillness helps you to remove many obstacles. The practice of stillness meditation is the periodic cleansing of the window that lets you see the sky. As the image becomes clearer everything falls into place. When the crystal becomes cleaner those remaining stains become more obvious and easier to discover and remove.

“Life is a testing ground — the laboratory where mortals experiment and learn from their observations and experiences. Any damage you do or that is done to you will not survive into eternity. There is no error so big that can’t be remedied or confusion so great that can’t be clarified. Therefore forgive generously because all of you have the freedom to choose eternity and have a life filled with love.”

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