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OSC111118- Acts of Faith

2011-11-18. Acts of Faith

Alabama, US of A, November 18, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Acts of Faith.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your soul always yearns to hear ‘the voice’ within. Once you have tasted the elixir of a deeper relationship with your Father — your origin and your destiny — you will naturally wish for more of those moments of peace.

“Come to Me any time you wish because this relationship that we are cultivating is mutually beneficial. Mortals seldom consider that they have something to offer their Creator. However, thanks to the gift of free will, the best gift you can offer your Father is to decide cooperate with Him, to align your will to the will of the Father.

“To the Father this would show him that you approve of creation and the gifts God offers. This is also the most eloquent display of thankfulness, since only when a human being realizes that everything that comes into his or her life is sent by the Father for his edification, he or she will accept this plan without reservation, thus receiving abundantly and increasing his or her spiritual riches and resources. This way even the accidents of space-time will turn into gifts because regardless of what may happen even the unexpected events, errors and suffering can be overcome and transformed by your will to become increasingly more perfect every day and to find opportunities for growth in every place, creating victories from the apparent defeats of life.

“Your Father derives much spiritual pleasure of the efforts of His children to find Him and from their desire to get to know Him better. This allows Him to give you everything He has without measure since jewels are not given to the pigs, only to those who can appreciate them and take advantage of them. In the universal economy only those who put their trust in their Father and let themselves be guided by Him always win, because they are effectively choosing the best of the paths and the greatest of all possible destinies for their lives.

“It is only in this confused world that this is not obvious. Many are lost in material endeavors disregarding their spiritual life because they are not aware of the rewards available to those who choose to reach perfection. The good news is that even the smallest honest effort to become better always produces results. Those who explore spiritual progress don’t have to wait too long to appreciate the benefits and this is all the motivation they need to keep their forward momentum.

“All that is needed is a first step, a step of faith. True explorers know very well that they can only discover new things if they dare to explore. Scientists know that they have to perform experiments to test the validity of their hypothesis or just to see what can be learned. These are acts of faith. Why not use a little bit of this same faith for the task of finding God inside your own being? Just imagine the great things you may discover.”

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