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OSC111128- About Mistakes

2011-11-28. About Mistakes

Alabama, US of A, November 28, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Mistakes”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many problems and complications in the lives of mortals are caused by their own decisions and by their refusing to forgive the mistakes of the past — others’ mistakes and their own. Forgiving is a valuable experience. To forgive those who you think have caused you harm and when you observe the results of these decisions in your life.

“Many things in your life and your siblings’ lives will fare much better just by accepting the fact of your own fallibility and potential for error. Your goal is to attain perfection, but until you reach that state the possibilities of making mistakes will always be present. Therefore, why do you expect perfection in your relationships with your brothers and sisters? Perfection is the highest and principal aspiration of human life, but in this world it is more of a desire rather than an accomplishment.

“You make mistakes. Accept this reality and make an effort to help each other overcome the errors and learn from them. All of you have within you the Guide who will point out the degree of truth, beauty and goodness of your actions, thoughts and decisions. Search within your heart and mind for the basis of your decisions and once you have chosen a path, use sincere self-evaluation to appraise those outcomes.

“At every moment you can know with a relative degree of certainty where you stand in your spiritual career. Do not let the mistakes of the past become heavy loads, preventing you from moving forward in your journey of self-discovery. Instead, use these experiences to learn the lessons and values that will propel you towards the attainment of your perfection.

“Your life is in your hands. Your present results from your past decisions. Those who choose to follow the will of the Father and aspire to be the best they can be are effectively putting their lives into the hands of God to achieve the miracles our Father hopes to achieve in the life of each human being. Follow the plan your Father has suggested and you will find that His is the alternative that is best, highest and most satisfactory for your personality and for the universe.”

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