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OSC111202- Being Thankful

2011-12-02. Being Thankful

Alabama, US of A, December 02, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Being Thankful.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Being thankful — being content with what you have — is a sign of spiritual progress. This shows that a mortal understands why he or she is in a particular situation at a specific moment. It also is a demonstration of faith, because the mortal understands implicitly that regardless of what happens in his or her life, his or her existence and future are always safe.

“Being thankful also can be considered to be an expression of wisdom. Those who feel appreciation for their life regardless of external circumstances have learned to value what is truly important; that which truly possesses eternal value. Many problems that affect human beings actually arise from their belief in false needs: the lie that tells you that you may lack something that is essential to your life when in fact the thing in question would not really add any real value to it.

“True thankfulness frees the mind and encourages the soul. Your mind forgets the irrational concerns and little-by-little those fears without valid reasons start to vanish. Thus you progressively become more courageous when facing the challenges of daily living and dealing with surprises that always come during a mortal life. Your soul feels strengthened by the certainty of continuous growth and the abundance of learning opportunities that will never cease.

“To achieve a state of constant thankfulness for what surrounds you is very conducive to soul growth, and to the advancement of the individual and of civilization. This thankfulness only arises from trusting in the care of your Father and from an increasingly higher understanding of your Creator. Thankfulness is not something that can be forced. It is one of the fruits of spirit — the natural aroma that surrounds those who start to discover the divine presence within.

“Search within your own heart for the connection with your Father and learn to know Him. The transforming power of this relationship can only be appreciated through an authentic and individual experience.

“All the poetic words in the languages of the world would not suffice to describe what those who venture onto the path of self-discovery come to experience. This is the most valuable endeavor of human life and the one that yields the most authentic satisfaction.”

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