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OSC111207- Revolutions and Exemplary Lives – Part 2 of 2

2011-12-07. Revolutions and Exemplary Lives – Part 2 of 2

Alabama, US of A, December 7, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Revolutions and Exemplary Lives – Part 2 of 2.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The most powerful agent of change and inspiration for people is the display of an exemplary life. Live your life in such a way that it becomes an eloquent lesson to your siblings and provides a clearer vision of a better world. Bring light and life to your own experience and you will directly bring light and life to your world.

“An exemplary life – a life well lived – is a life of growth and sustained progress. It is a life in which a creature starts being just a little more than an animal and obtains enough wisdom to become the master of her destiny and her relationships with her siblings. Such a life is a life of happiness and satisfaction, that seems to be independent of anything external. Those who live such lives are joyful, courageous, and trustful because they know that really nothing can cause them real damage.

“An exemplary life is not a life without difficulties. It is not even a life where all decisions are right. It is a life where there are still mistakes, but they are called lessons and they bring about learning. It is not a life where all the answers are known. It is a life where all the answers are discovered as the person discovers within the Source of all wisdom.

“An exemplary life is not a life of great deeds or perfect outcomes. It is instead a life of intentions that are increasingly more perfect. It is a life where a person does what she believes to be right, true, beautiful and good in her heart, regardless of what others may think or the apparent results. Many times the best decision can be made without getting the expected results. Only in your heart will you know if your intentions were the best at the time of your making a decision. However, all decisions made considering your most spiritual impulses and your most sincere love for your siblings will always bring good to somebody.

“An exemplary life is not a life of glory and honors. You could help many and achieve great things in your world without anybody knowing your name or what your contribution was. Many of the things you enjoy today are the result of the efforts of people you will never know. Strive to give the best of yourself to every person that crosses your path and you will be giving your best to the world. This world has great problems and needs great solutions, but the great solutions are always the sum of many small efforts. One great man with the clearest mind and the best ideas will never achieve as much as a group of average men doing their best to solve a problem.

“An exemplary life is not a life of satisfaction in great things. It is a life of excellence in the small things. Do today whatever you have to do — your role as a parent, your job, your relationships with your family and your siblings in this world — the best way you can imagine and leave the outcomes in the hands of the Father, because all the good you do extends well beyond your personal influence, even beyond time and space.

“An exemplary life is a life dedicated to the Will of our Father. The mandate of the Father is perfection. To reach perfection is the main task of the universes of time and space. Therefore, when you strive for perfection in your own life you are working directly on the plan of the Father. When you try to be better every day, when you search for a life experience more fulfilling and satisfactory, you are doing precisely what your Father expects of you, improving your world and creating a reality closer to light and life. Such is the beauty and wisdom of the divine plan.”

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