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OSC111212- All is Well

2011-12-12. All is Well

Alabama, US of A, December 12, 2011.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “All is Well.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “All is well. Always. Nothing in the universe can cause you real damage, because within you is a fragment of God that represents His promise of eternity. Choose to follow His path. It is the best for you and for all; therefore you have nothing to worry about.

“The uncertainty of the material world makes its children live with doubts and fear. However, once they have matured they should be able to see beyond their ignorance-based fears based on the certainty and the wisdom provided by the care of a loving Father. You will always have to go through new situations and new experiences to learn something new about yourself using a working relationship with your Father to overcome all situations and become their master.

“Problems will come, but their impact will purely depend on your ensuing decisions and actions. No tragedy lasts forever. Even material death is not a permanent state. So from time to time you will feel hunger to better understand those who have suffered it. Sometime you will have to experience the pain of a loss so your heart won’t become deaf to the pain of others. You have to win and lose many times until you learn that these are just two sides of the same coin, and that coin is just an external object. It is not you.

“Once and for all leave behind all your worries and your fears. Worrying about whether things may happen or not is worthless. You simply can’t predict them. Instead, free the resources of your mind so you are centered in the present and won’t miss the opportunities to discover a little more of your Father in you while learning to become more like Him.

“What your soul most desires in this life is that you make a reality of the blueprint your Thought Adjuster has made for your life. Thereby you will receive abundantly as long as you remain alert to life’s opportunities and challenges, which are merely exercises suggested by the Father to strengthen the muscles of your faith and to master the skills that will be most useful to struggles in the next worlds.

“Which is the best way? The way of the Father — the way He suggests. At each step you will know with more certainty the path to take because God never fails. So remember to listen and decide working in tandem with the Father and according to the best wisdom you have attained.

“Surrender into your Father’s hands, not as a slave to an insensitive master, but as an intelligent child who trusts without reservation in the love of his or her Father knowing that He is preparing you to become a valuable partner in the family business with all the responsibilities and all the benefits that the position entails.”

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