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OSC111213- Your Journey of Self-Discovery

2021-12-13. Your Journey of Self-Discovery

Alabama, US of A, December 13, 2011.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Journey of Self-Discovery”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many times your journey of self-discovery becomes a journey in which you have to face and defeat yourself. You will be confronted to see those things you don’t like about yourself — destructive habits, unnecessary distractions, hidden weaknesses — and accept them first before you can start to improve. This is the most difficult part — to accept there are some areas in your life that need improving or even overcoming for you to elevate yourself beyond what you are today. You can only progress when you leave behind those loads that tie you to your animal and material nature.

“It is very common for people to avoid those things they find displeasing about their personality. When someone has an ugly defect he or she hides it from others and from him- or herself to avoid shame. But even this action is a step in the right direction because it signals that the person knows there is a defect and therefore can take steps to improve the situation.

“Harder to eliminate are defects and weaknesses when a person decides nothing needs to be changed. This happens when you tell yourself that what you do, what you feel or what you think is not that bad — that there are others worse than you and that you are not hurting anyone else — perhaps just yourself. Many vices fall into this category and this makes them very hard to eliminate. The creature justifies his or her actions in several ways that prevents them from facing the reality of the need for change.

“The first thing to consider in this case is that if a vice, a behavior or a way of thinking has the potential to hurt you, it has to be removed from your life. Damaging your body, your mind or your soul is as grave as damaging someone else. Your body, your mind and your soul were given to you by your Father and are treasures that were entrusted to you to do great things with them — create, not to destroy.

“It is your responsibility to invest the talents your Father has given you and produce a profit. To say you are not damaging others is no excuse to justify any activity, behavior, or way of thinking that doesn’t aspire to the ideal of emulating the perfection of your Father.

“Understand once and for all that you are what you entertain in your mind and heart. If you truly aspire to perfection you have to fill your mind and heart exclusively with that which is true, beautiful and good and you have to remove everything that is opposite to those attributes. Fill your mind and heart with goodness and you will be good. Fill them with truth and you will be truthful. Fill them with beauty and you will be beautiful to the eyes of God. A creature filled with truth, beauty and goodness exudes the aroma of the fruits of spirit and other souls are naturally attracted to these exalted beings.

“Sincerity is perceived without difficulties by those who search for it. Sincerity is only possible when the heart and soul of a creature is void of lies and falsehood and when there is nothing hidden from his siblings. Such sincerity doesn’t need words to be expressed because it flows spontaneously in the relationships that a human being filled with truth establishes with their peers. This is what you should aspire to for it represents the next step in your spiritual development.

“Those who really love their neighbors and have a real interest in finding out what they can do to help them reach their potential are truly sincere. Those who really listen to their siblings’ words and their soul’s desires and who try to provide what they need are truly sincere. Those who don’t judge or segregate others because of their mistakes, but instead try to walk the better path so others are inspired to follow, are truly sincere. Truly sincere are those who in the presence of their brothers and sisters become so transparent that the Father can be seen through them.”

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