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OSC120104- A Greatly Courageous Decision

2012-01-04. A Greatly Courageous Decision

Alabama, US of A, January 4, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Greatly Courageous Decision.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “If every human being would decide to not be a threat or the cause of suffering to his or her siblings, all conflicts in this world would disappear. It is so sad and sometimes so incomprehensible how the solution to peace in your world is so simple and yet so apparently complicated that after thousands of years you still have not managed to overcome your differences.

“This is why the Master often suggested abandoning even the instinct of self-preservation. Animals as well as human beings naturally try to defend themselves when attacked. Thanks to their more advanced brains and their capacity to predict future situations, human beings can anticipate an attack and defend themselves before it happens. This is the situation in which all your nations on the verge of conflict are found today. They fear a surprise attack from their enemies so they arm themselves and threaten their neighbors.

“It would take great courage to decide that regardless of what your neighbors do, you would not do anything to harm them. Which country leader would dare take the initiative and let other countries explore their rights to master atomic energy? Who would dare help their neighbors achieve economic independence and international equality? Wouldn’t this be a better way to promote frienship and trust among nations? When human beings join and work together for a common goal they learn to know each other and naturally establish links of affection and friendship.

“The leaders of the present do not dare take these decisions because they are afraid. They fear to appear weak in the eyes of their supporters. Above all, those who control the masses are afraid of seeing their unfair advantages vanish. But the resources of this world belong to all, not to a small group of privileged ones.

“Stop considering your siblings who come from a different culture or who have different beliefs to be your enemies just because others tell you so. You are all brothers and sisters, children of the same celestial Father. Don’t be afraid of each other. Help each other and work for the goals of eternal value that will be the foundation of a better world — a world of peace never before known on this planet — for your children.”

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