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OSC120106- One Day at a Time

2012-01-06. One Day at a Time

Alabama, US of A, January 6, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “One Day at a Time.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your life is perfect. There is nothing you need and there is nothing you lack. You already posses everything you need to attain the ultimate goal of existence — finality and perfection. The effort to grow in spirit and for personal progress is always part of your life struggle. Concerns and anxieties do not need to be part of that struggle since everything you are and everything that is really important to you will never be lost.

“Remember to live your life one day at a time, always focused on the present. Make your efforts of today, of this very moment, count and let the future develop on its own. Yes, you may need to create intelligent plans and define some goals to be achieved, but it is only in the present that the victories of time are obtained.

“If you could see but a glimpse of your journey toward perfection you would think that you have not even started yet. Many ages will come to pass before your meet your Father in person. The time and the distance measured from your mortal point of view would be inconceivable. However, it is only in mortal beings that these anxieties take place. Those who have spent some time in the higher worlds have lost the impatience and the hurriedness of their earlier days in the material worlds.

“This is a convenient lesson that you could learn in this life — and everything you can learn in this life will be yours forever. Give the best of yourself in every task that is placed in front of you and with time you will have achieved the great works that your Father has inspired you to do. It is today when you have to do your best, not some other time when some ideal situation that you imagine will occur. Today is the time, later would be too late. Be great in the small things so you can be trusted and become better prepared for the bigger things.

“Remember that you can always come to Me to get true repose for your mind and your soul. I know that your efforts sometimes exhaust you and you need to catch your breath. This is the reason why you have within your being a direct access to the source of energy and renovation that sustains the universe and all creatures. Come often into the silence of your heart and feel how you are renewed and energized for the good combat of life.”

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