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OSC120109- The Ideal of Perfection

2012-01-09. The Ideal of Perfection

Alabama, US of A, January 9, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Ideal of Perfection.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In some way, you always know what is best for you, at least in a general sense. In your mind, you have constructed an ideal for a higher life. This ideal is a collaboration between your Thought Adjuster and your own wisdom based on your experiences. This ideal will always be refined and improved as you grow and learn new things.

“When you decide to follow this ideal — when you desire to become the most noble, beautiful and best you have imagined you can be — you will generate the upward momentum that will move you forward on the scale of spiritual progress. This ideal is always better than your current situation. So regardless of how precise or close to the truth your ideal may be, when you make an effort to achieve this ideal you keep improving continuously.

“When mortals make an effort to better resemble their ideal of perfection, it becomes clearer and more like the will of the Father. Make the effort to become what you wish to be and this effort will clear your path towards perfection. Your current ideal of perfection may not be the absolute ideal, but it can bring you closer to your potential.

“In the end, the highest ideal a human being can conceive of is to become the likeness of the Father. This ideal can only manifest clearly in the mind of a personality tuned to the degree the personality knows the Father. You would need a higher mind and a more acute spiritual perception to attain this superior understanding of divinity. However, in your world, the Creator Son lived an ideal life to be an example for all. The ideal of the life of Michael as Jesus of Nazareth is a mortal life like the Father would have lived if He were in the flesh. You have this magnificent example to help you overcome all the shortcomings that your understanding and your partial vision of reality may affect your ideal of perfection. Study the life of the Master and take from it the inspiration to live your own spiritual life.

“Your Creator Son has given you the key to achieving the highest possible spiritual success during your mortal life. You only need faith, courage and love — a love so intense for your Father that it inspires in you the trust and desire to be like Him. These are the ingredients that will transform a life at the animal level into one of a creature with divine attributes. Michael has shown you the way; you just have to decide to follow him.”

Note: The best source to study the life of Michael is the Urantia Book (, starting with Paper 122.

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