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OSC120110- Moment by Moment

2012-01-10. Moment by Moment

Alabama, US of A, January 10, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Moment by Moment.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “A life is built moment by moment. Each moment in which you give the best of yourself is added to the ‘total score’ of the performance of your life. This is one more reason for living in the present. At the moment you abandon this life you may remember the pleasures and the good times you lived. There may be some regrets and the desire to live again some episodes of your life in order to make different decisions. However, at the moment of your death you will still be greatly influenced by your limited vision of reality.

“It is during morontial life, once you have had some time to adjust to your new environment, when you will see things from a higher perspective and when your considerations about your life will change and you will see your time on earth as a single step in a much larger career. You will see the things that you didn’t do and the lessons you failed to learn with a new understanding. You will lose the typical impatience of the mortal races once you realize that there are no limits to your existence or things you can achieve.

“It will be then that you will discover the true value of those moments in life in which you decided to overcome your baser impulses and trust in the orientation of something higher, wiser and more precious — the Divine Presence of the Father within you. You will know without a doubt that it was in these moments that you grew, you became more real and got closer to that which the Father dreamt for you. Then those moments — perhaps forgotten — of your life that didn’t bring with them a lot of fanfare will be considered by you as the most important and definitive of your mortal experience.

“Now that you have glimpsed a little of this truth you can start to accept that in your life — and in the lives of all — each instant is valuable. Not only is the time invested in learning about spirit and in adoration important, but also the time you invest in your work, when you decide to do it in a higher and better way, is also valuable. The time you invest in communion with your familiy, your friends and those around you will be valuable if you fill it with love, acceptance and searching for the Father within them as well as within yourself. Those moments in which you face problems and pain are also valuable, as long as you learn to extract from those moments the lessons that will bring victories to your battles in life.

“For human beings it is indeed difficult to see the end from their limited point of view; however you have no need of knowing where you are going. You only need to trust that you are being guided safely toward your destiny, a destiny more beautiful and noble than any other you could imagine. This trust — this faith — will provide the certainty to know that you are in fact doing what the Father expects of you when you make an effort to manifest your highest ideal of perfection, truth, beauty and goodness.”

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