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OSC120113- The Respect of an Entire Universe

2012-01-13. The Respect of an Entire Universe

Alabama, US of A, January 13, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Respect of an Entire Universe.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “All your days could be lived with the certainty that all is well and that there is nothing else you need, and that you are right where you should be. From time to time you get a glimpse of reality and perceive things how they really are. At other times you let yourself be confused by the material illusions and forget who you truly are and why you are here; however, these flashes of enlightment will become more frequent in your life if you allow them.

“You have only one main project, which is the same for all — to live a life of self-discovery with the goal of attaining increasingly higher levels of perfection. In oher words, your life is a school in which you learn how to live as a spiritual being in the likeness of God. Of course, this project will take more time than the time you have to live in this world, but in the universe, there are no deadlines or schedules. You will have eternity to achieve what is expected of you — what your soul desires.

“Does this mean that you can live your life carelessly without being concerned with growing or becoming better? After all you can postpone your efforts eternally. This is your choice. However, those who walk away from the truth and become victims of error and materialism generally bring a lot of suffering to themselves and their life becomes like a dream that is forgotten upon awakening. It will be they — once they awake — who will lament the time they have wasted and they will start to make the necessary adjustments that will be more difficult because of the habits that they allowed to form during their lives.

“However, those who are already struggling for perfection and fight the good combat of life with faith and hope will notice that they have gained a lot of terrain in their fight for eternity because each progress made in this world is of great value in the next. In life, it is commendable when somebody manages to use the riches of their family to obtain more riches and abundance. But it is truly remarkable when somebody comes from poverty and manages to obtain a great fortune. This experience allows some industrious human beings to value their achievements in a way that their siblings who were born to abundance can’t understand.

“In the same way, you who struggle to overcome your nature and your limitations with the help of sincere faith in this confused and backward world, are gaining the recognition and respect of an entire universe. You are the lights that shine in the middle of the darkness — lights that will be placed on a pedestal so they can illuminate everybody. Give your best at every moment and let the light fill you up until it overflows your being because only with the contributions of all — all the lights in the souls of this world – will this planet realize the age of Light and Life.”

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