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OSC120126- About Soldiers

2012-01-26. About Soldiers

Alabama, US of A, January 26, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Soldiers”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “As your level of spirituality rises, your aligment with the will of your Father improves. The understanding that arises in your mind makes the plan of the Father clearer to you and therefore you are able to better harmonize your will with the Divine Will.

“In this world many soldiers think they have to fight and obliterate non-believers because that is the will of God. They sincerely believe this in their hearts and for this reason their error is not quite so great. Human actions are better judged by their intentions, not by their outcomes.

“If by a fortunate set of circumstances one of these soldiers attempts to know the Father better and strives to establish an internal communion with Him, then this soldier will inevitably discover the reality of the unconditional love of the Creator for all His creatures. This experience and this understanding will transform the ideals of the soldier and that which was once considered noble — the fight against infidels — will now become an aberration in the soldier’s eyes, which are now open to a higher reality.

“The path to achieving the understanding that elevates human decisions to the likeness of divine decisions is always the search for the Father within yourself. The practice of Stillness — those moments you wish to spend with your Father — are the best way to get to know Him and let truth become clearer in your conscious mind. This is the great value of worship, when a creature attempts to better understand the nature and attributes of that which is worshipped and ends up expressing the same nature and attributes in his or her own life and being.

“Come to Me often and little by little you will bring this miraculous transformation that will take you from the animal level to the boundaries of divinity. The distance between that which is animal and that which is divine is inmense, but your faith can overcome all obstacles when illuminated by a sincere and inquisitive mind and motivated by the will of a personality that strives to become better every day.”

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