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OSC120127- A Worthy Goal – Part 1

2012-01-27. A Worthy Goal — Part 1

Alabama, US of A, January 27, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Worthy Goal — Part 1”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your goals and your materialistic dreams seldom have something to do with what truly brings you satisfaction. This is the reason why many among you fall in the trap of endless accumulation and always wanting more. Material things never satisfy your spirit and the void you feel sometimes is not caused by material needs.

“When you realize that you already have everything you may ever need and that there is nothing out there that can increase your happiness or your satisfaction, you will begin to understand the illusion of material goals and desires. Maybe that idea of always wanting more is a marketing trick of those who make a living selling you things you don’t really need. For example, right now you drive an old car that works just fine. Sometimes you consider trading it for a newer model, a more elegant one, more luxurious, more expensive. But in the end, what would you gain?

Your trip from home to work and back would not improve. You would not be more comfortable, more relaxed. You would not get there quicker. A new car would only be a waste of resources and time, because it would not add any real value to your life. How many among you change cars just because you want a different one? How many among you are in great financial debt chasing things that don’t help you at all? This analogy can be applied to many situations and many false human needs: a bigger house, a better neighborhood, a different city, a sexier body, a younger face, more money and more.

“Along your path of spiritual growth you will eventually realize that you already have it all — that you need nothing. Then the issue would be how to define worthy goals in your life. What dreams should you be chasing? What would deserve your life’s efforts? You may worry that this internal satisfaction would make you sluggish. If you are already satisfied with what you have, what motivation will you have to keep growing and progressing?

“The purpose of life is not a secret. You come to this world to know your Father, to know His Will, or in other words, to understand His design for creation. This is the first step. At the beginning you will try to learn His Will in order to guide your decisions and actions. Later, once you are a little more enlightened, you will realize that all are participants in the design of the Father for creation and you decide to cooperate and work to achieve the eternal goals. Thus you become co-creators — those who in eternity will have contributed to the establishment of the universes in Light and Life — in perfection. At the same time, as you grow in the knowledge of God, a desire arises in you to be like Him and become perfect.

This results in the complete identification with your Creator and the eventual fusion with His presence in you. Then you become like God and you make the dream of our Father for you a reality. Becoming increasingly perfect you perfect your universe as well. The search for perfection — to be like the Father — is the goal of every evolutionary creature in Creation. This is the goal to which you should dedicate your life.”

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