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OSC120208- Living in Light and Life – Part II

2012-02-08. Living in Light and Life — Part II

Alabama, US of A, February 8, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Living in Light and Life” — Part II.

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In a world established in Light and Life, day to day life is a lot more relaxed and ‘slow’ than it is in this world. The pressure to work for survival is absent in a world where every human being has a right to eat and have a place to live by the mere fact of their being born. Medical attention and education are provided freely by those who due to their motivation and aptitudes have achieve the highest levels of excellence and service in these professions — levels that would astonish the inhabitants of Urantia.

“Without the pressure for survival, the main focus of society is to educate the young so they can discover their aptitudes and explore their potentials. This education is advanced and it lasts much longer than on this world. The fact that life expectancy is also greater in these worlds makes possible schooling periods of 50 years and more.

“The level of originality and innovation in these worlds is very high. There is competition to make new discoveries and propose new ideas that will be beneficial to all. The word competition in this case does not involve the desire for selfish rewards or obtaining an unfair advantage over others. Instead, competition in this context means adventure, exploration. The desire to see what lies beyond and gaining a better understanding of the universe is of great motivation to the mortals of these advanced worlds. It is common for various work teams that are looking for the same answer to join efforts and share without reservation everything they have learned, because the goal for each member is to learn and to know, to discover one more piece of the Father’s mosaic, in order to come a little closer to Him.

“In an advanced world trust is predominant. There are no strangers and each person is considered equally valuable, conferring great value to human life. There are places where people go with the simple purpose of meeting others to converse for long hours with someone whom they have never met before. In fact, this is one of the most popular forms of reversion and entertainment in these worlds. These human beings derive great delight in discovering their neighbors.

“Of course, there are also families and the realtionship among its members are truly sublime. These mortals know very well that service to humanity starts with their own family. Parents know that they are the first expression of God that their children will know, therefore they really strive to make a good first impression for their little ones. Imagine the way in which these children can know and understand the Father if they have first experienced true unconditional love from human parents who aspire to perfection.

“These exalted mortals don’t need laws nor government. There are leaders who function mostly as the spokes-persons of the organizations they represent. Nobody consideres him or herself above anybody else and these spokes-persons are chosen just to serve as intermediaries to other groups. However the technology and the mental capacity of these mortals has advanced so much that one idea can spread throughout the entire population in a matter of minutes.

“And this is a partial vision of a world established in Light and Life. It is the possible destination for your world once all of you realize that each one has a role to play to make this a reality — to establish Light and Life in your personal lives, in your minds and your hearts so it can extend this to the rest of the world.”

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