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OSC120210- Applying Truth in Your Life

2012-02-10. Applying Truth in Your Life

Alabama, US of A, February 10, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Applying Truth in Your Life”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The life of a person who has truly found the Father is a living illustration of that intention. There may be some who can express ideas and concepts with great ease, but the simple recitation of ideals is irrelevant if those ideals are not part of the way of living. In other words, knowledge is useless without the application of what has been learned.

“When you read the words of those who are considered to be wise or ‘new prophets’ by this world, try to discover the truth behind those words, but do not attempt to imitate the lives of those so called ‘great’ men or women. Instead find a way to apply their ideas and express them in an original fashion through your own life.

“Everything Michael expressed with His words, He also expressed with His life in the way he related to others and in the unconditional love of a Father-Brother that He offered to every person that crossed His path. This is the key of the great attractiveness of His personality: His acute interest in knowing His siblings and offering the best of Himself to them.

“Those who listen to the truth and use it in their own process of reaching perfection will always make great improvements and progress in spirit. This will reflect in other areas of their lives. Material success and riches are not a manifestation of the increased spiritual contact in the life of a person. A better measure is the peace that a person experiences in his or her life, the degree of freedom from fear and uncertainty, and the way in which the person associates with his or her neighbors.

“Look at your own life and ask yourself these questions: Have you improved? Do you live with greater peace and confidence? Are you experiencing gratefulness and higher satisfaction with your life? Are you living with increased harmony? Have you learned to accept the gifts that each day brings instead of trying to force the outcomes that your ego desires?

“How you answer these questions will show you the degree to which you have received the light of the Father who lives in you and the degree to which you are reaping the benefits of an increasingly closer relationship with your Celestial Father. The answer to these questions should also guide you to make the necessary adjustments to transform your life into the adventure of growth and love that was intended to be.”

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