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OSC120214- About the World Appearances

2012-02-14. About the World Appearances

Alabama, US of A, February 14, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About the World Appearances.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Know that even when all circumstances in the world may change, you possess within you the stability of knowing that you are a child of God, that your position in the Divine Family always remains unchanged, and that His love and His guidance will never abandon you. You have a perfect Teacher within you, one that never gets tired, one who never loses His patience in the face of your apparent failures and whose only mission is to help you become the best you can be.

“Sometimes you are concerned because you feel ‘disconnected.’ This sensation is an illusion of your mind because in reality you can’t disconnect yourself from the Source of all there is just as you can’t disconnect from air just because you are not aware that you are breathing. Your Father is always working to bring you home, to center your attention and your will in that which is truly important.

“It is only recently that human beings have accustomed themselves to believe they are not enough, that they are not meeting some standard that always varies according to fashion or tradition. It is difficult to find a human being that is satisfied with what he or she is. How high must your salary be so you can accept that you are a valuable worker? How thin does your body need to be to accept that you are adequate? What age should you appear to have to feel that you are better than others?

“It is due to this focusing on appearances — in the external — that many among you see your lives pass by as a series of reactions and adjustments to a set of conditions that never remain the same, aspiring to ideals that never satisfy. Life then is an unending struggle where the only thing you reap is defeat. However, your beloved Master lived a life without parallel in the history of this world, focusing exclusively in the struggle for perfection, what He called ‘the good combat of faith.’

“Those who search for perfection, those who try to realize their destiny as beings in the likeness to the Creator are able to discover the victories of life day after day. They don’t require an external validation for their actions and decisions. Just noticing the attributes of truth, beauty and goodness in their desires is the only motivation they need to keep moving forward. These creatures are living a life for eternity, preparing the terrain for the adventures of the future, when their dedication and the lessons that they learn today will be extremely useful.

“The life of human beings in this world would truly be much easier if they focused in what is really important — the enterprises of eternal value. It is never too late to change your focus, but often courage is needed in order to abandon yourself and change the desires of the ego by the unknown adventures of spiritual growth and self-discovery. These represent the real road to success in human life and the real satisfaction of the efforts to transform an animal nature into a true spirit of light.”

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