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OSC120222- Rest and Distraction

2012-02-22. Rest and Distraction

Alabama, US of A, February 22, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Rest and Distraction.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There is nothing wrong with some distraction or reversion, in fact this may be necessary to maintain your emotional balance. However, you should also be able to determine when you have had enough of it.

“When you decide to distract yourself for a few moments is normally because your mind needs that distraction — it needs some rest. But what if instead of resting your mind by searching out there for something to focus your attention on, you search within you instead to find the peace that is the real source of rest for your soul? Practice this and you will discover how just a few minutes of stillness are enough to rest and to consider life challenges from a new perspective.

“Once you have practiced stillness go back to your duties with renewed vigor and observe how your performance improves. Come to Me with your problems and your doubts often and I will provide what you need and much more.

“The Divine Presence is a resource that human beings have thanks to their Father’s love. This presence is there to help His children do better every day to reach perfection. All those who focus their attention on this Divine Presence without doubt will get results and will receive the service of their Thought Adjuster to advance on their path of spiritual progress. Even when the focus of the Thought Adjuster is the preparation for the life beyond this world, the present needs of the human soul are never disregarded and the well-being of His children is never ignored.

“Come to your inner temple each time you need it, several times a day if you desire. With practice you will know when the best time is to take advantage of this resource. There is never a moment when searching for your Father is inconvenient, but this search should not become a pastime or a distraction from the duties of your life in this world. The practice of stillness is not an escape from the problems of life. It is instead taking some time to listen to the advice from the Source of all wisdom and receive the inspiration to face those problems anew, in an original and courageous way.”

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