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OSC120223- Enlightenment

2012-02-23. Enlightenment

Alabama, US of A, February 23, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Enlightenment.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There are lots of preconceived ideas among you about what is called ‘enlightenment.’ Most of you believe that this is a level that once reached in this life, all answers are known and the eyes are opened to the secrets of the universe. While there is some truth in this, it is worthwhile to clarify what is really experienced so you are better prepared to identify it when those moments of lucidity occur.

“The legends related to spiritual enlightenment have been created by the followers of the many wise men and women of the past who reached a certain level of spiritual progress and shared what they learned and experienced. The first thing you have to understand is that enlightenment is not a final stage. It is more like a continuous process, a succession of moments of increasing clarity in which a personality learns something new and incorporates that knowledge as part of his or her experience.

“In this sense, all those who have sincerely searched for spirituality have had similar experiences. These are the moments when you really comprehend a truth, when you feel within that the words make sense and become something you can immediately apply in your life. It is when you decide to accept that something is real, with the help of all the spiritual influences that guide you from within. An honest search to know more about our Father and about yourself will produce many of these moments in which you will discover new things.

“However, in this world or any other material world there is a limit to what can be experienced and discovered on the spiritual path. This is the reason why when a creature has implicitly accepted the Will of the Father and has fully identified with the universal law, fusion takes place and the material body vanishes, because there is nothing more in the material world that can be used for the spiritual growth of that fortunate creature. This removal from the material world due to the fusion with a Fragment of God represents the definitive demonstration of the purpose of a human life — to know the Father and to strive to become more like Him. Once this commitment has been established and all the requirements of the mortal life have been mastered you can move to the next level. Most of the time fusion will take place in the Mansion Worlds, long after life in this world has ended.

“From the enlightened ones in your history only one really achieved the zenith of his mortal life: Michael of Nebadon as Jesus of Nazareth. It is in His life where all of you can have a perfect illustration of what it means to live a life truly consecrated to the Will of the Father and the search for perfection. How will you know if you are nearing that glorious moment in which your Father will announce to the universe that you are His beloved child in whom He is pleased? When your mind becomes capable of expressing only truth, beauty and goodness. When fear has been eradicated from your personality. When the love for your peers becomes sincere and unconditional. When you have accepted your great importance and that of your siblings in the divine plan. When there are no possibilities that your thoughts or actions attempt to hurt anybody. When you see the universe and all beings with absolute trust and love.

“You have within your being the desire — the hunger — for perfection. Your soul has tasted the elixir of communion with your Father and now wants more. You have seen the path and wish to follow it with all your heart. Take the Kingdom by force and continue moving forward with patience, trust and joy, because your steps are guided by the same Celestial Father in whose presence you aspire to be at some moment in your remote future.”

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