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OSC120228- Absolute Freedom

2012-02-28. Absolute Freedom

Alabama, US of A, February 28, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Absolute Freedom.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When will you realize that our Father has given you absolute freedom to live your lives? The plan of your Father for your mortal life is to simply let you explore spirituality and strive for perfection — to become proficient in the art of self-mastery. What is required from you is for you to move beyond your animal nature and express with increasing clarity your true and eternal spiritual nature. This can be achieved right there where you are now, in your present situation, in your profession and in your family.

“This is how you can harmonize the idea of free will with living a live dedicated to the will of the Father. Trying to be better — the best you can aspire to be — is the overarching goal, but the way in which you reach that goal is personal and original. A priest is only as likely to reach this glorious goal as is a factory worker, an intellectual, or a homemaker. What you do is not the determining factor for success on the path to perfection. A consistent commitment to get to know your Father better is.

“A progressive spiritual awakening always affects all the other areas of human existence. The physician becomes more humanist. The sociologist turns the subjects of her studies into her brothers and sisters. The factory worker ceases to consider his labor as irrelevant to transform it into an opportunity for service to his neighbors. The artist ceases trying to reproduce the things of the world and glimpses the eternal realities. Everything that goes against the universal law of unconditional love vanishes from the life of these enlightened children and their labors are glorified.

“You will not find the Father through your work or your service. Search first for the Father and your work will transform into a service to the universe, your gift to the Creator and your contribution to the creation of a higher reality. Such a great advance would the Urantia civilization experience if every mortal attempted to first know his or her Father better, themselves and their siblings! You would receive everything else with great ease.”

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