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OSC120305- Promoting Love

2012-03-05. Promoting Love

Alabama, US of A, March 5, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Promoting Love.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “How would you promote the idea that love is the only solution without sounding like a dreamer or a poet with your head in the clouds? When the idea of love becomes the introduction card of men and women who live authentic lives and experience a faith similar to the faith of Michael when He walked amongst you, others will be motivated to follow them. At present only those who are somehow at the margins of society and are considered strange, eccentric, or artistic are the ones proposing the idea of love as the universal law. Leaders who are capable of moving the masses with their lives and their examples are needed to promote love as a useful tool for a fulfilling life and a better future.

“The leaders from the past inspired their followers by war cries and coarse demonstrations of courage and determination. Being merciless and calculating was an advantage. The leaders of the future will have to demonstrate with their lives and their actions the importance of truth, the expression of beauty and the exercise of goodness. The followers of Michael didn’t fall in love with His ideas of peace or His promises of divine glory. Those who followed Him to the very end fell in love with the courageous, determined, friendly and confident man they met while He was on this earth, and who always was so filled with trust about the care of His Father.

“Love will not be adopted because of the poetic words of some gifted orators. Only examples of lives consecrated to love will be the living illustrations of the great power of our Father’s unconditional love working through the mind of men. A recent example of this was the life of Gandhi, who was far from perfect but managed to inspire his people to achieve their goals without the use of violence, also inspiring many future leaders even after his time had passed.

“Maybe your job is not to be this type of leader because the world may not be ready to accept this type of leadership and the lives lived according to the will of our Father rarely become known to the majorities. However, maybe your life can be an example that will inspire others to live the same way and from that group the new leaders will arrive, those who will bring about a new and more highly evolved civilization to this world.”

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