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OSC120308- You are the Catalysts

2012-03-08. You are the Catalysts

Alabama, US of A, March 8, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “You are the Catalysts.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings may sometimes consider that the Father has no need of the services a simple mortal can offer. These humans forget that the creation of reality is a collaborative process, a joint enterprise of the Creator with His creatures. The will of the Father — the divine plan — needs the decisions and actions of created beings to transform potentials into actuals.

“This need for the involvement of personalities does not imply a weakness or a deficiency in the powers of our Father. It is instead an attribute of the exercise of free will. Our Father has given us the opportunity to create the world we desire and to experiment with our reality. Even if He knows very well what the best outcome is, He also knows that His curious creatures often won’t accept anything that has not been validated by experience, therefore our Father never imposes His point of view.

“Creatures sometimes may take the wrong path, causing delays in the divine plan. However, logic indicates that sooner or later they will discover on their own which is the best path — thanks to their wisdom gained through experience — and progressively learn to trust more in their Father, following His advice and achieving higher things, ever more beautiful, true and good.

“At some point creatures will experience the unconditional love of their Father that was always there and once this love overflows their hearts they discover their universal family — they learn to truly love their peers. It is then when the desire to show others the marvels they have discovered arises. Human beings are generous by nature and when they discover something good they want to share it with others. It is then that some decide to share their experiences, showing others the steps that led them to a deeper understanding of their relationship with spirit and become the workers of the Father, the lights that progressively illuminate the path for those who come after them.

“This is the reason why many of you feel that you have to do something to promote the reality of the kingdom of heaven in this world. You are the catalysts that are contributing to the creation of a new reality in this world. All your efforts will always be victorious and none of the good you do in this world will be lost. You are all needed for the establishment of the divine plan of the Creator in this world. Your reward will be eternity, an adventure of discovering unimagined wonders and a journey of service that will turn you from simple animal-like beings to entities that are a reflection of the divine attributes of their Creator Father.”

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