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OSC120313- Michael’s Secret

2012-03-13. Michael’s Secret

Alabama, US of A, March 13, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Michael’s Secret.”

Message Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “As he lived His life as Jesus of Nazareth, Michael constantly nurtured the faith that started very early. Hence, once He reached adulthood, His faith reached colossal dimensions, well above those of His contemporaries. However, at the beginning it all started the same way it starts for all human beings — with a decision.

“Michael decided to believe that His Father was real and He decided that He wanted to learn more about this matter. This is clearly a nudge from His Thought Adjuster, the same nudge that is present in all human beings with a normal mind. Michael’s way in going about this task was at first intellectual. He read the scriptures and became acquainted with most of the spiritual knowledge of His time.

“However, at some point He felt that He could appeal directly to His Father for answers and guidance. He discovered personal and intimate prayer, rarely used by His peers, and then he reaped His greatest spiritual successes.

“This method is also available for all of you. Your spiritual quest has been mostly dominated by intellect. It is time to surrender and transcend your mind to truly open it to spirit. Through prayer you will grow more than by mental effort. During true prayer a human being forgets about himself — about what you think you can achieve and about your limitations — and asks for help to the One who has all the answers. This is the next step you should take. Open your heart to receive and accept freely all your Father is willing to offer.

“This was Michael’s secret, a secret He shared with everyone that crossed His path, but a secret that the religion that bears His name seems to have forgotten. In those moments in which everything seemed lost and even His clear and powerful mind — but ultimately human — felt desperate, confused and without answers, Michael reached out and asked His Father for help. And His Father never abandoned Him.”

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