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OSC120322- About Internal Rewards

2012-03-22. About Internal Rewards

Alabama, US of A, March 22, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Internal Rewards.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The impulse for creative expression can’t be subordinated to the need of material rewards. Similarly, the expression of your true being will never answer to the stimulus of money and glory. Don’t waste your time searching for that which will provide more material benefits. Instead, focus your efforts in discovering within your being that which will provide true satisfaction and will inspire you to move forward with your efforts, regardless of external circumstances.

“Loving what you do is the most certain path to success. Those who enjoy what they do and dominate the art of experiencing internal rewards from the external achievements of their personality and their creativity, are building a profitable life, a life that is contributing to the creation of a better and higher reality. These fortunate human beings live as catalysts of universal energy, centers that focus the creative energy of the Father and transform potentials into realities.

“This world needs great deeds to rise above the confusion and the chaos that has plagued it along its history. However, great deeds are not the patrimony of a few chosen men and women. The great changes that are urgently needed in this stage of your history will come as collective contributions. Only when a significant number of human beings have the purpose of becoming better individually will this world be better.

“One person can express a great idea, but to make this idea a reality and to produce a real benefit, many others will have to be involved and providing assistance. It is time now for everyone to accept their role and their responsibility for the reality in which you live — the reality you are building for those who will come after you, your children. If you don’t take action, who else will do that which is expected of you?

“It is here, precisely where you are now, where your impact can be felt. There are many problems in the world, but only you can solve those problems that cross your path. There are children dying of starvation in Africa, but you must concern yourself today with feeding your family first. There is crime and abuses in other parts of the world, but there are many people today who can benefit from the ministry of your smile or your words of encouragement.

“You all possess a Fragment of the Creator in your lives so all can be individual and original expressions of God for those around you, if you so choose. Be the best you can be today. Express the most beautiful and the highest idea of your being that you can imagine and you will in fact become more like your Father, each time more perfect and expressing with more clarity His divinity through your life. Such is the importance and the glorious destiny of the human beings in this world.”

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