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OSC120327- About Sharing Ideas

2012-03-27. About Sharing Ideas

Alabama, US of A, March 27, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Sharing Ideas.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Despite the limitations of human beings there is a plethora of shared resources available to you — resources that are provided freely by Deity. Through these shared circuits many things can be transmitted or stored. One example is the human mind, which is a ministry of the Mind-Spirits and it is shared by all. Therefore it is possible that your mind could hold an idea that was not originated there and that it is stored to be preserved for the future and maybe to be used by somebody else.

“For this reason your teachers marvel about the human tendency to claim exclusivity for ideas that are often originated from sources that are external to those who consider themselves the owners of those ideas. Much of what is in your mind is inherited or comes from the contributions of many human, morontial or spiritual agencies.

“There is a lot of learning that takes place during your periods of unconsciousness. Even when you think that nothing is happening, this learning is essential to your preparation for the next level of existence. A few of those seeds may germinate during this life, but the majority of the fruits will be reaped in the distant future. Just know that this is a fundamental process that can only take place in this life. Later you will better understand the purpose of this unconscious preparation.

“Do not forget that it is in the realm of will where a human being creates his or her own reality and decides his or her eternal destiny. All receive the same unconscious ministry but only those who make the decision to endeavor towards their own perfection will reap the fruit of the seeds that are now being planted.

“It is your personal decision to move forward that enables your Thought Adjuster and other spiritual agencies to perform the job your Father has intended for the elevation of your soul, to make you more spiritual and to prepare you for the next stage in your eternal life. Trust that the changes are taking place and that you are participating in the creation of a new and higher being — the one you will be in the eternal future. The credit is entirely yours, by accepting everything that is needed for your spiritual growth and by participating in making the plans of your Father for His creation a reality.”

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