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OSC120411- Your Motivations and Your Decisions

2012-04-11. Your Motivations and Your Decisions

Alabama, US of A, April 11, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Motivations and Your Decisions.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The journey to perfection is a journey that initially takes place in the realm of the super-consciousness — something that is beyond the direct control of human beings. The only control you could exert over this journey lies in your motivations and your decisions, in the way in which you have chosen to live your life and in the desires that inspire the decisions you make.

“I know that sometimes you would like to see how far you are from the supreme goal of eternal fusion with your Father. This desire is evidence of the impulse that moves you forward towards spirituality and the attainment of perfection. In reality, human beings can’t predict when the fusion will take place. Not even Michael knew what would happen the day of His baptism, particularly because His spiritual advancement provided Him with a refreshing forgetfulness of His own self and therefore He did not consider Himself as ‘holier’ or ‘better’ than anyone else.

“It is not possible for a human being to visualize or understand the profound changes that the Thought Adjuster is performing in the super-conscious mind. These improvements sometimes may trickle down to the material mind and can be perceived by mortals, but the majority of the advancements and deep adjustments of eternal value will have to wait until you have abandoned your material body to be better appreciated.

“Always remember that it is not so important what you are today. It is more important what you want to be tomorrow. The yearning to be better, the desire for perfection, and the ‘hunger and thirst for righteousness’, are the catalysts that transform a mortal and makes him or her more like the Creator. As long as this desire stays in your heart you will continue taking the steps that will bring you closer to your goal. If you don’t consciously deny the guidance of your Thought Adjuster and instead look forward to learn the will of the Father in order to better align your will to it, the goal of the ages will be yours and to the eyes of God you would already be His beloved child in whom He is pleased.”

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