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OSC120417- The Experience of Fear

2012-04-17. The Experience of Fear

Alabama, US of A, April 17, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Experience of Fear.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You have experienced fear in your life. It has been a constant struggle to overcome it. The root of this fear is in reality genetic and inherited. All the uncertainty and the difficulties that this planet has gone through in the past have left deep wounds and maladjustments on its population.

“In spite of how displeasing the experience of living with fear may have been, it has served you to understand how many in your world live. There are some who feel so much fear about facing the challenges of life and overcome their limitations that they abandon themselves and become victims of the circumstances. Others find that life is such a terrible prospect that their minds and their free thinking becomes obstructed and end up separating themselves from reality. Many among you remain paralyzed, inert and incapable of doing something to improve their situation and overcome their problems, real or imaginary.

“The journey of life will always include some episodes in which you must step beyond your comfort zone and venture into the unknown. This is the only method by which you can slowly go from an animal way of thinking to become a spiritual being with the potential for Eternal Life. When you are born you know nothing and everything is new to you. Children naturally enjoy the learning process. However the mistakes you make and the occasional painful experiences sometimes cause humans to become discouraged and acquire that fear of the unknown that tends to imprison you in the temporal situations and makes you so resistant to change.

“This is also the reason why some prefer to abandon the adventure of Eternal Life in the Mansion Worlds when they are faced with the magnitude of the changes that they will have to experience to find success in the endeavors or eternity.

“However it is not expected from human beings that they jump head-on into the depths of the unknown because changes so radical and sudden can be disastrous for the equilibrium of the personality. The plan of evolution is a slow, but steady path where changes come as the ability of each one to tolerate them becomes present and they are able to adapt to new situations while learning increasingly higher truths.

“Also, this long adventure journey was not designed for mortals to do it by themselves. God has volunteered Himself to be the personal and close companion of each and every one of you in this endeavor. Thanks to such an incredible gift of the greatest love you are endowed with the wisest Pilot and a companion who is exclusively dedicated to your well-being and your progress, knowing you better than you know yourself and knowing also what is best for you and what will provide you with the greatest satisfaction for your soul. And since He is your Creator, He knows precisely where you fit in the universal mosaic.

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