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OSC120424- A Personal Commitment

2012-04-24. A Personal Commitment

Alabama, US of A, April 24, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Personal Commitment.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The promotion of peace in your world is not a simple task. A personal commitment from every human being is required in order to make meaningful and lasting changes. As long as the majority of the population remains slaves to passions, fear and selfishness, the words of love and truth of those who want a better world will fall upon deaf ears.

“It is evident then that the promotion of peace and the advent of an age of light and life in Urantia is in reality the promotion of the liberation of human beings from the chains of selfishness and the illusions of materialism. Peace and all the changes that are so needed in this world will only be possible through the spiritual progress in large scale of this world’s population.

“The main resource to achieve this is the practice of Stillness with the aim of establishing a connection with the Divine Spark within each person. It is through this connection that a human mind can raise to the status of a truly spiritual mind. This is an individual practice, but its repercussions will be global. And as an individual practice it will be up to each person to discover the path and the way to establish a relationship with his or her Creator.

“It is through an increasingly deeper connection with the Divine Spark that a human being develops ‘a hunger for truth and thirst for righteousness’ that inspires the achievement of the eternal goals — to be the best you can possibly be even as you walk on this world. It is through learning how to listen to the advice of God that a man or a woman becomes susceptible to those changes that will lead him or her from a being barely above the animal level to an immortal soul.

“Yes, the changes that are needed are certainly attainable, but those changes must take place first in the hearts of each and every one of you. It is a change from the inside to the outside, from the individual to the community, from spirit — through the mind — to the world of matter. Let each and every one of you reading these words be the change you want to see in this world. Let your lives be your message. Let your example be the inspiration to move the souls of those around you to make the important and courageous decisions that are so needed at present.

“Let the love of your Father fill you and let it overflow from you to others. Righteousness is contagious and the lives consecrated to the will of the Father are always inspiring and touching to the hearts of those who have at least a glimmer of desire to be better. Every person that discovers God within his or her being is one less problem and one more step in the right direction: the establishment of light and life on this earth.”

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