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OSC120503- Infinite Possibilities

2012-05-03. Infinite Possibilities

Alabama, US of A, May 3, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Infinite Possibilities.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The First Source and Center, being perfect, knows all the secrets of the universe to the utmost detail. The Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit have existed always besides the Father. Paradise and Havona also have existed always, along with a host of creatures, also eternal. All these beings are perfect, but this same perfection limits their capacity for choice. How could one choose an alternative path if it is known beforehand which is the best one?

“Through the Supreme Being the Father escapes this limitation in order to be able to learn from experience. Thus the Father ‘forgets’ all He knows and enjoys a process of re-discovering while exercising His Divine Will. This way He becomes the model of perfection to be followed by all finite creatures while at the same time illustrating the value of evolutionary growth (by experience) for those beings created in perfection.

“In the Supreme Being the Father can make decisions based on trust and faith, just as His creatures must do it. The Father experiments this way the progressive growth that arises from increasingly knowing God a little bit more. This represents the highest freedom that a being within creation can enjoy, the freedom to participate in the creation of the self in the perfect image of God. Only through His own will the Supreme Being — and all the finite beings participating in His experience —become increasingly more real, divine and perfect.

“What will be the outcome of this long process of evolution? The Supreme Being is the center where all possibilities are explored and all alternatives are examined, in an unending cycle of increasing perfection and achievement. The Father knows the best and most perfect way to do everything. In the Supreme Being, the Father discovers this same way but with the certainty that all the other possible ways are not equally good. The Eternal Father knows everything inherently. The Supreme Being continues growing in knowledge and has validated this knowledge through experience. At the end, the Father and the Supreme Being will be one, as two sides of a same coin, the two possible paths of existence and achievement (from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside).

“It is evident that there are infinite possibilities in the universe and that each evolutionary being is a unique possibility — a path without duplicates — and a unique experience for the Supreme Being. Through each one of our lives, the Supreme Being discovers new concepts, values and meanings. All of you contribute to the experiences of God and the entire creation, creating a new reality.

“It is only due to the great freedom that our Father has given you that you can choose to actively participate in this process and attain great achievement for your personality. Your destiny is to be individual expressions of divinity. The personality of the Supreme Being is unique, but His experiences — what He has discovered — is and forever will be yours, from all evolutionary beings to all the beings in creation. Your experiences are an eternal possession of the Supreme Being, but your participation and your achievements are a function of the personal will of each and every one of you.”

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