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OSC120508- A Long Career

2012-05-08. A Long Career

Alabama, US of A, May 8, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Long Career”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It would be wise for human beings to remember that material life is just the beginning of a long spiritual career, just a step on the ladder of eternity. Many live, thinking there is nothing else and so they must accumulate all the possible pleasures and material things while they can. This is a grave mistake and those who think this way are missing a precious opportunity for growth and self-development.

“But how can you show someone that the efforts to cultivate future benefits that we can’t see with our material eyes are worthwhile? Those who have chosen to walk the path of spiritual progress do so because at first they tried walking just a few steps along such path, following their Inner Divine Guide. They obtained good results. Now they have experienced a change in the way they see the world. They see how relationships with their neighbors have improved. They also have experienced a peace that is increasingly independent of the external circumstances. They have tasted the elixir of a deeper relationship with their Father and naturally their souls desire more. They have noticed how they have awakened and how their spiritual perspicacity — and even their intellectual perspicacity — has increased. They have seen how easy it is to discern the truth when they let themselves be guided by spirit. All these benefits and rewards that they already enjoy validate their decision and reinforce their determination to follow the path of spiritual progress.

“All human beings have this opportunity. It only takes a hint of faith to start the exploration and to search within the communion with the Divine Presence of the Father. Once this path has been opened, good things start to happen and faith become less necessary because it is replaced by the certainty and confidence that the will of the Father is indeed the best way.

“Thus, mortal creatures can start preparing to work for their future lives without making this life as one of abnegation or sacrifice. Those who strive to learn and live the will of the Father feel their lives become something beautiful, greater and spiritually higher. Everything becomes easier, not because the problems magically disappear, but because they have discovered within themselves the resources to face every challenge with the confidence that they will always find victory.

“The rewards of eternal life can start to be enjoyed in this life. This is how you can obtain the confidence to know you are doing what is needed to advance in your eternal career. This is how you will know without a doubt that you are living a plentiful human life, filled with experiences of growth, doing what your Father desires from you and achieving your potential of becoming the best you can be.”

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