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OSC120511- All Is Well

2012-05-11. All Is Well

Alabama, US of A, May 11, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “All Is Well.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The sensation of boredom and not wanting to focus on the present is a mental product of your thoughts. When you silence your mind and calm your thoughts, this sensation disappears and you realize for certain that all is well, that the present moment is perfect and that life provides everything you need.

“Yet human beings can’t spend all their time in this state. You have to face life’s challenges and learn to make intelligent decisions in order to cultivate your eternal character and make progress toward perfection. However, these moments of meditation are very useful to put things in perspective and align your personal will with the Divine will.

“Do not use meditation as a means to escape your reality because this is simply not possible. Instead let meditation help you see your reality from a higher point of view and with increased wisdom. Only this way will you find the inspiration and the courage to face the daily challenges that come your way every day and to overcome the problems through making the decisions that will bring you closer to the goal of becoming like your Father.

“Meditation and prayer are repose when the tribulations and confusion of mortal life accumulate in your mind. The practice of Stillness is the fresh water that invigorates the worker and allows him to resume his work with increased vigor. And just as a foreman who cares about his workers would never force them to work without water or rest, your Father has provided this vital resource — personal access to His Divine Presence — within each one of His children to guide and help them complete their projects and reach their eternal destiny.”

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