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OSC120516- Always Under your Control

2012-05-16. Always Under your Control

Alabama, US of A, May 16, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Always Under your Control.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The situation in which you find yourself today is the product of your decisions and actions of the past. The closer these decisions and actions have been to the will of the Father the closer your present situation will be to that which the Father desires for you.

“Many among you may find themselves in situations — jobs, communities, relationships — that somehow are restraining their spiritual growth. The best you can do in these situations is to search for a solution and leave these situations behind. Others may be precisely where the Father wants them to be and the course of action to follow should be to take advantage of the situation and to extract from it every opportunity for spiritual growth.

“Regardless of the situation in which you find yourself today, you will always be able to find lessons to learn, even if the lesson is just to resolve a problem and search for your happiness. Always search for the path with the most love and you will be searching the Father’s path, making and living His Will. Through this constant search human beings perform the necessary adjustments to bring their own reality to that which the Father desires to manifest through them.

“Consider also that the Will of the Father is not a dictatorship, nor the whims of an arbitrary parent. The Will of the Father for His children is the attainment of perfection and in this path each child has complete freedom for decisions and actions. Regardless of the job you have, the spouse with whom you have chosen to build a family, the city in which you live and many other life circumstances, the Father never interferes with your decisions. These choices are always personal and always strictly under your control.

“But even when the Father wouldn’t dare to contravene the free will of any of His children, mortals often don’t have the same consideration with their peers and attempt to impose decisions or actions upon them. Try to avoid making this mistake and have the perspicacity to know when you are being used or confused by the hidden agendas of others. The truth can always be found within and in that which pertains to the true and eternal destiny. Nobody can be really deceived, because the Father has bestowed Himself to live within the minds and the hearts of every human being in this world.

“Only spiritual maturity and the wisdom derived from experience can make your life look more like the one your Father desires for you. True happiness and peace are the natural byproducts of a soul who has learned to trust completely in the care of his or her Father and has discovered the great benefits that can be obtained by following the guidance of the Inner Pilot. This authentic peace and happiness are precisely what our Father desires for all. This is the essence of divine love. This is the Will of the Father.”

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