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OSC120523- About Origins

2012-05-23. About Origins

Alabama, US of A, May 23, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Origins.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings are always the architects of their own life. Certainly in a world as confused as yours, luck and chance can play a significant role in the life of a person. However, in the majority of cases, human decisions are the deciding factor in the creation of the reality in which a human being lives.

“Therefore, your origin is never as important as your destiny. Many may be born in the most favorable conditions for a higher spiritual development and still not make much progress in this area. Others may be born without the mental capacity and the personal advantages of their privileged siblings and still live a life that brings them closer to their Father and the highest expression of their selves. Besides this, success, as it is normally considered on this planet, has often little to do with spiritual advancement — real success in eternity.

“Don’t let your past determine your future. Every human being with a normal mind has the same potential to obtain the great victory in life that the Master had when He lived His life in the flesh over 2,000 years ago. The only requirement is the impulse to find God and the desire to become more like Him. Yes, only the intent and the desire to achieve this sublime goal is the means to gather the intellectual and spiritual resources to attempt the adventure of eternity right here in this material world.

“Just like a compass showing the way, your intent to be better and the ‘hunger for righteousness’ will in the end determine your success with the challenges of this life. It is here where your Thought Adjuster plants the seeds for achievement and you, through your active desire to live the will of your Father, nurture them and help them produce the fruits that will transform a simple material life into a gift from a creature to His Creator — the greatest gift a creature can offer to God.”

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