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OSC120524- The Creation of Your Own Reality

2012-05-24. The Creation of Your Own Reality

Alabama, US of A, May 24, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Creation of Your Own Reality.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many among you are starting to feel the impulse to do something for your peers, to contribute with a solution for any of the multitude of problems that affect this world. However, these impulses are seldom transformed into action and in most instances, this occurs because of low self-esteem and lack of faith.

“It is not a secret for anybody that this world has a lot of problems and many of these extend to a global scale, affecting a great percentage of the population. In reality, when a human being is affected by anything all are affected because after all we are all one, humans and celestials equally. Many times your fragmented view of reality prevents you from seeing this fact that is so evident to your celestial relatives. What you do — your decisions and actions — will always affect the entire group — even the whole of creation. The idea that ‘what I do is my business only’ is just a fallacy. All the good and all the bad you do always affect others.

“It is the low self-esteem of human beings the main obstacle for the nascent impulses planted by the Divine Presence. Many may feel the desire to work for world peace, but they ask themselves: what could I possibly achieve? Some say that only if they had the right tools — more power, more money, more influence, etc. — they could do more for the world. Nothing could be further from reality.

“When you experience the desire to do something to improve any situation, to serve with love your siblings in this world or to share with them the good news about the unconditional love of your Father, don’t ask what you need to make this happen, instead try to discover the way to do this work with what you already have. Your Father knows your situation very well and He knows where you are. These creative desires have been planted by His Presence to be expressed and you can be sure that everything you need to do it has already been provided to you. You Father doesn’t give bread to the toothless. Everyone receives the talents that should be invested in order to obtain dividends according to their individual skills and potential.

“Stop waiting for the situation to be perfect. Stop waiting to obtain everything you think you need. Explore within and find the way to express your creative impulses and thus live the will of the Father. Any effort toward this glorious goal always produces positive results. Don’t let the apparent magnitude of a problem discourage you. You may not be able to share the truth that lives within your being with the entire world, but you can tell your family, your neighbors, and your co-workers. You are an ambassador from on high in this world and it is expected that you do your work right here, where you are now.

“The great problems of this world will not be solved by a person or an organization, not even a nation. You need the spiritual, moral and intellectual elevation of the majority of humanity to once and for all end the inherited evils of fear and confusion from your past. Each one of you could participate in this magnificent endeavor if you choose to do so. The attainment of the age of light and life in Urantia will always be a work for all, a global responsibility that is born in the hearts of each individual, and will forever be a contribution from each one of you. May the light of the Father shine through your hearts forever eradicating the shadows of this world! All of you have been blessed with this duty and this right to participate in the creation of your own reality. It is just a matter of choice.”

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